CS:GO Trading Guide - Making profit through Downgrading

Published 14.12.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 181


Hey guys it's EiTo here with my first guide! Today I will be teaching you a simple strategy I devised in order to make profit using the trading system on {LINK REMOVED} CSGO Lounge.
In order to utilize this technique you have to be familiar with CS:GO trading and already have an item worth at least $30-$50.
If you're new to trading it's probably better to start off with a beginners trading guide, as this is more suited to those who know the basics of trading, and have already begun trading, but are stuck at the $30-$200 price range.
I have found this technique useful in making profit quickly, however it does require a decent amount of effort in order for it to be successful.


What is Downgrading? The trading technique that I will be talking about today is downgrading.
Downgrading is when you trade an item of a certain value for multiple items, worth less, that sum to the same value.
When you downgrade, the person you're trading typically has to overpay in order for the trade to be considered fair.
So, how does this allow you to make profit? When you're trading a knife or a higher valued skin for keys it's unlikely you will find someone willing to pay market price for it in keys.
However, when you're trading lower valued skins people are more willing to pay market price in keys, as there is less price variation of the skin in comparison to the value of the keys.
By tying this principle in with downgrading you can see how this technique works.
First you downgrade your higher valued skin or knife into multiple skins with overpay and then you convert those skins into keys at market price.
After this you should have a certain amount of keys that are worth more than the total of your original item, allowing you to trade them into a higher valued skin or knife.
By repeating this process you can make a lot of profit if you're willing to put in the time and effort.
The downside to this is that as you get a higher valued skin/knife it's harder to downgrade the item for skins that you can trade into keys at market price.
The solution to this is when you downgrade into an item that no one is willing to pay market price for in keys you simply downgrade that item.
Although this will take more time, you are able to make more profit.

Downgrading Example

Here's an example to make it easier for you guys to understand :) Say we have a Gut Knife | Doppler (MW) valued at $100 or 40 keys.
First we downgrade it into multiple skins with a collective total of around $110~ (due to overpay).
These skins are: - M4A1S | Guardian (FN) worth $10~ - ST AK47 | Redline (FT) worth $25~ - Gut Knife | Vanilla worth $60~ - AWP | Boom (FT) worth $15~ The next step is to convert these skins into the amount of keys that add up to the market price of the skin.
Simply divide the market price by 2.
5 (since that's the value of keys in CS:GO).
- M4A1S | Guardian (FN) worth 4 keys - ST AK47 | Redline (FT) worth 10 keys - Gut Knife | Vanilla worth 24 keys (you may have to downgrade this knife again since it would be hard to find someone willing to pay market price for it in keys) - AWP | Boom (FT) worth 6 keys After this you should have a total of around 43-44 keys (it's alright if you lose 1 or 2 keys to get a good deal on the more expensive skins), leaving you with $110~ in keys.
After this you can trade up to a knife valued around $115-$120 since you don't have to pay market price in keys for skins that are more expensive.
By the end of this trading process you would of made around $15-$20 profit which is 15-20% of the original Gut Knife Doppler value.


This trading method is one of the ways I make profit in CS:GO and I have found it very successful.
If you found this guide helpful and/or have any feedback feel free to leave a comment or rating.