Getting out of Silver - The Ultimate Guide

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This guide is for Silvers and only for Silvers, the main focus of this guide is to help you rank-up from Silver Elite Master to Gold Nova 1 (in other words, get out of Silver bracket).
However, the information provided within this guide can also prove useful for all ranks (everyone).
As you probably know already, Silver Bracket is the lowest Skill Group Bracket in CSGO.
You can see the complete ranking bracket below (in ascending order): Silver Bracket - Low skill: S1, S2, S3, S4, SE, SEM Gold Nova Bracket - Average skill: GN1, GN2, GN3, GNM Master Guardian Bracket - Above-average skill: MG1, MG2, MGE, DMG Eagle Bracket - High Skill: LE, LEM Elite Bracket - Expert/Pro Skill: SMFC, GE The majority of CSGO players are in Gold Nova Master (GMN) Skill Group.
Therefore, GNM is considered the "average" skill with anything below falling into "low" skill classification.
Bear in mind that Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) is NOT the rank which the majority of players have, this is a common misconception.

Ranking System

If you would like to know more about how ranking system works in CSGO, I'd suggest you read my other guide dedicated to this subject: https://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312582297 This guide will only focus on tips about getting out of Silver.

Common Misconceptions

[FALSE] Your Skill Group (Rank) is the highest rank at which you can carry a full team of bad players on your own (basically 1v5).
I honestly don't know what the hell the guy who made this up was thinking but this is completely false.
The true definition of Skill Group (Rank) is:Like an Elo rating in Chess, the CS:GO competitive Skill Groups predict how well players will perform when playing against other players.
Two equally skilled teams should, on average, win an equal number of matches when competing against each other.
Source So basically, your rank is roughly the skill group at which you can win approximately half of your total matches.
You do NOT need to carry a full team of bad players to rank-up, all you need to do is play your best.
[FALSE] If you're a Silver and you think you're good, just buy a new copy of CSGO and finish placement matches again to get a higher rank.
You can keep buying new copies as many times as you can afford, it's not gonna make you any better.
Sure, you might get lucky and be carried to higher ranks on one of them eventually but if you're bad, you'll derank back to Silver in no time.
Don't just play to get a higher rank, improve yourself and the higher rank will come on its own.
In the end, it's just a meaningless badge.
What truly matters, is your real skill.
[FALSE] It's impossible to get out of Silver if you solo-queue, just go and find a good team.
It's actually quite possible, you don't need a 5-man pre-made just to get out of Silvers.
Sure, you mean end up in a really bad team from time to time but you should keep in mind if you "always end up with bad teammates", chances are, you're actually the bad teammate yourself.
Top-fragging and getting the most kills means nothing in CSGO, this isn't Quake Live.
There's a reason we have objectives.
You need to get the "right" kills not the "most" kills to win the game.
Just because you can rush the site with P90 and get 2 kills each round while the rest of your teammates just die (and you eventually lose the game) doesn't mean you're good, it means you lack teamwork and you deserved the loss.
[MISUNDERSTOOD] If you get placed in Silver, you get stuck in Silver Hell and ranking up will take forever to happen.
Well, this is not completely false but this fact is quite misunderstood among Silver players.
It's very logical if you think about it the right way.
Let's say you're really bad at football, and your friend is quite good and always beats you.
You both want to get into a professional team, can you both make it with the same amount of practice/effort? The answer, obviously, is no.
You need a lot more practice than your friend.
The same logic applies to CSGO, while you may not rank-up quickly, you will get out of Silver eventually if you're truly good.
Getting from SEM to GN1 takes a lot more effort than getting to MG1 from GNM because you need a lot more practice than someone who's Gold Nova.
Rank-up from Silver is just slower than other Skill Groups, nothing more.
Silver Hell is something that only exists in your mind, it's your mental prison.
[MISUNDERSTOOD] If you want to rank-up, you need to Win matches in row .
If you lose a match, you need to start your winstreak from scratch.
This is definitely not how it works! Sure, if you maintain a massive win-streak, you would obviously rank-up quickly but a single loss is not going to ruin the whole thing for you.
The only thing you need to do in order to rank-up, is win more rounds than you lose.
As simple as that, you don't need to go on a rampage and win 20 games in row, but if you do that you would surely rank up.
So stop blaming it on bad teammates and russians and just do your best, you will rank-up eventually.
Don't be discouraged if you lose, just keep improving until you win.
If you win more than you lose over time, you will rank-up.
The only thing your streak will affect is how fast you rank-up, it doesn't prevent you from ranking up if your winstreak is broken.
[MISLEADING] If you want to get out of Silver, you should watch Professional Players and just do what they do.
If your aim is bad, or if you don't know the basics of gameplay, mimicking pros won't help you.
You will still lose.
You need to find your weaknesses, understand your mistakes and try to improve yourself.
Watching pro matches alone is not gonna make you any better if you keep making the same mistake over and over again without even realizing what you're doing wrong.
Sure, learning from pros is a really good thing but blindly mimicking them is not.
You need to understand why they do the things they do first.
[MISLEADING] Smurfs are ruining the game for Silvers, they make it impossible for Silvers to rank-up.
Let's debunk is myth once and for all: Ranking out of Silver is NOT impossible, nothing is impossible and smurfs certainly don't make it impossible to rank-up for legit Silvers: 1) At silver-level, you don't really get thousands of super-skilled Global Elite players smurfing 24/7 just to ruin the game for bad players.
Don't automatically assume everyone who can beat you is a smurf just because they're better than you.
It's like calling anyone who gets a headshot a cheater.
2) Players get matched based on their ranks, so the chance of getting matched against a smurf is the same as getting matched with one (on your team).
So why do you only complain when you get beaten by one (who probably is just better than you and not a smurf)? Why don't you complain when a real smurf carries your team 16-2 alone? It's simply the balance of probability.
3) A Gold Nova 2 player who has a Silver Elite account isn't really game-breaking, GN2 itself a low-skill anyway.
You can easily beat him if you just focus on improving yourself.
4) Just because someone puts "Smurf" in their nickname doesn't mean they're actually smurfing (or they're high-ranked).
I change my nickname to "flusha", does that actually turn me into him? So maybe it's time you stop blaming your losses on smurfs and cheaters and actually learn how to play?

