Fixing various FPS issues and game crashes

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I will attempt to provide you with most of the known fixes which can be found all over the internet to make it easier for you as well as for people trying to help you.
If some of these fixes worked for you please comment and let me know what did the trick for you.
This guide was first intended to just fix FPS issues but many of the included fixes could potentially also fix random game crashes, I included an extra section to fix various game crashes.
If you are here because your game crashes, skip any steps which clearly only work for FPS issues.
If none of the fixes posted here solved your problems, scroll down to the last paragraph and create a forum post in the Steam discussions according to the template.
If I am online, I will attempt to help you and so will other people who are perhaps even more knowledgeable on the subject.
Use this guide from the bottom to the top as the most common and simple fixes will be listed first.
The further you advance through this guide the more complicated it will become and some might be very specific to certain systems.
I divided the guide in different sections to make it easier to find them.
It might be the case that you already tried some things which didn't work and just want to scroll through this guide in a minute to see if there are any other options left.
Although if you are not that experienced I recommend you just start at the top.

Getting started

Check your FPSFirst things first, you want to actually be able to monitor what your FPS currently is and maybe you capped it somehow by using console commands.
Enable developers console in game settings Use the command net_graph 1 to view your FPS and other related information Use the fps_max command to view what your current fps limit it, use 0 for unlimited Reboot and validate game filesBefore you do anything reboot your system, a single reboot can solve a lot of weird issues.
If that does not work try to validate your game files: Go to your Steam Game Library Right click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Click properties Navigate to the local game files tab Click verify integrity of game filesAny missing files will be re-acquired, depending on how much is missing this can take a while.
Once this is done reboot your system again and check if this solved the issue.
Backup and remove your custom config/autoexecBefore you continue it is important to make some backups, we do not want you to loose any custom settings and at the same time we want to run the game on most default settings, perhaps something in your config is causing problems.
Go to your Steam Game Library Right click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Click properties Navigate to the local game files tab Click browse local files Open the csgo folder Open the cfg folder Backup the files config.
cfg and autoexec.
cfg (if present) Remove them from this folder Remove launch optionsLaunch options are extra parameters added when csgo.
exe is executed in order to make changes to the game, while some are useful, some are not and there is a lot of outdated and incorrect information out there.
For the sake of testing I suggest you remove them all.
Go to your Steam Game Library Right click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Click properties Click set launch options Remove all launch options Reinstall the game completelyIf this also did not work, consider reinstalling your game completely, if you have an SSD in your system, install the game on your SSD, not HDD - preferably on the same disk as windows is installed (C:\).
I know, it takes time, it might be a hassle but it can still fix it and help isolate the problem, you want to be sure you tried everything at every step!

Game/Steam Settings

Video settingsSome settings in game work well for specific systems, I will try to spare you any details and force you to figure out exactly what you need, but try some of the following: Disable Wait for vertical Sync Enable or Disable multi-core rendering, try both Disable laptop power savings Try switching between fullscreen, fullscreen windowed, and windowedAlways try to lower all settings, disable any anti-aliasing to check if you aren't simply using to high video settings (perhaps they got reset, or overwritten).
Disable advanced 3D Audio ProcessingSome CPU's can't handle the advanced audio processing.
Go to your audio settings and select no in Advanced 3D Audio Processing.
Use the Stereo headset setting as well.
Disable full screen optimizationNavigate to your installation folder again (as previously described), right click on the csgo.
exe file and click properties.
Open the compatibility tab and select disable full screen optimization.
Run the game as administratorNavigate to your installation folder again (as previously described), right click on the csgo.
exe file and click properties.
Open the compatibility tab and select run this program as an administrator.
Reacquire the csgo.
exeNavigate to your installation folder again (as previously described) and delete the csgo.
exe file.
Validate your game files (also explained earlier) and reboot your PC.
Disable Steam OverlayOpen your Counter Strike properties in your steam library again as explained before and deselect enable steam overlay while in-game.
Pre-load TexturesOpen your Counter Strike properties in your steam library as before and click set launch options and add this: +cl_forcepreload 1.
If this does not work, remember to remove it again as it is not recommended to use for most users.
Run the game in high priority modeOpen your Counter Strike properties in your steam library as before and click set launch options, add this: -high.
If this does not work, feel free to remove it but leaving it does not hurt.
Reinstall SteamSteam is always running in the background with multiple services, corrupt files are known to cause issues with VAC but might as well trigger FPS issues.


