Counter Strike: Global Offensive Myths

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Look At The Bomb

You most likely have heard this one.
"Look towards the bomb to take less damage when it explodes" Well this is false.
Damage impact does not increase or decrease depending on which way you are facing.

The Enemy Can Hear That

The enemy cannot hear everything.
Cannot Hear • Pick Up Weapon With E • Switch Weapon • Throw Gun To Teamate (Does Not Hit Ground) • Walking • Crouching • Crouch Walking • Inspect Weapon • Pickups while walking or croching Can Hear • Using Scope On Any Gun • Dropping Weapon On Ground • Footsteps (Varies On Range) • Jumping (Varies On Range) • Falling (Varies On Range) • Reload Sound • Defusing Bomb • Bomb Plant • Burning In Molotov • Bunny Hopping • Swinging the knife (Taking out they cannot hear) • Removing & Equiping Silencer • Climbing Ladders • Changing Burst Toggle • Gunshots • Pickups while running (Bombs, weapons, nades, etc.
) Trick • If you hear an enemy nearby, try reloading but cancel it with quick switch (Or number hotkeys) and the enemy will hear a full reload sound and possibly rush.
Remember, you did not fully reload though, but you can fire as long as you have ammo.

Walking In The Ring Of Fire

Should you bunny hop through a molotov? Run through it? Or jump into it and run / bhop? Well there is not a difference in damage taken between running and bunny hopping.
The difference is speed.
If it is an option, you would be better off running because if you lose speed bunny hopping you may get stuck in fire or slow down in the fire.
Now you may be able to jump into the middle then run or bunny hop and take less damage.
It all depends on the situation.

Decoy Bomb

If the enemy has very low hp, you can throw a decoy on the bomb and hope for a chance that when the enemy goes to defuse, he may die from the decoy exploding.
It is possible, but only at extremely low hp.


How to get MVP • Kill 1 Person & Plant Bomb, If someone get's 4 kills that round, they are awarded the MVP.
• Deal at least 50 damage to an enemy, then plant the bomb & win round by C4 exploding.
• Killing more enemies than teamates in the round.

Fastest Way To Knife

• Click twice with left mouse button, then right click once.
• Backstab (If you have clicked 2 times with the left mouse button, and click again in a short period of time, it does less damage, therefore not killing after right clicking.
) - Thanks to Faer

The More The Better

• The more molotov's thrown at the same spot, the more the damage.

Grenades Block Bullets?

This is a true myth.
It is possible, despite it being possible it is also very unreliable.
Because it is such a small hitbox.

Does QuickSwitch Make You Reload Faster?

This feature is false.
This used to be a feature in past Counter Strike games but has been removed from Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
Whether you reload and quickswitch or just reload, the times are exactly the same.

Crouching Does Not Affect Recoil?

RECOIL AND ACCURACY ARE 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS! Both are very different but are related, if not dependent, of each other.
Recoil is the "kick" upon firing a round (or several rounds).
Typically, the more rounds you fire, the higher the recoil is.
As such, accuracy will suffer and your ability to hit a desired target will be hard to maintain.
Accuracy refers to the percentage of chance that fired rounds will hit a desired target.
As long as the user remain stationary and fires one round in a given time, the chance to hit a target is high if at close range.
At longer distances, this may be harder to achieve depending on the weapon itself (pistols lack the high accuracy of sniper rifles).
_____________________________________________________________________________ I am getting consistant comments about this! Please stop asking! Here is a spreadsheet that you may benifit from [docs.
com] (Spreadsheet not created by me, I am unsure of the original source & creator)

Aspect Ratio Affects Flashbang?

This is false.
The amount you get flashbanged is based off of where your crosshair is pointed and not your aspect ratio or resolution.

You Can See The Light Of The C4 In Smoke

This is true yet slightly inconsistant.
When the C4 is on someone's back you can see the light of the bomb through the smoke sometimes.
Depending on where you are in the smoke and which way you are facing.

A Bot Can Be Kicked?

A bot can be kicked by doing friendly fire, but is replaced with another bot.

Man of Steel

It is almost impossible to kill someone through the metal doors with a rifle of such.
Save the bullet's and do not spam.
(Does not apply to sniper rifles).

Sneaky Beaky Like

The silencer on a USP-S and M4A1-S has pros adnd cons.
Pros Lower's the weapon noise.
Decreases Recoil.
Removes the muzzle flash.
ConsTakes time to remove and re-equip If hiding it can expose the player as the suppressor may pass extend pass the wall.

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