Improve Aim & Positioning

Aim and Positioning are extremely important in CSGO, you need to learn how to handle guns, how to properly navigate the map and win gun-fights.
Improving your Aim: Download aim training maps from workshop and practice your aim daily.
Play Gun Game to improve your aim with different weapons.
Also try to learn their recoil patterns and accuracy.
Play Deathmatch and focus on improving your aim with a weapon you're comfortable with (preferably AK/M4).
Find a sensitivity that you're comfortable with, lower sensitivity is preferred because of increased accuracy.
DISABLE Mouse Acceleration to increase your accuracy.
DISABLE VSync because it causes input delay (lag).
Reduce your visual settings to minimum (Set Shadows to Low to keep them on) to increase FPS and also reduce visual distraction.
Lower resolutions (such as 1024x768) make recoil control (spraying guns) easier but reduce your effective Field of View (FOV).
Always keep your crosshair at neck level, in other words, try to keep your crosshair high at all times.
Pre-fire at places where you suspect enemies might be hiding.
Improve your reflexes, your reaction time is very important in gunfights.
However, the person who shoots firsts isn't always the one who survives.
Aim and reflexes should be together.
Never aim at ground-level (feet, legs or stomach), if you can't get headshots easily try to aim at the chest and fire in bursts.
Each weapon has a unique recoil pattern, simply pulling your crosshair down while fully spraying isn't going to make your shots accurate.
Learn recoil control or just fire in bursts, don't spray if you don't know how to control the recoil.
Understand the effective range of different weapons and the damage falloff, you're not likely to win a gunfight at long range against an AK47 with your Shotgun.
Shooting a HE grenade mid-air will not detonate it, I have no idea who made this up or why but stop trying to do this please.
If you get into a fight with more than a single enemy, always focus on a single one of them.
Don't fire a few shots at each one, killing one of them before dying is better than doing 50 damage to each of them.
Improving your Positioning: Proper navigation of map is extremely important, play with Bots Offline until you know the map by heart.
Learn the map completely before playing it competitively.
When peaking corners, always stick to the wall until you reach the corner, then go out wide.
When camping behind doors, don't point your weapon at the door because the tip of your gun would most likely stick out (through the door) and give away your position (especially if you're holding M4s).
<= This has been fixed, credits to Grizzlly for pointing out Don't stay in positions where you can easily get wallbanged (double doors in dust2, container in nuke, etc.
You have the fastest movement speed when holding Knife and/or Bomb (Bomb has the same speed as knife, keep that in mind).
Moving with Pistols or Grenades IS slower than moving with knife, this isn't CS 1.
6 or CSS.
Play objective, camp (hold) the sites as CT and rush together as T.
Don't wander around the map aimlessly, hoping for a random kill.
Learn map callouts before playing the map, there are many useful guides about callouts that you can read.
For your own sake, learn to play maps other than de_dust2.
A great example of a really balanced map would be de_overpass.

