Fix Buzzing, Static Noise and Loud Microphone in CS:GO!

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CS:GO compresses the audio file!

You have to know that CS:GO is actually compressing the audio file for a faster transferring speed.
Unfortunately this results in a quality loss.
You can't turn this off so everyones mic will sound worse than in teamspeak and other applications.

How to find the best Volume for your Microphone!

How to test and improve your Microphone in CS:GO! Join an empty server and open your console.
Type this into the console: voice_loopback 1This command will let you hear yourself if you press v (or whatever your push to talk key is).
If you press shift+tab, your steam overlay will open (if activated).
On the bottom you'll find a "settings" button, click it and then go to "voice".
Changing the microphone volume will change your windows volume settings! Lower or higher the volume depending on what you need.
Keep switching back into the game and test your new volume setting until you find the perfect one.
CS:GO may changes your microphone volume in windows to 100% everytime you start it! After you found the best mic volume go to your microphone settings in windows and check what volume percentage its at.
Remember that number.
Change this command in your config file or your auto exec to your number: voice_mixer_volume "your number"This will guarantee that CS:GO wont change the volume to 100% again which causes heavy distortion and static noise.
Examples: 100% = 1,0 = voice_mixer_volume "1,0" 75% = 0,75 = voice_mixer_volume "0,75" 50% = 0,5 = voice_mixer_volume "0,5" 25% = 0,25 = voice_mixer_volume "0,25" Unfortunately this is all you can do within CS:GO to improve your mic.
If you're still having problems take a deeper look into your microphone software if you have any and your windows settings.
Your Microphone is not only bad in CS:GO but also other applications such as TeamSpeak? If you also have problems with your microphone in other applications it's either a problem with your microphone or your soundcard.
Make sure your microphone is pluged in at the backsite of the computer, not the front.
Test your microphone on another device to see if your microphone is the problem.
Do you use an onboard soundcard? If yes you might want to look into a new soundcard.
I had problems with my microphone and fixed it by buying an Asus Xonar DGX soundcard.
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