CS:GO - Perfect Guide To Movie Making(With HLAE Tutorial)

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My name is Yoshwa and i have been editing for a few years now.
Only recently with Sony Vegas (Premiere Pro previously).
In this guide you will learn everything from recording clips, making cinematics to editing and rendering your video using Sony Vegas.
Help If you need any help with any of the steps in the guide, feel free to add me.
I am happy to help anyone.
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Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Getting Started

The first thing you will want is somewhere to store all your files.
If you making a full length frag movie (3-4 mins) you are going to need atleast 50GB of storage, this is without the software.
Make a directory somewhere fast and easy to get to like your desktop.
In this folder you will need to make some sub directories.
I recomend making your folder layout look like this: Audio: This can be used for the backing song for your frag movie Desktop: Becuse i record with ShadowPlay in full screen windowed the folder is called this so just rename it so "Recordings" or "Clips" or something like that.
Its ok as long as you know what it is.
Graphics: This is for your logo, outro screen, intro screen etc.
HLAE: Software Old Movies: Previous edits if you have space on your hard drive The last one is a shortcut the movie you are working on.
You can also add aditional shortcuts to other pieces of software if you need them (CS:GO, Sony Vegas, AfterEffects etc.
) Cinque Terre

What You Will Need

Programmes: CS:GO Fraps/ShadowPlay/OBS (Any recording program really) HLAE *Sony Vegas (I use vegas 13 for this guide) *After Effects (Not not needed but recomended) A computer that can handle video editing, recording and rendering.
**Photoshop (For thumbnails) You will need a YouTube Channel to upload and share all of your creations.
A logo for your YouTube channel could also be useful And ofcourse some clips to use for the FragMovie.
You can use community clips, your own clips or even clips from tournaments.
*Does cost money but you can use use a free trial.
there are torrents and cracks out there **Dont need it but it can draw more people into your video and make it look more appealing Cinque Terre

HLAE (Half Life Advanced Effects)

HLAE is an engine based movie making program mainly use for making cinematics but it can be used for much more.
Download the software from the Website[www.
org] If you ever get stuck the wiki[github.
com] is a good place to go to.
Once you have downloaded the program extract the zip into the file in your movie making folders.
(Make sure to keep this program up to date to make sure you have all the features) 1.
To launch the program first make use you have CS:GO CLOSED.
Launch the HLAE.
exe 3.
Go along the toolbar to "Tools" then click "Developer" -> "Custom Loader" 4.
For the HookDLL Select the "AfxHookSource.
dll" 5.
And for the program path select the csgo.
exe in your counterstrike directory.
Leave the command line the same then press ok.
This should launch your game in insecure mode to prevent your joining any VAC protected servers and getting you banned.
If this notification doesnt appear close your game and reopen it with the deveoper loader again.
***VAC warning: The HLAE tool is technically a hack, therefore you should use it for making movies / watching demos only.
Joining VAC protected servers with HLAE might get you VAC banned*** Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

HLAE (Basic Cinimatics Tutorial)

First load a demo.
You can do this by going to watch then downaloding a recent match or by pressing Shift+F2 this will open the DemoUI in this you can load demos with the load button.
The DemoUI allows you to change the speed of the demo, this can also be done with host_timescale (we will get to that later).
You can also pause and play the demo as well as skiping to different rounds.
To make a cinematic you are going to want to bind a key to this *command: bind KEY "mirv_campath add" Once in your demo go to the point where you want to start your cinematic.
Set the speed to 1/4 or type host_timescale 500.
Every time you press the key you have bound to the command you will create a keyframe.
The program will join these up and the camera looks where ever you are looking.
When you have finished drawing out your cinematic (You must have atleast 4 keyframes!!) type into the *console "mirv_campath enable 1" this will enable the campath.
Go back to where you began the campath and whatch the smooth play through.
If you dont like the smooth type "mirv_campath clear" this will remove your last cinematic so you can make a new one.
*To open the console press the tilde button on your keyboard unless you have rebound it.
If you want to make more detailed and advanced cinematics you can use the "mirv_input camera" command and then the "X" and "Z" keys to rotate your camera, the same keyframing technique shown above applies the same way.
There are lots of other binds to this cinematic technique so i will just give you a video to show how (thanks to proutounz) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

HLAE (Death Messages)

