Fix for some lags when high FPS but the game is not smooth [new 2018, nVidia]

Published 12.02.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 928


game not smooth with high fps (300+) 144hz, but smooth with Vsync=On choppy players animations bad feel spray weird hitreg inconstant aim (actually unstable input lag)


1st new tweak only for nVidia: Open nVidia Profile Inspector[github.
com] v2.
10 or higher Select game - Counter-strike: Global Offensive Find in section Sync and Refresh setting Frame Rate Limiter Mode and set it to _DELAY_FLIP_BY_FLIPMETERING (or _ALLOW_ALL) Click Apply changes Start CSGO and do ez headshots (video version) Some info: For my GTX970 default "Frame Rate Limiter Mode" was "0" (DELAY_CE) = bad gameplay For gtx under 700 can be different result This will not limit your fps I'm also using max pre-rendered frames = 1 Cinque Terre

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