Use Grenades

Properly using Grenades is extremely important in CSGO, you can read my in-depth guide about Grenades here: https://steamcommunity.

Learn Sniping

Every team needs a good sniper, but not more than one.
If you would like to dedicate yourself to sniping, you can read my in-depth guide about that here: https://steamcommunity.

Network Settings

If you want to get out of Silver, you'll need every little edge that you can get.
Improving your latency and reducing your loss/choke can be of great help.
You can read my guide about setting your rates correctly here: https://steamcommunity.

Communication & Teamwork

CSGO is a team-based game, pretty much like football.
Being a lone wolf isn't quit gonna cut it, you need to learn to work with you team.
Teamwork is the most important thing you'll need to get out of Silver, it's more than 50% of the game.
If you have a mic (who doesn't have one these days?), use it.
Even if others don't answer to you, just do your part.
Keep making callouts and spots.
Communication: Make callouts, if you spot/shoot an enemy say something like "enemy shot at heaven" or "2 rushing secret, no bomb".
Whenever you die, give info to your team.
A good example would be "3 rushing B, one lit for 44 damage".
Don't scream "OMG HACKER HE KILLED ME!!!", that's not useful at all.
If you're watching mid with an AWP (dust2, inferno, etc.
), tell your teammates how many passed.
For example say "2 went B, bomb spotted".
Try to guide your teammates, for example if someone has money but forgets to buy grenades or weapons say something like "green don't forget to buy nades" or "purple you should buy".
Tell your team what your plan is, if you're gonna fake rush B then double back to A say "I'm gonna smoke and decoy B then I'll come to A".
Encourage your team, whenever someone dies in a clutch situation (1vX), say something like "nt (nice try)" instead of screaming "you suck you silver crap".
Also cheer your mates up when they're doing good by saying something like "purple nice shot man" or "well done".
Valve added colors next to your nickname in MM for a reason, just think of it as codenames and use those colors to communicate with each other instead of trying to say a 20 chars long russian nickname.
Say "purple drop me ak" instead of "IAmSilverIWantRank drop me an AK-47 please.
thank you so much".
Try to keep it as short as possible, just like how military communications work.
Saying "3 rushing B with bomb" is better than "I saw 3 terrorists going B and one of them had a bomb, please kill them".
Teamwork: Work together as a team and play objective, don't randomly wander around the map aimlessly.
Act as one.
If you're CT, you should hold bomb-sites (or rush hostages) at all costs, don't rush ever.
Just wait for Ts to come and take them out one by one, take a defensive position and wait patiently.
If you're T, don't base-camp with 5 AWPs, rush a single site together with flashes and smokes then plant the bomb as soon as you can.
A single sniper is usually enough, just have your best sniper buy an AWP and the rest stick with rifles.
Don't stack AWPs on top of each other (3, 4 or 5 AWPs on 1 team) because if you lose, you'll be giving your enemies free AWPs (and waste x4750$ in the proccess).
Drop weapons for teammates that are low on money and ask for drops when you can't afford a full buy.
Armor is EXTREMELY important for Ts because CT weapons have worse armor penetration compared to T weapons.
But you should still buy armor as CT if you can afford it to negate aimpunch.
Flashes win gunfights, smokes win rounds.
Keep that in mind, smokes are very important for holding sites and defending passages so utilize them as much as you can.
You have 16 seconds of freeze time for a reason (it's not there to let you look at weapon description before you buy something random), the reason is planning and setting your strategy.
So use it wisely and make a plan before the round starts, then stick to that plan.
Learn boost spots and work with your team to get to those places whenever you need them (such rooftop on nuke, etc.
Learn to trade kills, it means go back to back and avenge your teammates' deaths after they die if you can.
Don't block your teammates if they're trying to retreat from enemy fire.

Review your Demos

You can download a demo of your competitive match from Watch tab, use that option to observe the match and learn from your mistakes.
You should always watch the demo at least once and try to understand what you did wrong and how you could've performed better.
This is a crucial part of improving yourself, you need to understand your weaknesses and strengths before you can work on eliminating your weaknesses and improving your strengths.

Ask for Advice

If you feel like you need a coach or guide, you request for one on the official forums or the relevant subreddit.
Also feel free to add me if you have questions and/or suggestions but please refrain from asking me to be your personal coach because I'm kinda too busy for that (and don't consider myself that good).


As with everything, practice makes perfect.
Persistence is the key, keep a sharp mindset and keep trying.
You will rank-up and get out of Silver and collect the fruit from the seeds that you have planted.
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