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BLUE The most wanted and rarest pattern you can ever wish on both AK-47 and FiveSeven (and knives) is the blue pattern.
There are players willing to pay a lot of money for pattern like this.
These blue Case Hardened skins are often called Blue Gems.
GOLD Second rarest pattern you can find on your AK-47 Case Hardened is a gold pattern.
This is the only full golden AK I´ve found and there are people willing to pay hundreds of keys for it.
I personally don´t find this AK attractive, but there is a tradition in finishing weapons gold and people just love it.
Sometimes the gold color of Case Hardened skins can be mistaken for silver, that belongs to the cheaepest colors.
And be careful - golden knife pattern are not so desired as blue or galaxy patterns, the golden color is desired most on AK-47.
RAINBOW WITH PURPLE = GALAXY Third rarest pattern is rainbow - sometimes called galaxy pattern, but there are specialities in the rainbow patterns too.
The rainbow pattern is worth more, when there are a lot of big purple, red and blue spots on gold-silverish background.
I personally love the rainbow colors with a lot of blue, purple and red the most (my weapons are on the picture) SILVER The least desired pattern of all is the silver pattern, sometimes mixed with gold and smaller blue spots.
It's the most common and the ugliest pattern you can find.
If you´re buying FiveSeven or knife, the cheapest skins are nearly always silverish.
Be careful not to mistake a silverish pattern for a golden pattern! These were the patterns ordered by their desirability.
So it´s not an objective factor, because some people love silverish pattern, or they are willing to pay more for some specific pattern (blue barrel, gold magazine, .
), so it´s nothing you can anticipate.
This guide is only trying to point out specific patterns, that can be worth a lot of money.
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MORE vs.
LESS FADE In case of these weapons, the more fade is showing (more colors), the more valuable the skin could be.
You can see there is only one or two colors on the left picture, on the right picture, we could see three and more colors and that means it´s more valuable and if we find the right buyer, we can sell it for more money.
KARAMBIT FADE COLOR In case of some weapons, one color tone can change the price.
For example by the knife Karambit Fade, the more purple, the lesser the price.
The more gold and pink, the higher the price.
So the one on the right picture is more valuable, than the one on the left picture.
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I´ve found a lot of pattern examples for FiveSeven Kami.
Apparently the rarest skin you can get is the one, that resembles naked female parts on the back of the weapon! Just look at the picture: 1) "Where are your panties, ma´m?" 2) "Stick it in" 3) "I´m waving you!" 4) Buddha 5) "Hulk smash, Hulk angry!" 6) bulldog 7) "Always happy to see you!" 8) "Don´t go there!" TORM PATTERN Sandstorm pattern is one of the most diverse patterns in the game.
You can find three different types of this skin.
Gold, purple-gold and purple.
The rarest of these is the one, that is completely purple.
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By patterned knives like Slaughetrm Crimson Web, Doppler, or Marble Fade is the position of the pattern very important, whereas the playside is more valuable than backside and centered pattern is more valuable than a pattern on the edge.
It could be quite surprising for some to find out about Slaugther knives and their most common known pattern.
I´ve ordered them from the most common (zebra) to the rarest (diamond): 0) No pattern 1) Zebra stripes 2) Panda/Clown face 3+4) Kitty (diamond shaped) 5+6) Angel 7) Butterfly 8) Phoenix 9) Heart and Dogbone in one knife 10) Heart 11) Diamond in the center and heart on the bottom 12) Diamond and two hearts Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


The value of the Crimson Web skins for knives depends on the amount of web centers in the pattern.
I´ve ordered them from the most common (no web) to the rarest (3 or more webs).
As a matter of course when there are 2 webs on larger knife like Bayonet, it´s definitely not so rare like 2 webs on the smaller Karambit knife.
1) no web 2) one web 3) two webs 4) three or more webs Cinque Terre


By buying/dropping Doppler knife skin, there are 7 color options you can get: 1) Common - Phase 1-4 Phase skins have black color combined with red and blue color.
2) Uncommon - Sapphirre and Ruby Clean blue or clean red color.
3) Rare - Black Pearl Clean purple color without any black, blue or red hues.
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FiveSeven Nightshade (shape of a heart) and Desert Eagle Hypnotic (shape of an eye): Cinque Terre