Now that we tried a lot of Counter Strike related settings it is time to point some fingers to windows and the software installed on it.
Make sure your connected your monitor properlyIf you have a dedicated graphics card in your computer make sure you connect your monitor on the graphics card and not your motherboard.
If you connect it through your motherboard your PC will use any integrated graphics to run the game instead of your graphics card.
Select high performance power planMake sure your OS is using your PC to its max performance and does not try to save power with the cost of performance.
Press Windows Key + X Select Power Options Press Additional power setting under related settings Click create power plan Select high performance and save Update WindowsKeeping your system up to date is always a good idea and when you are slacking behind on a lot of updates this might cause issues.
Press the windows start key Type Update Click on Windows updates Check and install any updates Reboot ComputerAfter rebooting keep repeating this until there are no updates left.
Disable anti-virusEspecially when using windows 10 custom anti-virus software is not required, windows defender will do just fine.
Virus scanners are known to do all sorts of things in the background and even monitor network activity to cause delays.
Try disabling it and/or removing it completely.
Disable Xbox DVR & Game BarWindows 10 automatically records in the background to save gameplay clips, this can cause unexpected lag.
Press Windows + X Select Gaming Disable Record in the background while I’m playing a game Disable Show game bar while playing fullscreen Update / Remove and reinstall all driversIt is possible that you require to update your drivers or perhaps something went wrong while updating in the past, to make sure your drivers are up to date you are best to re-install them.
For your Graphics card use DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller[www.
com] to properly remove any drivers on your computer.
Make sure you read the information on the website and perhaps make a system restore point just to be safe.
After you reboot your system download the proper drivers below.
Nvidia Drivers[www.
com] AMD Drivers[www.
com] Intel HD integrated graphics[www.
com] It is possible you opted in to beta changes (Testing version) and this might have unexpected and undesirable effects.
Disable any sort of beta testing.
Make sure your GPU is being used by gamesIn some cases it might be that your PC defaults to integrated graphics, or perhaps another graphics card you have selected.
For now follow this guide[www.
uk] .
I might add the steps and explanation here later if it is still unclear.
Clean up your PCDownload CCleaner[www.
com] and install it, be careful what you select during the installation because it might install other software if you do not deselect it.
Once you installed it run the program and use both the cleaner and registry.
Clean up all the files and faults it finds.
Alternatively you can use Malware Bytes[www.
com] to scan your PC for any malware or virus and remove them.
Be careful you make sure both CCleaner and Malwarebytes do not keep running in the background once you are done, either remove them completely or find the proper settings.
Disable useless software on startupIt is great that you can run software on PC startup, but a lot of software does this by default and might keep running in the background sucking up performance.
Right click on your task bar Click on open task manager At the bottom click on More details (If required) Go to the startup tab Disable any software you installed and does not need to run when you boot your PC.
Remove GeForce ExperienceIf you have a nvidia GeForce graphics card it usually installs the GeForce Experience, this software can be handy but also has known issues with overwriting settings and/or causing lag and capped FPS.
Remove it by just using the windows tools on your system to remove software.

Windows (Advanced)

Monitor your hardwareBesides software, it could actually be your hardware having issues, there is different software to monitor your hardware performance such as MSI Afterburner[www.
com] or Speccy[www.
com] .
While playing, look what is happening to your components, are they being used to its full potential? Are they overheating? Depending on what you see here different actions can be taken which I will add at another time.
Disable CPU Core ParkingMost people will know that Counter-Strike is a very demanding game.
You can find a more advanced explanation and tool here[www.
com] .
Use at your own risk and only change what you need to change, unless your really know what you are doing.
Repair your windowsPerhaps some of your windows files are corrupt, you could completely re-install your system but I recommend you do that only as a last resort when nothing else seem to work.
Open the windows start menu Type cmd Open the windows command prompt as administrator Type sfc /scannow and press enterIt might tell you it cannot repair corrupted / damages files, at this point re-installing your system is an option.
Remember to back up any files! Clean your hardwareDust can be an issue for the performance of your PC, especially if you encounter overheating problems.
Open up your PC and check if this might be the case and clean if necessary, I personally do this every once in a while to make sure it can be done quickly and always runs smoothly.
Remeber do NOT use a vacuum cleaner to clean your PC! The static build up created by it can discharge into your components and damage them and this will likely happen.
Don't think that you are an exception and can just be careful.
Do not do this! Thermal pasteIf you encounter overheating issues in most games and got your PC for a while you might consider replacing the Thermal paste or find somebody who can.
If you are not experienced with this I recommend you get help from people who know what they are doing instead of following a guide.
If you are still confident you can do it feel free, but be careful.

Small isolated fixes

Sometimes small things can cause big issues, I will list a number of small fixes which worked for some people: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Discord if you use the overlay in-game Disable custom audio software for your headset (if you have it) Disable all overlays such as Discord, Steam, GeForce experience or whatever else you have installed.
Reinstall the software which uses overlays might also help instead of removing / disabling it all together.
Click on the Action center icon next to the clock in Windows (taskbar) click on the "Expand" and turn off the "Location" feature.

Fixing game crashes (extra)

First try the many other fixes included in the previous paragraphs in this guide.
If still nothing fixes your game crashes, there are still a few options left to try: Disable html motdGo to your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launch options as previously described and add cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 Run Default settingsIf you didn't try already to remove your configs try adding -autoconfig to your launch options.
Disable d3d9exSince not that long ago it is enabled by default, you can disable this by adding -disable_d3d9ex to your launch options.
Update BIOSIt might be worth updating your BIOS, although this does not come risk free and depends on your manufacturer.
If you are not sure how to do this considering finding someone on the discussions who can help you and/or find some guides on the internet for your system! It does not always work the same for everyone.

Nothing works..

If nothing works and you have tried everything try creating a discussion post in the community.
Perhaps there are some very specific fixes for your system not included in this guide or another user who has the same problem has knowledge of other possible solutions.
Maybe your hardware is broken in some way, if you aren't sure better to get a second opinion before you contact your manufacturer or send your computer/laptop in for repair.
To make it easier for us to help you we ask you kindly to provide us with the following information: What exactly is the issue (Low FPS, FPS drops, stutter lag etc) Does it happen in other games? Since when did this start happening? What is the performance you were used to getting, compared to now? Did you make any changes to your computer, drivers or OS lately? Post all of your computer specifications! It is hard to help if we do not know what components you have.
Perhaps you tried something not included in the guide, tell us.
If you skipped some part of the guide for whatever reason tell us too, perhaps we can help you with explaining how to do it and what exactly it is used for.


Did I miss something? Did I get something wrong? Or perhaps something is not clear enough in your opinion? Feel free to comment suggestions, I am no expert on this topic but just see a lot of issues and fixes being posted.
I would love to keep updating the guide with more and more possible solutions or remove those which aren't fixing anything anymore.


Thanks for reading, perhaps I will write another guide to improve your FPS overall but there are already plenty of those out there.
On the other hand these kind of guides are harder to find and some very outdated.
See you in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam Discussions! :)