CSGO useful binds

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All of commands in this guide can be added to your “autoexec.
cfg” file.
Go to your Steam folder (usually the Steam folder is found in the "Program Files" directory) then: steamapps --> common --> Counter-Strike Global Offensive --> csgo --> cfg.
In the cfg folder create a new file called “autoexec.
cfg”, place all of the commands you wish to use in this file (the file path should be something like this: "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg\autoexec.
the autoexec file will be executed every time you launch CSGO.
If anyone wants to see, here is a link to my autoexec[pastebin.
com] .

Toggle open mic

alias open_mic_on "alias loop +voicerecord;volume 0.
5;loop;bind F1 open_mic_off" alias open_mic_off "-voicerecord ;bind F1 open_mic_on" bind "F1" "open_mic_on" Allows you to have an “open microphone”, ever wanted to just talk without having to hold down the voice chat key (k by default), this script allows you to do that.
Simply press F1 to toggle the open mic on or off.

Toggle voice chat

alias vchat_on "voice_enable 0;say_team voice chat muted!;bind F2 vchat_off" alias vchat_off "voice_enable 1;say_team voice chat unmuted!;bind F2 vchat_on" bind "F2" "vchat_on" People on servers spamming the mic can be annoying, instead of manually muting individual players you can just completely turn voice chat off.
this script allows you to toggle voice chat on or off using F2 key.

Toggle volume

alias volume_00 "volume 0.
0;echo volume: 0.
0;bind v volume_10" alias volume_01 "volume 0.
1;echo volume: 0.
1;bind v volume_00" alias volume_02 "volume 0.
2;echo volume: 0.
2;bind v volume_01" alias volume_03 "volume 0.
3;echo volume: 0.
3;bind v volume_02" alias volume_04 "volume 0.
4;echo volume: 0.
4;bind v volume_03" alias volume_05 "volume 0.
5;echo volume: 0.
5;bind v volume_04" alias volume_06 "volume 0.
6;echo volume: 0.
6;bind v volume_05" alias volume_07 "volume 0.
7;echo volume: 0.
7;bind v volume_06" alias volume_08 "volume 0.
8;echo volume: 0.
8;bind v volume_07" alias volume_09 "volume 0.
9;echo volume: 0.
9;bind v volume_08" alias volume_10 "volume 1.
0;echo volume: 1.
0;bind v volume_09" bind "v" "volume_10" Allows you to change the games volume.
Each time you press the V key the volume will be reduced by 0.
Once it reaches 0.
0 (no sound) then the volume will be set back to 1.
0 (maximum)

Toggle mute volume

alias volume_on "volume 1.
0;echo volume on!;bind f3 volume_off" alias volume_off "volume 0.
0;echo volume off!;bind f3 volume_on" bind "F3" "volume_off" allows you to toggle the games volume on or off (using F3 key).

Toggle show impacts

alias sv_showimpacts0 "sv_showimpacts 0;echo show impacts 0;bind [ sv_showimpacts1" alias sv_showimpacts1 "sv_showimpacts 1;echo show impacts 1;bind [ sv_showimpacts2" alias sv_showimpacts2 "sv_showimpacts 2;echo show impacts 2;bind [ sv_showimpacts3" alias sv_showimpacts3 "sv_showimpacts 3;echo show impacts 3;bind [ sv_showimpacts0" bind "[" "sv_showimpacts1" the "sv_showimpacts" command allows you to see what you were aiming at and where your bullet actually hit.
this script toggles between the different values for the command 0 to 3.
0 - don’t show impacts 1 - show both, where you computer said the bullet hit, where the server says the bullet actually hit.
2 - only show what your computer said 3 - only show what server said.
seeing exactly where your bullets hit when you fire, for example is useful for practising recoil control.
this script is bound to the "[" key.

Toggle left/right hand

alias hand_pos_right "cl_righthand 1;bind l hand_pos_left" alias hand_pos_left "cl_righthand 0;bind l hand_pos_right" bind l "hand_pos_left" allows you to toggle between using your left or right hand, using the "l" key.

