[Free] Easy Commends!

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What is a commend? A commened is a present as suitable for approval or acceptance; recommend.
(~Google) Why get more commends? People mainly use commends to indicate if someone is trusted and it can be considered as a cool stat to generally just have.
How to commend Join to the server and hold tab Use your arrow keys to navigate to the player's name Press enter and enter again on the "Commend" selection Select one of the three choices to commend

Method 1 - 10 Free Commends Instantly

Method one is simple and extremely easy todo.
Head over to {LINK REMOVED} this site.
Login and click "Get 10 free Commends!" Then that's it! Cinque Terre

Method 2 - Using Steam Groups

This method requiresa little patience.
Join this Steam group.
Open CS:GO and make sure Dev mode is enabled.
Go back to the group page and copy/paste the text into the console.
When someone joins then ask "C4C?" Commend then when they agree and they will do the same.
You're able to do this 3 times a day.
Cinque Terre

Method 3 - General C4C

This method is simple and it casts a net for free commends.
This just means every game you join just say in chat, "Anyone c4c?".
If they don't reply, then don't bother continuing.
This can get you some free commends.
Cinque Terre

Method 4 - Make your own!

I suggest making your own community to commend others.
This can be done in two ways: Discord & Steam Group.
Usually, you'd need to make a thread when it comes to Steam Groups.
When it comes to Discord, make regular announcements and meetings to meet up and commend easchother.
Cinque Terre

Some handy tips

Never scam! Always be polite Never annoy people to c4c If you get c4c scammed then silently report them to an admin Try keep your commends at all of the same amount

[$$$] Buy Commends Instead

If nothing else, you can buy commends.
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The end.

Thanks for reading.
Enjoy your free commends.
Cinque Terre