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What is a "Buy Script"

A Buy Script is a simplier and faster way of buying.
The script makes it easier to buy and gives you the exact weapon, which you binded on the key you want.
You will instantly purchase the weapon and you'll instantly get it after you press the key you've binded it on.

Why to use a Buy Script

The Buy Script makes it faster to buy.
That means if you were afk or waited for information to Buy or to Eco.
So you do not need the first 10 seconds of freeze time, you can just tell with your Teammates what to do.
You need 2 - 3 seconds to Buy[/buy].
Its just easier and simple , you just have to press one Key and you just get the weapon in your hand, and if you buy a secondary or another primary you will drop your old weapon.
You do not have to press B or E to buy and do not have to search the weapon, if you are new in Counter Strike : Global Offensive.
You can Buy while your walk, if you forgot to buy a nade or a pistle or something else.

How to make one your own

Here you see my Buy Script.
You can download it {LINK REMOVED} here I opened this Buy Script in Notepad++[notepad-plus-plus.
org] I made it colored Lightblue means it will not be used and it is only for myself to understand what i did there.
Orange is the primar command which will be drawn in the console if you exec your own or mine.
Yellow is the Key which will be used, and which you have to press when you want to buy it.
Green is the real command which will be binded on the key (yellow) under the command (Orange).
Purple is the weapon you want.
The Weapon names you have to use (The left ones) glock – Glock-18 hkp2000 – P2000 tec9 – Tec-9 p250 – P250 fiveseven – FiveseveN elite – Dual Berettas cz75a - Cz 75 deagle – Desert Eagle mac10 – Mac-10 mp9 – MP9 bizon – PP-Bizon ump45 – UMP45 mp7 – MP7 p90 – P90 galilar – Galil famas – Famas ak47 – AK-47 m4a1 – M4A4 m4a1_silencer - M4A1-S sg556 – SG-556 aug – Steyr Aug ssg08 – SSG-08 awp – AWP scar20 – SCAR-20 g3sg1 – G3SG1 nova – Nova sawedoff – Sawed Off mag7 – Mag-7 xm1014 – XM1014 m249 – M249 negev – Negev flashbang – Flashbang hegrenade – HE Grenade smokegrenade – Smoke Grenade decoy – Decoy Grenade molotov – Molotov Cocktail incgrenade – Incendiary Grenade defuser – Defuse Kit vest – Kevlar vesthelm – Kevlar + Helmet taser – Zeus x27 Now you have to pick the weapon you want, let us say "Ak-47".
Plus the Key you want, let us say "uparrow" (I will show you at the end a keyboard with the keys you will use).
Now you have to search the name of the weapon above and the key on the keyboard below You have to write it down like this: bind "uparrow" "buy ak47" You can also bind two or more weapons in one like this : bind "uparrow" "buy ak47;buy m4a1;buy m4a1_silencer" You are only going to get one weapon because you can only equip one of each and only buy one, means you can't buy an m4 with silencer and without silencer or an ak47 as a CT.
But you can do like this: bind "uparrow" "buy ak47;buy vesthelm;buy smokegrenade;buy flashbang;buy hegrenade;buy molotov;buy incgrenade"[/b] You are going to get a fully equiped with every Grenates of need.
(Not a decoy because there are 5 Nades overall and you can only carry 4) Important is the " " and the ; between each command You have to safe your buyscript as a .
cfg file Here the keys you have to use: Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Here are 2 possible Buyscript

You can download it {LINK REMOVED} here My one, as you saw above.
I like mine, and I use it ingame with the weapons I use frequently and the equipment I need.
You can download it {LINK REMOVED} here I don't play with this one because I can't remember that many keys for every weapon, and I do not need to fastbuy a negev, every round.
But still, I did make this one.
You can tell me what you think about this two in the commands below! Cinque TerreCinque Terre

How to use/activate it ingame?

First You have to put it in your Steam>SteamApps>common>Counter-Strike Global Offensive>csgo>cfg folder.
At second, you have to start your Game.
In the third step you have to go in your Console.
(You can do this ingame or in the hub menu) Fourth you type "exec buyscript".
(In my case it is "buyscript", but you have to use the filename you named it for!) At Fifth you have to go Ingame and, if you have enough money, you can buy your weapons! Cinque Terre


Can I get Vac-banned for this?No you can't, you're just using Cs:Go commands.
It won't work, what did I do wrong?Did you check: If you made your own one, Did you try this? bind "uparrow" "buy ak47" and not bind uparrow buy ak47 Is your Numpad activated Did you forget one step like:"exec buyscript" If this is not the case, and you think you did everything right, you can add Me Do I have to re-exec after every Game restart?No, you don't have to, but if something doesn't work, you can try this.
If you still have some Question, or problems feel free to add Me

The Closer

I want to say thanks for reading this Guide I hope it helped you.
As I said, feel free to add Me.
I will block everyone who is Level 0.
If you have some FEEDBACK or you found some MISTAKES feel free to tell me in the commands below! I hope it works, and you will buy faster after this.
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