Exteriors/Wears in Trade Up Contract

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Decided to re-do the guide to give a more clear explanation on how stuff works.
Looking to trade up for a skin you like but want to know how to get it in certain condition or just want to risk/try to make profit? Well, here's what you will need to know.

Trade Up Float Value Formula

Useful Resources: https://www.
com/r/globaloffensivetrade - probably the best place to sell skins with special floats (the highest/lowest in the world or stuff like that) {LINK REMOVED} http://csgostash.
com/ - great site to know each skin's float value range, as well as prices.
exchange/ - useful for checking the float value of your (or someone else's) skins http://www.
net/ - has a tool to check the FV of skins on steam market.
("Check" -> "Steam Market") (should be csgo zone .
net without spaces, dunno why steam doesnt show it) Most important, the float value formula.
Q: What is a float value? A: The exact wear of a skin in digits (goes from 0.
00 to 1.
Here is what float value range looks like (click to enlarge): When you trade up for a skin, it's exterior is not randomized, it is calculated using this formula: (x)*(y)+z = W x = average float value of skins you use for a trade up y = float value range of the skin you want to get (or one of the possible outcomes) z = minimal float value of the skin you want (or one of the possible outcomes) W = the EXACT wear the skin you get will have.
Looks complicated? Let me explain: Every weapon skin has a certain float value range (usually from 0.
00 to 1.
00, but often the range is shorter, like 0.
06 to 0.
The range determines which wears the skin can have, and also affects the rarity of certain wears, depending on where developers will set the Minimum and Maximum).
Let's say you put 10 Factory New PP-Bizon | Carbon Fiber skins in a trade up, 5 of them have a FV of 0.
03, other 5 of 0.
06, and get an AK-47 | Black Laminate.
The game will take a float value (exact wear) of each Bizon, calculate their average (which in this case will be 0.
045), multiply it by the range of AK (which is 0.
06 to 0.
80, so 0.
74), and add the AK's min value to it (0.
06 on this case).
So the whole equation will look like this: (0.
06 = 0.
0933 Other important thing to know: many skins have their float value ranges set up so that a certain wear is very rare.
One good example would be AK-47 | Black Laminate, the min at 0.
06 makes it so that you need to have an average float value of skins you use no higher than 0.
0135 in order to get it in Factory New condition.
This indeed makes it more valuable, and much harder to get.
Cinque Terre

How to find out what float you will need to get a wear you want

This one is very easy, just use the formula.
Let's say you wanted to know how to get a Minimal wear Negev | Loudmouth (since it's pretty rare).
It's float value range is 0.
14 to 0.
65, min is 0.
14, and to get in MW you need it's FV to be less than or equal to ~0.
149 (Field-Tested starts at 0.
Insert what you know into the formula like this: (x)*(0.
14 = 0.
149 Then simply solve for 'x'.
(You most likely know how to solve equations like this).
You will get x = 0.
017647, that's the average float you have to go for (lower is better, but don't go higher).

How to find the skins with the wear you want

There are two ways: 1)Buying them directly from the owners You can use csgo.
exchange's premium database search feature to do that.
(Yes, you will have to pay in skins or real money to access the search feature, more info here http://csgo.
exchange/item/pass, OR you can join their steam group to get a 3-day access).
OR 2)Finding them on the Steam Community Market When inspecting skin in a game you can now hover over the icon on the bottom right of inspect window to see the float value.
Some possible complications As the person who used both ways to get the FV's I needed, I can assure you that you will most likely encounter some dificulties in obtaining these skins.
These are some of the possible issues: If using method 1: 1) CS:GO API (which sends inventory info to 3rd party webistes) likes to be buggy often and it makes it hard for csgo.
exchage to load someones's inventory.
2) The owner will not accept your friend request 3) The owner will say he doesn't want to trade his item 4)csgo.
exchange had outdated info on the owner's inventory and he doesn't have the item anymore.
5) The owner gets suspicious about why some dude added him out of nowhere wanting a specific item, and will not sell/trade it.
If using method 2: 1)The skins you need to buy might have a very low supply on market in needed wear, and it will be even harder to find the exact ones you need, or last couple pages of them will be very overpriced.
2)You're probably not the only one who figured out some smart trade up, and others might have already bought all the needed skins.

Video demonstration

Want to review what you just read or just want to see it in action? Here you go.
com/watch?v=1I-hwnrEMKA - TrilluXe's video https://www.
com/watch?v=y_5tLA6KC94 - McSkillet's video Credits to /u/lurker111111 for finding this formula and sharing it with the community.

Recent Changes to SteamAPI and Possible Complications

Recently VALVe shutdown SteamAPI which sites like csgo.
exchange heavily rely on to register new items.
This means that it will be close to impossible to find new items unless the owners themselves register them on the site.
But you will still be able to find old ones.
In response to that, VALVe added an Item Certificate which allows you to see float value and other details of the skin you inspect from ingame, Steam Market or someone's inventory.
It's useful to make sure you put the right skin in the trade up, since you can check it's float value right on the spot, just inspect it and hover over the Item Certificate icon at the bottom right.