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Welcome to my galil sandstorm guide.
This guide will talk about galil sandstorms and will begin by explaining what patterns are.
It will go over which patterns are rare and count as good patterns and which do not.
The guide will NOT talk about pricing (I don't do price checks) and every thing in it is from my personal experience so feel free to let me know if I have made any mistakes and I will fix them.
I hope you enjoy it :) Note: if you like sandstorms and own one or more of the top 3 purple or white sandstorms shown in this guide you can join my Galil Sandstorm Collectors steam group.

What are patterns?

Rather than a firm look, some skins have different variations that make individual items of the same skin look different - those variations are called patterns.
The patterned skins look is decided by two things: 1.
A pattern template - a colored image that contains all of the different ways the skin can look.
A pattern index - a number between 0 - 1000 (1001 numbers) that decides which part of the pattern template is going to show.
Do keep in mind that some of the patterns are identical.
So how does it work? A good way to think about it is that the template is a big stamp and the item is a paper getting stamped by a specific part of the stamper.
The pattern index is a number that decides which part of the template is going to "stamp" the skin (note: the skin is "stamped" in a few different places by a few different parts of the template).
Note: every thing in this section is true to any pattern based skin.


This is the sandstorm pattern template: The template is made out of 3 main colors - Purple, White and Tan: While most of the white shown above is more yellow than white and consists of a few different shades, they are very bright compered to the other colors and will be referred to as white.
The more the galil is covered by one color - the rarer and better it is and the more colors it has mixed into it - the more common and worse it is.
Note 1: Sandstorm skins (galil and tec-9) are capped of at 0.
1, this means that the best float it can get to is 0.
if you don't know what floats are - sandstorms can only go up to minimal wear condition.
Note 2: Every time you see a number with a # before it, that number is the pattern index, example: #123.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Common patterns

The most common form of the galil sandstorm skin is with all or a good amount of the colors in the template.
Examples of common sandstorm patterns: These and similar patterns to these are very common and are referred to as bad patterns.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Purple patterns

Purple patterns are the most desirable patterns.
The idea is - the more pure, dark purple the better.
While there are a good few purple patterns and you can find purple in any sandstorm pattern, finding them with no tan or white is rare and finding them with almost no color other than dark purple is very rare.
Sandstorms that consists almost fully of dark purple are considered the best patterned sandstorms.
Here are the top three purple patterns: 1st: #583 | #761 As you can see above, the best pattern is actually two identical patterns - #583 and #761.
Though both patterns are identical, its important to note that the #583 is more scratched on the barrel but less scratched on the body making it a bit better.
Because the two patterns are identical I am referring to them as one.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd: #739 While this pattern has just as mach dark purple as the best pattern, more of the light purple on it is on the body making it the second best pattern.
Note: This pattern is very close to how good the first pattern is.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd: #178 This pattern is a bit worse than the first two but its still a very good pattern.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of the purple patterns shown above have a 0.
14x float for a more accurate scratch comparison.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are more tier 1 purple patterns than the top three but I can't show them all.
Instead of showing them all, I will show some mid tier patterns so you can compare between the top patterns and the lower tier patterns and determine for yourselves where your or a pattern you see stands.
Examples of mid tier patterns: These still count as purple patterns but they are not at the top level of purple patterns.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, what doesn't count as a purple pattern? Examples of none purple patterns: Though they have a lot of purple, they also have some very visible dominant colors (as marked by the red circles) that make them invalid as purple patterns.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

White patterns

While the purple patterns are the kings of sandstorms, white patterns matter too! White patterns are basically the opposite of purple patterns.
While purple patterns try to have nothing but purple, white patterns try to have every thing but purple.
A white pattern includes a lot white and a bit of tan.
As long as a galil sandstorm has white or tan every where on the weapon aside for the barrel, it is considered a white sandstorm.
Here are the top three white sandstorms: 1st: #555 | #449 Just like the best purple pattern, the white sandstorm also has two identical patterns that I will refer to as one.
Again just like with the purple patterns, the #555 has more scratches on the barrel and less on the body making it a bit better than the #449 (the #555 also has a spiral looking scratch on the barrel that I personally think looks cool).
Fun fact - #555 is also the best bayonet blue gem pattern and #449 is also the best acid fade pattern.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd: #873 The differences between the top three white sandstorms are harder to spot than with the purple sandstorms.
Though the differences are harder to spot, there is a difference in the position of the pattern.
If you look at the barrel you will see that this pattern has a bit more purple on the barrel, making it a bit worse.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd: #352 Just like the #873 has a bit more purple on the barrel than the #555 and #449, the #352 has a bit more purple than the #873 on the barrel, making it a bit worse.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of the white patterns shown above have a 0.
14x float for a more accurate scratch comparison.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like I said in the purple patterns section, I can't show all of the top tier patterns so instead I will show lower tier versions of the white patterns.
Examples of lower tier white patterns: Because there aren't many white patterns, there is no real mid tier so I am showing low tier instead.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, what doesn't count as a white pattern? Examples of none white patterns: Though these have a lot of white, they also have some very visible purple (marked by the red circles) making them invalid as white patterns.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Tan patterns

Tan patterns unlike the purple and white patterns are not well known and don't have mach demand if any.
Although they don't have mach demand, this guide is about rarity and fully explaining sandstorms to the best of my ability, so I thought they deserved a place here as well.
Tan exists in white patterns but because the tan color has such a big patch on the pattern template, you can get patterns that have a lot of pure tan in them.
There are no 100% tan patterns and there are plenty of patterns that get tan on the body but its rare to find patterns that include tan covered body and mag.
Here are the top three tan patterns: 1st: #786 The tan in this pattern covers almost all of the mag as well as the body and there for is the best pattern.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd: #783 This pattern is very similar to the first one except that the tan doesn't reach fully to the left side of the mag.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd: #774 This pattern is not as good as the first two because of the tan starting from the bottom of the mag and there for, its less visible in game.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlike the purple and white patterns, the tan patterns are only unique in the top three but again as I said at the beginning of this section, I think they deserve a place here anyway.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


All that's left now is for you to go and find some nice sandstorms! I hope that my guide was clear and helpful and I hope that even if you came here knowing about sandstorms you still learned some thing new.
I put a lot of effort in to this guide so if you liked it, a rate up would be very mach appreciated :) Thank you for reading my guide and remember, if you have one or more of the top 3 purple or white patterns feel free to send a request to join my Galil Sandstorm Collectors steam group.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2018 [SeanErren] This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under my account named: SeanErren (original account name: shacharaha).

Special thanks

I want to thank TDM_Heyzeus for giving some love to the galil sandstorm in his "skin patterns you might have missed" video as well as including this guide in it and linking it in the description of his video.
Thank you TDM_Heyzeus <3 The video:

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