Combined binds (radio + action)

Published 14.05.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 35


Radio messages might be very useful in game although using a mic might be more effective.
But to use radio you must bind it to 3 different keys that should be within reach of your fingers.
To bypass that you can simply bind single radio command to a key or even bind command to a key that is already in use.
So I will try to explain on how to do that in this guide.
To bind multiple commands to one key you should separate them with (;) and put in commas (").
For example - bind key "slot5;coverme".
So to add radio to a key that is in use simply add radio command to a key that you use, like bind r "+reload" / bind r "+reload;coverme".
And that's it.

List of all console commands for Radio

Command Radio Message "go" = GO! "fallback" = Fall Back "sticktog" = Stick Together Team "holdpos" = Hold This Position "followme" = Follow Me Standard Radio Message "roger" = Affirmative/Roger "negative" = Negative "cheer" = Cheer! "compliment" = Compliment "thanks" = Thanks Report Radio Message "enemyspot" = Enemy Spotted "needbackup" = Need Backup "takepoint" = You Take the Point "sectorclear" = Sector Clear "inposition" = I'm in Position "coverme" = Cover Me Misc "enemydown" = Enemy Down "takingfire" = Taking Fire, Need Assistance "regroup" = Regroup Team "getout" = Get out of there, it's gonna blow!

Combined binds

Report Radio Message "enemyspot" / Enemy Spotted - combines with "Attack (+attack)" "needbackup" / Need Backup - combines with "Attack (+attack)" "takepoint" / You Take the Point - ? "sectorclear" / Sector Clear - combines with "Inspect weapon (+lookatweapon)" "inposition" / I'm in Position - combines with "Duck (+duck)" or "Secondary fire (+attack2)" "coverme" / Cover Me - combines with "Use (+use)", "Bomb (slot5)" and "Reload (+reload)" Standard Radio Message "roger" / Affirmative/Roger - short response "negative" / Negative - short response "cheer" / Cheer! - combines with "Inspect weapon (+lookatweapon)" "compliment" / Compliment - combines with "Inspect weapon (+lookatweapon)" "thanks" / Thanks - combines with "Drop weapon (drop)" (switch to knife to keep your weapon) Command Radio Message - better to use them as one radio key "go" / GO! - may be used for rushing "fallback" / Fall Back - may be used for pointing the sniper position "sticktog" / Stick Together Team - may be used for attacking as a team "holdpos" / Hold This Position - may be used for covering bomb as CT "followme" / Follow Me - may be used for repositioning