[CSGO] Volume Binds/Commands/Control

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Basic Master Volume

The command to change the master volume of CSGO is: Volume <Number between 0 and 0.
1> 0.
1 being 100% volume and 0 being 0% (You are able to go above 100%) What you will set it to depends on what you have CSGO set to in your volume mixer and in your options menu.
To see what your volume is, type "volume" in console, and it will show a drop down with the command (for example) 'volume 0.
In an autoexec, you would write "volume 0.
06" as a command, that will be set in CSGO automatically upon loading up the game.
My Guide on Autoexecs: http://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406050940 To change your volume to mute, you could set a bind like "bind "z" "volume 0"" And "bind "x" "volume 0.
06"" To bind a single button to toggle between both mute and your default, you would type the command like this: "bind "z" "toggle volume 0 0.
06"" The 'toggle' command toggles between the two variables set, in this case 0 and 0.
To toggle between 3 volumes "bind "z" "toggle volume 0 0.
02 0.
06"" etc To increase volume in increments, the command would go: "bind "z" "incrementvar volume <Min> <Max> <Interval>"" I have mine set to: bind ' "incrementvar volume 0 0.
06 0.

Voice Volume Control

The command for controlling voice volume is: voice_scale <Between 0 and 1> Like master volume, check what yours is with typing 'voice_scale' in console and seeing what the value beside the dropdown is, for me it's 0.
The commands you can use are exactly the same, but replace the values between 0.
01 and 0.
1 with 0 and 1.
You can find a nice voice control script here: http://csgo.
com/scripts/7567 By: Isildur The bind "+voicerecord" sets the key to the one used to Push to Talk ingame.
<bind x +voicerecord>

Other Audio Commands

The commands control the sliders in the audio menu within CSGO options: snd_musicvolume 0.
18 snd_menumusic_volume 0.
07 snd_roundstart_volume 0.
62 snd_roundend_volume 0.
62 snd_mapobjective_volume 0.
75 snd_tensecondwarning_volume 1 snd_deathcamera_volume 0.
16 Change these sliders, then type each command in console to get the value, which you use inside your Autoexec.
lobby_voice_chat_enabled 0 This command changes whether, by default, your mic is on when you are in lobbies with your team.
windows_speaker_config "1" Dont know what this does.
Pretty sure it allows us to change our window settings from CSGO commands, just set it to yes.
voice_mixer_volume 1 snd_mixer_master_level 1.
0 These set your windows volume to the default you set it to within your windows mixers (CHANGE THESE TO 1) voice_enable <0 and 1> This is a great command which changes whether you hear other people over voice chat.
Setting this to 0, will make it so you cant hear others.
bindtoggle "z" "voice_enable" bind "z" "voice_enable 1" bind "x" "voice_enable 0" These are 3 commands that could be usefull when making binds for audio control.

Mute/Unmute When Tabbing Out

snd_mute_losefocus 1 Is a command that makes it so when you tab out of the game, you can't hear the game sounds anymore.
snd_mute_losefocus 0 Will do the oposite, it will allow you to still hear the game sounds when tabbed out.
Goes without saying, but "bindtoggle "z" "snd_mute_losefocus" is a really usefull command.


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