Cache Wallbangs Guide

Published 06.05.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 125

Wallbang for 'Forklift'

This is best used to get a little bit of damage to the CT playing Forklift but it's mainly used to harass them out of one of the most powerful positions on the site.
If they retain Forklift control then the CT can isolate the engagements they choose to take which gives them a sizable advantage in a fight.
This, coupled with the protection the architecture the forklift provides can be a huge disadvantage to you when you push into the site.
Here's how to do this wallbang.
Left: Position to stand in.
Right: Zone to wallbang.
Bottom: Area of Effect, which neutralizes any player in the position.
As you can see, this can prove to be extremely useful.
If using an AWP your shots will deal around 40 damage to the torso and >100 to the head, killing them instantly.
Although the AWP provides a higher damage output an AK-47 can be bursted into it, firing volleys of bullets through into the unsuspecting CT.
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Wallbang for 'A Catwalk'

This is a less common position for the CTs to play, which means a less commonly used wallbang.
However this can still prove useful, even if it's just randomly prefiring to scare off any aggresive plays from the CTs.
It can also allow your team members to get out of squeaky door without having to take a firefight with an enemy who has cover and positional advantages over them.
Left: Where to position yourself (doesn't have to be exact).
Right: Zone to wallbang.
Bottom: Area penetrated.
This spot does even less damage than the first wallbang, due to the angle that your bullet will enter and exit the wall.
I would recommend only using an AWP for this spot as rifles will be ineffective against any defenders lying in wait.
The bottom picture doesn't represent the area effected but rather the point of exit.
This was a better way to do it because the bullets don't angle downwards like the Forklift wallbang, they go upwards.
This is something to be aware of when using this spot, as some of your attempts may be in vain due to the angle of elevation and how it could miss the opponents.
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Wallbang for 'Mid Connector'

Middle is generally an area used for either an attempt for a fast pick off or map control.
Both of these things can stem from using this wallbang to get an upper hand on your opponents.
Altough an AWP is preferred at long ranges such as middle, your AK-47 will put through quick bursts of bullets which punishes the enemy for staying in these stock-standard spots.
Left: Where to stand (there is a smaller margin for error here).
Right: Zone to wallbang.
Bottom: Area of effect.
This wallbang requires you to be more precise as your bullets travel a further distance before reaching the enemy, which means if there is a flaw in your positioning it's more likely to result in a missed shot.
The area of effect is very effective, as many AWPers from the other team will favour to hug this wall, giving them cover.
This wallbang is a very good counter to this as it will tend to stay wither just on the wall or in the open area which is exactly the preferred position of an ememy sniper.
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Wallbang for "Heaven/Upper"

If your team can co-ordinate well any player playing from the upper area here will find themselves to have a very difficult time, due to how they can be both harassed with wallbang spam and smoked off.
This wallbang can be performed with either an AK-47 and an AWP, with both of them being relatively effective at neutralising these enemies.
Left: Where to stand.
Right: Zone to wallbang.
Bottom: Area of effect.
As I stated before, this gives enemies playing upper a bad time to behold and will more than likely force them off of their position, which is highly beneficial to your team as you can save a smoke for your post-plant if used correctly.
This is probably the most difficult shot to consisently hit, due to the elevation and distance from you.
I would recommend practicing this wallbang first before using it in your game of choice.
All of these wallbangs are situational but if you can use them in the correct place and time you could find yourself having a big T side advantage that could lead to having more rounds than the current meta's map bias allows.
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Squeaky Door (A Site)

This is one of the more common wallbanging spots on Cache, due to the easily penetrated nature of the door.
Nearly any gun excluding starter pistols will penetrate the flimsy door, however it does not break, unlike the doors on Nuke.
This is quite an effective wallbang, as if the Terrorist team can see bullets coming through the door, it is almost impossible to punish the attacker, unless they get extremely lucky.
In terms of effectiveness, it is most reliable from Forklift/Barrels, as these positions give you an extremely good angle into the door, making shots far easier to hit.
Left: An effective position to wallbang from.
Right: Wallbanging the door.
Below: Impacts in the wall.
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Mid Garage

One of the more common spots for wallbanging on Cache, especially for AWPers.
Often used for either prefiring or killing fleeing enemies.
As the material of the garage is a thicker one, the AWP is the only weapon which penetrates it, which also does minimal damage.
Be aware of where you wallbang, as a misplaced shot may end up in the box directly behind the wall.
Make sure to not commit yourself to this wallbang, as staring blankly and firing at a wall can give away your position rather quickly.
This spot is more effective when used from the Z connector, as if you attempt this wallbang from the white box, your shots enter at a greater angle which reduces damage, not to mention how much less space you have to shoot at.
As you can see, even from the wider angle of Z connector, there is not much space to shoot at before missing the shipping container, which results in hitting an impenetrable box.
Left: Where to stand for maximum effectiveness.
Right: Where to aim (anywhere left from here will also work just as well).
Below: Impacts on the container.
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Vents to A Main

Although "Vents to A" may sound like a strange prospect, it's quite effective due to the unsuspected nature of this wallbang.
Personally, I've had success with this wallbang more than a typical wallbang.
Rifles and snipers will penetrate this surface, dealing surprising amounts of damage.
Wallbanging here will typically work more the closer to the start of the round you can do it, while still being aware of the ever-present danger of the garage.
This is due to the defaulting style of many Terrorist teams defaulting and playing for picks at the start of rounds.
Be aware of the frequency of attempting this, as Terrorist teams are able to counter this wallbang through pushing mid whilst you're attempting it.
The best spot to stand for this wallbang is in the corner because of the cover it provides as opposed to a wider angle.
Left: Where to stand for maximum effectiveness.
Right: Bullets on the other side of the wall.
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CT to Checkers

A wallbang which has been popularised through some outstanding pro plays and pro memes, such as flusha jokingly "wallhacking" vs NiP at MLG X Games Aspen 2015.
If you choose to wallbang the tarp on the wall, it is penetrable by most guns whilst the metal rolling door is exclusively for rifles and snipers.
Wallbanging the tarp is far more effective both damaging and positioning wise, as you can hit Ts hiding behind the boxes through it.
This wallbang is extremely hard to punish, as on the other side of the wall from the tarp is a concreted wall, which is obviously far worse for wallbanging.
Left: Where to stand.
Right: Where to aim to hit the large boxes.
Below: Impacts on the box.
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Squeaky Corridor

Although squeaky door has been covered, a different approach to this wallbang is with an AWP from Quad.
This angle is generally less expected from the Terrorist team and is far easier to be caught off guard by.
As mentioned, wallbanging here is only able to be done with AWP effectively.
It is possible with a scout, however far less damaging, dealing around 30 damage for a headshot.
This is due to the concreted wall that you have to shoot into for this wallbang.
Although it offers low damage output, this spot is extremely hard to counter because of the wider array of angles Terrorists have to consider when sniping back at their aggressor.
Left: Where to stand.
Right: Impacts on the other side of the wall.
I hope you've learned something valuable and good luck wallbanging! Cinque TerreCinque Terre