CSGO - How to trade in 2019 (Beginner's Guide)

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Hello fellow traders.
I am here to help you at the beginning of your journey on the trading scene.
Hope you find this guide useful.
I want to clarify that my English is not the best and I want to apologize for some spelling mistake.
I also want to say that since January 2nd 2019, I have upgraded a 50 € knife (Shadow Daggers Blue Steel) to a 200 € knife (Karambit Rust Coat).
It basically took me 6-7 Months to upgrade.

The Basics

Basic Thermology + ScamsUntil 29th March of 2018 you could go from 1 Euro to a Knife (Nothing to a knife etc.
a lot of videos on youtube with that).
It is possible to do that, but is even harder then before.
Now we are discusting basic stuff.
I will leave an Online word document that will help you with thermology, scams and other basic things Online Document[docs.
com] TipsI see a lot of people "crying" everywhere that "I don't have good skins, I would love to get a better inv".
First tip, Avoid using the STEAM MARKET! In my personal experience, I already lost a lot of euros in the steam market because I didn't trust external sites.
I was afraid of being robbed or fooled.
But if we take a little risk we can get something cheaper.
There are currently 2 websites that the most advanced traders trust.
SkinBaron and Bitskins.
Both sites have huge discounts, with wide range of items from many games, including CSGO.
I will say the positives (+) and negatives (-) (Personal opinion) of both Sites.
Bitskins+ Large Inventory; + Very well organized; + Variety of games; - Little diversity in terms of paying (PayPal, CreditCard, G2APay, Skrill and Instant Sell Skin) (1) (1) SkinBaron+ Large Inventory; + Very well organized; + Multiple payment methods (PayPal, PaySafeCard, Bitcoins, Credit Card, Vouchers, SOFORT and G2APay) (2) - Little variety of games (CSGO, Rust, DOTA, TF2 and H1Z1) I am a PaySafeCard user (Since I have no methods of depositing money on PayPal).
Both sites are good, but I use SkinBaron more than Bitskins.
(2) StickersDon't belive in everything that people say, for example, the sticker value.
SCRATCHED STICKERS = NO VALUE The following stickers will ALWAYS add value to your skin: All Katowice 2014's , Howling Dawns, Crown Foils, Flammable Foils, and Swag Foils.
The following select tournament stickers that will ALWAYS add value to your skin: Cologne 2014 : Dignatas holo, and IBuyPower Holo/Non Holo, Dreamhack 2014 : iBuyPower, Every Single Katowice 2015 Foil/Holo And every Gold sticker up until 2018.
Stickers that MAY add value (Depending on actual skin price/rarity) Harp of War, King on the Field, and Winged Defuser.
TLDR: Stickers add value but not all them, good rule of thumb is if the sticker is above $80 it probably adds value.
How to see if a sticker is Scatched? Well there is a ways.
com] is a site that lets you see the skin itself,Float,Pattern , Fade Check and much more.
For example, one of my skins (SSG 08 Detour) has a non scratched sticker and one a scratched one, on the print below you can see the difference.
A big plus for this site is that you don't have to log in to see the information you need.
Be patient.
With the 7 day tradelock it's hard to be patient but we have to make sacrifices to have a better inventory.
Your inventory will not grow overnight and since the 7 day tradelock update, a free inventory (Dropped Items) cannot be evolved into a glorious inventory.
So you have to put some money to buy skins.
"But Fiuzen, what should I invest in?" Good question.
The best thing to invest in is keys! And in what keys you ask.
Phoenix, Falchion, Shadow and Gamma Keys are the best bet.
The Prisma and Danger Zone are a bit risky In my opinion but any key (Except the CSGO Case Key and Hydra) are good enough tho.
Now don't put money on Steam market, because you will lose money, so pick one of the sites above to save money and profit a bit.
Ak Redline FT.
As you know there are 5 exteriors.
Factory New (FN) - Float range 0 - 0.
07; Minimal Wear (MW) - Float Range 0.
07 - 0.
15; Field-Tested (FT) - Float Range 0.
15 - 0.
38; Well-Worn (WW) - Float Range 0.
45; Battle-Scarred (BS) - Float Range 0.
45 - 1; The best exterior is FN and the worst is BS, but WW is also one of the worst, as some skins are good at BS (Black Asiimov, Black Mesh, Rust Coat).
FT skins are easier to trade with 0.
20 float below! Especially with AK Redline.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Trusted Trading Sites

So far I've been giving tips on how to trade.
But if you can't find anyone? You have the possibility to use trade bots.
WARNING: There are several fake sites that can scam you, so don't log into any site without asking more experienced people or checking if it's legit or not.
From what I know there are 3 Trusted Sites.
Farm, and CS.
To get the most out of these sites, tag them on your behalf for a small discount.
Warning: I do not use the sites very much so I do not have much experience with them, if you want to send more information you can tell in the comments.
Money+ Huge inventory; - High commission (5%); - High prices; LOOT.
Farm:+ Average Commission (3%) CS.
Deals:+ Low Commission (1%) + Supports some games (CSGO, TF2, Dota to name a few) I suggest not logging into gambling sites, not only the risk of scam, but also a difficult addiction to control.

Useful Links

Below will be a link and discription of the site.
com] ;When you are added by an unknown person, you start thinking.
"Is this person reliable?" SteamRep can help you, of course Bot Accounts are created daily but you may have a chance to catch someone with a steam rep ban.
Red: It's a scammer; Yellow: You have to be very careful with this person.
Green: Donor / Person who can be trusted.
Discord Server for traders[discord.
gg] This discord has a Lot of low,medium and high tier traders.
Very low risk to getting scammed here (7k+ people in this discord) WARNING: I will not be responsible for scams in the comments, Discord and others! There are scammers everywhere! Make trades with caution! Cinque Terre


Thank you for reading this guide.
Share it with your friends and people who want to start trading.
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