Fixing various microphone issues

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I will attempt to provide you with the most known fixes if your microphone in CS:GO is not working, usually the problem is not that complicated and I will try to help you troubleshoot the issue and check most basic settings to make sure it is working.
This guide by no means includes all possible solutions to your problem but I hope it can help you figure out where the issue might be.
Seeing the success of my Fixing various FPS issues and game crashes guide and the positive feedback on the discussion forums I decided to continue the series of guides fixing the most well known problems people encounter with CS:GO.
I will attempt to debug any issues with windows first, after that steam and lastly CS:GO.
If everything is fine in windows just read through them quickly to see if there are any things you might need to do - otherwise just skip them.
FPS issues?https://steamcommunity.

Windows settings

Check microphoneBefore you do anything, reboot your computer! Especially if your mic was working before always try restarting your computer first and then follow this guide.
Next, make sure you connected your headset/microphone on your computer (obviously)! After that we can check if your microphone is working in windows at all: Right click on on the volume icon in the task bar Click on the recording tab Look for your microphone and look at the volume bar on the right hand side Start speaking and look if the green bars start raisingDo you see the green bars raising? Then windows is detecting your microphone and input properly.
Additionally you might raise the volume if it somehow is lowered and perhaps your microphone is working but is very quiet: Right click on on the volume icon in the task bar Click on the recording tab Right click on your microphone and click properties Click on the levels tab Move the slider to 100%, if it is already at 100%, move it back a little bit, save it, move it back to 100% and save again.
Somehow it might be possible that your microphone's volume is lowered without it being shown in this menu.
Can't see your microphone?It might be that the device somehow is disabled, right click anywhere in the window (except on any devices) and select Show disabled audio devices, you can also select Show disconnected devices, does it suddenly pop up? Enable the device! Does it say its disconnected double check how you connected your device.
Set your microphone as defaultNow we are here anyway keep the recording tab of sound settings open and right click on your microphone and select -> Set as default.
Additionally you can disable any other recording devices to make sure they aren't being used.
Test Microphone againTest your microphone in windows again and/or validate if it is working in discord - you might need to select the right device in discord as well.
If it is working fine go the the next paragraph, if not? Follow the steps below.
Change inputIf you have a USB headset try using a different USB port and repeat the steps above.
If you connect your mic using a 3mm connection, check if you have an extra connection at the back of your PC (usually there is one at the front and the back) and test it again.
Always double check if it is connected properly.
It might sound a bit stupid to you, but I tried debugging issues with these kinds of things before when realizing after an hour that I did not connect it properly, check it first! Windows updatesIt might be that your (new) headset requires more drivers from windows or the manufacturer itself.
First thing to do is run any windows updates you have been slacking on and reboot your PC after that.
Audio driver updatesWe will also attempt to manually update your audio drivers.
Open your windows start screen and type device manager, it requires administrator rights to run.
Once the window is loaded find Sound in the list and collapse the devices.
Right click on your device (headset) and click Update driver and select Search automatically for driver software.
If it still does not work, consider removing the drivers first by right clicking on your device and press Uninstall device.
Once you uninstalled reboot your computer - don't skip this step! Once done navigate back to the device manager the same way and Install the drivers again.
Reboot your computer again after making any changes! Custom audio driversSome (more expensive) headsets have their own drivers from your manufacturer, there are a lot of options but the best might be to just google your headset and add "driver download" behind it.
Make sure you download them from the manufacturer website and not some third party website.
If you already have those drivers and it is still not working, consider re-installing.
Reboot your computer again after making any changes!

Privacy settings

Windows has privacy settings in regards to your microphone, it might be that your microphone is working just fine in windows but not in any other application.
Open windows start menu Type Settings and open the settings screen Click on Privacy Click on MicrophoneYou will see a window with Allow microphone to access this device, click change and slide it to ON.
Below that you can see Let apps access my microphone, enable this as well.
Again scroll down and validate if you didn't somehow block apps manually and enable it if necessary.
Did you make changes? Test if you mic is working now!

Steam settings

Now we have tried the most common microphone settings and privacy issues we will continue with steam.
I could write down what you need to do but steam has their own article on the subject and I suggest you check it out -> Troubleshooting Microphone Problems, just start at the Checking the Mic settings in the game section.

Counter-Strike settings

Microphone working in windows? Working in steam? Still not working in Counter-Strike? Enable voiceMake sure you have not disabled voice communication somehow, go to your sound settings in CS:GO and double check the settings there.
Make sure that the following settings are correct: Enable voice -> yes Audio device -> select your headset VOIP volume -> anything higher than 0% (perhaps your mic works, but you cannot hear anyone responding) Advanced 3D audio processing -> You could try to disable this and check if it works, but it should not cause any issues.
Additionally, you can force enable your voice with the voice_enable 1 command in the developer console just to be sure.
If you cannot access the developers console, enable it in game settings.
Key BindDouble check your microphone bind in your controls, re-assign it to something you prefer (default is K) and test again.
Validate game filesMaybe something is wrong with your game files at this point, try validating: Go to game library Right click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Click properties Click Verify integrity of game files.
It might need to download some files so wait until it is done and try your microphone in game again.

Nothing works..

Perhaps the problem is a bit more complicated and might require some more advanced tweaking, this might be very specific to your system and to prevent people from messing up their audio devices and/or headset I will not include them here.
The best thing you might want to do is create a new topic in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discussion forums.
Make sure you provide us with any information we might need such as your headset, what you tried to far to fix it, if you see it in windows or not, etc.
Anything which might help us help you faster.


Did I get something wrong? Did I miss something obvious? Do you feel like I should include more advanced fixes? Let me know! The more information and fixes, the better for people reading it.
Thanks for reading! See you in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discussions! :)