Console Commands for Grenade Training

Published 09.07.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 402

Enabling Developer Console

To enable the console, go to OPTIONS >> GAME SETTINGS >> Enable Developer Console (`).
Make sure it's set to 'YES'.
To open the console, hit the tilde key (`).
Cinque Terre

Game Mode to Begin

Next, choose a Competitive or Casual Game Mode from the maps of your choice.

Enabling Cheats on the Server

To enable cheats on the server, open the Console and type in sv_cheats 1.

Enabling One Hour Roundtime

There are two console commands to enable the one hour round time.
If you're playing on a Bomb Defuse Map, type mp_roundtime_defuse 60 into the console.
If you're playing on a Hostage Rescue Map, type mp_roundtime_hostage 60 into the console.
This changes the roundtime to 60 minutes which is the maximum time per round.

Game Restart

A small amount of commands require a game restart.
To do this, type mp_restartgame 1.
This will restart the game mode after one second.
NB: If you enter a command and nothing happens, you will have to do a game restart.

Unlimited Money and Buy Everywhere/ Anytime

To have unlimited money, type mp_startmoney 60000 into the console.
Next, type mp_buy_anywhere 1 followed by mp_buytime 9999 into the console to buy everywhere/ anytime.

Enabling Infinite Ammo

To have infinite ammo and grenades, type sv_infinite_ammo 1 into the console.

Enabling Maximum Amount of Grenades

To be able to hold/ carry all the different types of tactical/ lethal grenades, type ammo_grenade_limit_total 5 into the console.

Enabling Bullet Impacts

To enable this, type sv_showimpacts 1 into the console.
This will allow a red square to be displayed briefly each time a tactical/ lethal grenade bounces as well as a red and blue square for bullet impacts.

Enabling Grenade Trajectory

To enable this, type sv_grenade_trajectory 1 into the console.
This creates a trajectory of the tactical/ lethal grenade.
To allow the trajectory of the grenade to be displayed for a specific time, type sv_grenade_trajectory_time 15 to make it last 15 seconds.

Enabling God Mode

To prevent accidental deaths, type in god into the console.
This makes you invulnerable.

Enabling noclip

The noclip command allows you to fly.
By default, it is bound to the Left Alt key.
Hitting that key toggles the noclip to either ON or OFF.
However, if you want to set it to another key, type bind *key* "noclip" into the console.
(Do not put the asterisk (*) while binding the key).

Disconnecting from the Server

To end your training, type disconnect into the console to disconnect from the server and head back to the Main Menu or type exit into the console to exit the game, back to your desktop.