Don't Get Scammed !

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Knowing the scammer and their ways...

There are to many times i hear about people getting scammed and one major step to not getting scammed is having knowledge behind them.
As you continue reading this Guide im going to go over the several scams you may or may not know about.
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Fake Reputation (+Rep)

One thing you sincerely need to know is many times you will read a trader's account you may see he or she has alot of + Rep "Good Trader" Make sure you do some research about this Steam User!! Keep in mind not everyone on steam is a scammer If he or she is saying something like "Oh you don't trust me look at my account i trade like this alot" (Hate to tell you) but its Fake The main reason for the fake +rep in the scammers account is so they may appeal more trust worthy meanwhile the fake +Rep can be from either victims not knowing they are going to be scammed.
Or people giving one another fake "+Rep" Look at the reasons he's trying to give so you trust him As you see here this is a scammer Meanwhile Reading on his account you will see.
Please Guys don't let others scam you Cinque TerreCinque Terre

You Go First

This Scam is one of the most popular scams you can come across.
This is a scam you need to watch out for if your wanting to sell your items for real money.
Normally the scammer will try to.
Offer you much more money than your items are truly worth Promises to pay you the money meanwhile insuring you can play a game or two Showing you a large amount of money in their OPskins account Many scammers try telling you they will pay you through paypal after the trade is doneThey will ask for you to send your items first to show how serious you are about the trade and when they get your items he or she will Block you Won't send the money As you can see someone has already tried this trick on me *Nice Try* Cinque Terre

Steam Wallet Codes (CSGO Lounge)

This scam is when some one comments on your trade post offering you a Steam Wallet Code with the same value as your item up for trade *NOTE* The largest Steam wallet code available is $100.
00 The scammer will say something like " $500 Wallet Code for Steam add me if interested! ^_^ " So you add them on steam not knowning whats to come The Scammer wil try making you think his fake code is real by making up half of a made up code he or she just thought of sending it to you seeming legit you end the trade the scammer gets your item and you get the rest of the code.
But its fake and when you realize the code is fake its to late they have already Blocked you and you have almost no way of getting your skin back Cinque Terre

The Middle Man

In this scam a trader will add you and say he or she will say that they "will buy you a knife" intrade for your current knife *Note: He will not even own a knife for him self at the time* Meanwhile he will want you to trade your knife with a well trusted friend so therefore he knows you are serious about the upcoming trade.
Once your friend has your knife the scammer will change their account to completely match yours meanwhile the scammer must rely on your friend to make the mistake of sending the knife to the scammer than meaning to send it back to you instead.
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Rare Item

In this scam you will have some one approach you wanting to trade there knife.
However not for your knife but for this special and extremely rare skin that you have never heard of.
Meanwhile the scammer will tell you this item is "worth alot of money" and due to the fact that its so rare you will not be able to find it on the Steam Market place.
Most of the time when this scam is trying to be pulled they will tell you many times its near the same value of your knife and you have nothing to worry about cause you making your money back will easy.
After you are convinced this trade is great and all they will tell you at the very end they don't have the rare item that in fact they had been scammed of the item he or she wishes to trade you for it and asks for you to friend them and trade your knife to him to retrieve the rare item by trading your knife to them.
Meanwhile it was the scammers alternative account and you are blocked by both with no means of getting your knife back.
this Cinque Terre


Within this scam you will be spammed by a user with messages about an amazing trade offers and therefore send you a link to a miss spelled proflie page or it can be a screen shot which is filled with Virus filled software to hack in your steam profile and take your cs go skins.
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Friend Limit

Someone tried this one on me If you dont like my nerdy voice thin here (Turn down the volume if to high) In this scam someone will tell you their friend limit is to large due to steams friend limit therefore they are not allowed to add you.
They will most likely send something dangerous to your computer! Meanwhile lets be serious this "Friend" is another account of theirs.
! ! Please block them and report them, do not say anything at all !

Team Speak

In this scam someone with a good amount of hours invested into CS GO will add you asking you if your interested in joining their Counter-Strike Team cause they need one more to make a full team.
When you go to join the team the user will tell you they only use TeamSpeak to chat and you must have it to be on the Team.
When your ready to join the teamspeak server the link they send you will have a virus that can see all your computers information and including your steam account.
After the user has access to your account you will no longer have any skins due to they fact that they traded it to themselves and your thin soon blocked if you ever get your account back that is.
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Item Switching

In this scam the scammer will offer you a high condition skin for one of your skins to trade Please be sure to check the condition of the item before accepting

Safest way to trade

By far the best way for you to know your not getting scammed is only trading with people on steam with the item you want in the users inventory that you are willing to trade This Means No Middle Man, No TeamSpeak links, No Extrenal links, and being extremely careful who adds you from Trading sites such as CS GO Lounge.
Here's a example of someone you should'nt trade with Example of a Good Trade I really hope this helped some people from getting scammed ~Ryan Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Steam Group ! Plz Join

This Group was made to help stop scamming please join and support it ! We can all stop scamming together ! Groups Link http://steamcommunity.
com/groups/scamming_stop Cinque Terre