Changing the menu background in PanoramaUI

Published 25.09.2019 в 00:00 | Guide rating: 26

Intro and how to change the background

This is a collection of backgrounds for the new panorama update made by CuriS ( https://steamcommunity.
com/id/curis ) To change the background : 1.
Go to \Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\panorama\videos\ 2.
Replace the "nuke.
webm" , "nuke720.
webm" and "nuke540.
webm" with the .
webm files you want in the folder

How to make your own background from a YouTube video

If you want to easily make your own backgrounds : 1.
1 From a youtube video 1.
2 Find the youtube video you want 1.
3 Use a site like https://hesetube.
com to clip the part of the video you want 1.
4 Download that clip (.
mp4) 1.
5 Convert it on a site like https://cloudconvert.
com/mp4-to-webm (upload the .
mp4 clip you have and download the .
webm) 1.
6 Once you download it, copy it 3 times and name those copies "nuke.
webm", "nuke720.
webm" and "nuke540.
webm" 1.
7 Place them in the \panorama\videos\ folder

How to make your background from a clip

1 From a clip you already have 2.
2 Convert the clip if it's not already .
webm on https://cloudconvert.
com/mp4-to-webm 2.
3 Copy the clip 3 times and name those copies "nuke.
webm", "nuke720.
webm" and "nuke540.
webm" 2.
4 Place them in the \panorama\videos\ folder

Clips I've made so far

The clips in the folders so far are original panorama background ( original ) plain greenscreen background ( greenscreen ) globe from the match search ( search_globe ) rickroll background ( rickroll ) Here is the search_globe used in menu Cinque Terre

Final words

Thanks for checking out my guide.
Hope you liked it and if you did make sure to rate it.
Comment some of your self made clips :)