Toggle slow mo

bind "]" "sv_cheats 1;toggle host_timescale 0.
1 1.
0" Allows you to toggle slow motion on or off by pressing the "]" key.
while on, all movement will be 10x slower, useful when watching demos of your comp matches, as it allows you to see exactly where a bullet hit and what the person was aiming at (e.
can be used to spot cheaters, or just to watch yourself playing and evaluate what you need to do to improve).

AWP quick switch bind

alias "+knife" "slot3" alias "-knife" "slot2;slot1" bind "q" "+knife" This script allows you to avoid having to press Q twice when quick switching with the AWP.
Pressing down the Q key will switch to the knife (slot3), upon releasing the key it will switch back to your primary weapon (slot1).
If you don’t have a primary weapon, then it will switch to your secondary weapon (slot2).

Jump throw bind

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;+attack" alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump;-attack" bind "alt" "+jumpthrow" Pressing the alt key will make you jump and then throw whatever throwable (grenade, flashbang, etc.
) you currently are holding while in the air.

Crouch jump bind

alias +djump "+jump; +duck" alias -djump "-JUMP; -duck" bind space "+djump" When you press the space bar, you will jump then automatically crouch while in the air.
This bind can be useful as it allows you to reach parts of the map you would not be able to reach with a normal jump.

remove blood bind

Script below, clears bullet holes and blood decals as you move.
bind "w" "+forward; r_cleardecals" bind "s" "+back; r_cleardecals" bind "a" "+moveleft; r_cleardecals" bind "d" "+moveright; r_cleardecals" Clearing blood as you walk is not always the best idea, because sometimes it is important to be able to see bullet holes and blood, as this can act as an indicator that there is an enemy nearby.
Pressing a key to manually clear blood (such as in the script below) can be better in many situations.
bind "c" "r_cleardecals" Clears bullet holes and blood decals when you press the C key.

Fake flash bind

alias +fake_flash "slot2" alias -fake_flash "drop;slot1;" bind "j" "+fake_flash" allows you to fake a flash bang using the "j" key, switchs to your pistol (slot2), drops pistol, then switchs back to primary weapon (slot1).

Drop C4 bind

bind "x" "use weapon_c4;drop;slot1" Switchs to your C4 (slot5), drops C4, then switch back to your primary weapon (slot1).
Bound to x key.

Run with knife bind

alias +run_knife "+forward;use weapon_knife" alias -run_knife "-forward;slot1" bind mouse4 "+run_knife" holding down the 4th button on your mouse will automatically switch to your knife and male you run forward.
if you only have 3 button mouse, then you can bind to different key, e.
scroll wheel: bind mouse3 "+run_knife"

Bunny Hop bind

A simple bind to help with bunny hopping.
bind mwheelup "+jump" bind mwheeldown "+jump" How to Bhop: Hold down W key to get some initial speed, then Scroll up/down to jump and let go of the W key.
While in the air hold down the A key, and just before you hit the ground scroll up/down again to jump.
Then again while in the air hold down the D key, and just before you hit the ground scroll up/down to jump.
Repeat this process of jumping just before you hit the ground and alternating between holding the A or D keys for each jump.

Binds suggested by people in the comments

net_graph 1 alias +tabgraph "+showscores; net_graphheight 999" alias -tabgraph "-showscores; net_graphheight 64" bind tab +tabgraph change netgraph height, displays the netgraph in the top right corner of the screen when you press the tab key, else it is displayed in the bottom right.
bind k "kill" kills you when you press the "k" key, this for exmaple can be usefull if you spawn stuck in a wall.
bind x "exit" exits CSGO when you press the "x" key.
bindToggle <key> cl_righthand 0 1 bindToggle <key> voice_enable 0 1 If you’re simply toggling between 2 values, you can use the "bindtoggle" command instead of an alias.