Let's assume you want to only show kills by player PlayerName: - Enable mirv_deathmsg debug 1 and wait until PlayerName does a kill, then write down the attackerUid (or wait until he gets killed and write down the victimUid).
Now if you want to block everything except kills by that player use the uid number you just noted down: mirv_deathmsg block !uid * Or if you want to see him getting killed too, then enter this instead: mirv_deathmsg block !uid !uid If you want to clear all blocks again enter: mirv_deathmsg block clear 2.
Setting death notice display time: This on is easy, just enter mirv_deathmsg cfg noticeLifeTime f Where f is a floating point value in seconds, i.
100 or 7.
To restore the default behaviour enter: mirv_deathmsg cfg noticeLifeTime -1 3.
If you want the deathmsg's to be highlighted like in a POV demo or a when you kill someone in game type: mirv_deathmsg highLightId "Uid(withouht the quotation marks)" For more help you can go to the wiki or type in mirv_deathmsg into console for a list of commands.
Cinque Terre

Recording Clips

Now to record your clips you can use a few commands.
The first one removes all the spectater hud and deathmesages "cl_drawhud 0" this is used when recording cinematics.
When recording cinematics you can also use mirv_fov (90 default) to change the FOV When recording frags/kills you can use the "cl_drawonlydeathnotices 1" command so that only the crosshair and death messages show up.
When recording anything i recomend recording in slow motion and speeding it up in SonyVegas becuase more frames always better.
However this does take up more space on your hard drive and you will have to record the sounds separately.
ShadowPlay RecordingTo record with ShadowPlay you will need a Nvidia graphics card that supports ShadowPlay.
Launch ShadowPlay and click the ShadowPlay button in the top left corner.
Make sure you have turned on ShadowPlay 3.
Change the mode to manual, if you can change the Quality to Custom 1080p 60fps at max bit rate and set the audio to ingame.
Click the settings button under the on switch and customise your "Toggle manual recording on/off and save" bind to something you dont use.
At the bottom change the save location.
NOTE: If you want to record in full screen windowd tick the "Allow desktop capture" box.
Go into game and start recording the clip buy pressing the record shortcut you just set.
A record icon should appear in the top left corner to show that you are recording.
When you are finished recording press the record button again and the recording should be saved to the loaction you set.
Fraps Recording For fraps it's pretty much the same technique.
Open up fraps.
Go to movies 3.
Set the save location 4.
Set the fps (the resoloution is the same as your games resoloution) 5.
Set the Video Capture Hotkey Your settings should look like a bit like this: 6.
Go in game and press the hotkey to start recording and the same again to stop.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Editing Basics (Sony Vegas)

To begin editing in Vegas you are going to need to create a new compasition.
To do this got to: File -> New Open this then choose "HD 1080-60i (1920x1080, 29.
970 fps)" you can edit the settings to what you recorded in.
Set the project file at the bottom then i recomend saving as a preset by useing the save button at the top left of the window.
If you dont want to do this every time you start a new edit click the box "Start all projets with these settings".
Your settings should look something like this: To import video you can either use the Explorer and navigate to your video this was your just drag it in from the folder.
I find dragging it in from the folder is easier and faster especially if you have multiple monitors.
The first thing you are going to want to do is drag the audio in.
Open the audio folder and drag the audio onto the timeline.
To listen to the track press the play button You can use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the timeline.
To import video you do it the same way just drag it from a folder onto the timeline.
When you import video make sure you always rightclick, go to properties and disable resample.
This will make your clips look alot smoother and less grainy.
In the properties you can also change the "playback rate" which is the speed your video play at.
To cut video go the end of one of the video clips and an arrow should appear <-> like this click and drag the clip to cut it.
You can also use the "S" key to split the clip at the point of the curser.
I am not going to go into too much detail about editing as there are many more better tutorials on the internet however i would definatly recoment looking at the Velocity curve and pan crop.
You can place markers by pressing "M" Here is the workspace of an edit I am working on currently: To pre render the video to stop lag select an area you want to render and press Shift+B this may take a while but it will stop lag.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Rendering (Sony Vegas)

Once you are finished editing you will need to render out your video to be able to upload it to YouTube.
Go to File -> Render As Create a custom template that looks similar to this that matches your video settings.
Press render and Vegas will begin to render the video.
Cinque Terre

Final Notes

Make a nice thumbnail in a Image editing software and upload your video to YouTube! If you want to take it one step further you can import your video into After Effects and add some nice looking colour correction as well as some blur around the edges! Hope you enjoyed this guide Donations are never asked for but are much appreciated.
Thankyou :) Good Luck! JOIN OUR GROUP Follow my workshop for more guides!