CS:GO - Resolution Guide (Full)

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Aspect Ratios 2.
Resolutions (Pros/Cons) 3.
How to get stretched or black bars 4.
Pro Player Resolutions If there is anything incorrect or if things need to be added please let me know!

Aspect Ratio

There are 3 main aspect ratios and many resolutions, we will be going over all the aspect ratios and the most general resolutions (Under Resolutions Section).
- 4:3 Aspect Ratio - Black Bars and Stretched - 16:9 Aspect Ratio - Full Screen (Black Bars/Stretched on 16:10 Monitor) - 16:10 Aspect Ratio - Black Bars and Stretched (On 16:9 Monitor) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


Here we will be looking over some of the most used resolutions and the reasons people use them whether it being fact or placebo.
(Resolution FOV ) 4:3 -1024x768 (Thicker Scope, Blur, Thicker Look, Smoother/Higher FPS) -1280x960 (Thin Scope, Crisper) Pros Cons Increased FPS Much smaller FOV Target appears larger in stretched Can be blurry Easy to focus in screen in black bars (For some people) Although Stretched x/y sensitivity may appear different so left and right are faster than up and down, but in reality you are moving the same amount on your mousepad.
Mouse feels smoother in black bars (For some people, less input lag) Stretched can bother some peoples eyes Angles look wider People appear to move faster (Some people actually prefer this) Other Reasons -Some people are used to it from other CS -People prefer the "feel" -Some need to for FPS sake 16:9 -1280x720 (Thicker Scope,Some Blur, Thicker Look, Smoother/Higher FPS) -1600x900 (Some Blur, Slightly Thicker Look, Smoother/Higher FPS) -1920x1080 (Thin Scope, Crisp, Clean) Pros Cons Full Wide FOV Uses more FPS (Can be bad for LAN) 1:1 Mouse Input Everything is too thin/small (For some people) Other Reasons -Some people find the sides distracting (Con) 16:10 -1280x800 (Thicker Look, Some Blur) -1680x1050 (Thin Scope, Crisp) Near Full FOV Not Full FOV Slightly wider on stretched (Much less than 4:3, bigger angles, models) Different on 16:10 monitors (Fullscreen non stretched) Possible FPS Increase Most cons from 4:3 stretched (Faster looking movement, etc.
) Stretched x/y sensitivity different (Not as much as 4:3, Some people think of it as a pro) Stretched x/y sensitivity different Some people even prefer to make custom resolutions so their game is more of a balance between resolutions.
(Not covered in this guide, google it.
) Cinque Terre

How to: Stretched/Blackbars (NVIDIA)

For users without NVIDIA please CLICK HERE[lmgtfy.
com] Go To Control Panel on Windows Choose NVIDIA Control Panel Choose Scaling mode according to your resolution (Stretched, Black Bars, Fullscreen) Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Pro Player Resolutions

You should never use a resolution just because a pro player does! Just about 85% of professional players use their resolution either because they are used to it from an older Counter-Strike or its simply their preference! Other reasons are stated in the Resolutions topic.
Here are a few pro players and their resolutions: -GeT_RiGhT: 1280x960 (Stretched) -Shroud: 1920x1080 -JW: 1024x768 (Black Bars) There are many pros who used different resolutions but the most commonly used are: -1024x768 (Most used i would say, black bars and stretched) -1280x960 (Usually stretched) -1920x1080 (Most used 16:9 res) Note: Many competitive players use low resolution because its consistent and can be used on any computer with good fps when they travel to lans.
There is also a spreadsheet someone had created full of pro settings.
Some of the things may be outdated but here it is, Click Here[docs.
com] .