Dealing with Unresponsive Teammates

Published 01.02.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 34

No Mics/Completely Mute People

Alright, we've all seen these people who don't pay any attention to you whether you're calling strats or you're telling them where the enemy is.
This is a very annoying breed of human in which the only solution is to communicate with them in the only way they will respond to, telepathic sign language.
If you've had cases like mine, it's obvious that these types of people are literally deaf and you must open your third eye to get information through their tiny yet complex minds.
This is a very tricky process of steps to achieve such a goal, but it will be worth it in the long run~ Step 1.
You must locate your third eye chakra, normally it is located between your two eyes and directly above the bridge of your nose.
Step 2.
Meditate in a comfortable environment which will allow you to concentrate on grasping this ability.
Step 3.
Find a comfortable sitting position on the ground and prepare to sit still for long periods at a time.
Step 4.
Use a symbolic or relieving object to help you gain full relaxation; such as a laptop with a killer graphics card so you can do some calm headshot training while meditating.
Step 5.
Make mouth noises to show your relaxing, like that really annoying and repetitive stuff you saw on those movies.
Make sure to do it loud enough to show your neighbors that you're better than them too! Step 6.
You must keep this up, with every meditation session you will gain a little more control over your mind and eventually you'll be able to reach the minds of others without them knowing.
Step 7.
Once you feel that you're prepared, you'll be ready to get in a competitive match hoping that you won't need to use your newly gained powers.
Step 8.
If a mute teammate is found, you must do various attempts to try and connect your mind through to theirs by watching their actions and determining their emotions.
Step 9.
Once alignment is achieved, you must reach in the deep depths of their minds and locate the first name of their mother, a common parental figure that most humans care deeply about.
Step 10.
Calmly type in your teams chat saying this simple message: "Hello, [Insert mute teammates username here], I had sex with [Their mothers first name here].
" Step 11.
They'll leave and you'll get a bot to do an easy 4 man win.
I hope this guide has been helpful, I hope no one has to use this too commonly because it's quite the exhausting power to have.
Thank you for reading.