CS:GO Trading Float Value Explanation

Published 19.02.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 383

What is a float value?

The Float Value is a decimal number.
This number lies between 0-1 (for most of the skins) This number tells you what condition your skin is in, if it has many scratches or not.
For example a Field-Tested AK-47 | Vulcan can look Minimal Wear or Well-Worn too.
It all depends on the float value.
The skin condition from best to worst are: -Factory New (Float 0.
07) -Minimal Wear (Float 0.
15) -Field Tested (Float 0.
37) -Well Worn (Float 0.
44) -Battle Scared (Float 0.
44-1) For example: My M4A4-S Cyrex has the float 0.
071 that means 1-0.
071 = 92,9% coverage.
Watch the picture.
My Cyrex looks Factory New right? Well its Minimal Wear with Factory New float! You can safe a lot of your money if you just buy items with lower condition, which have good floats :) Cinque Terre

Where can I find my float value?

Finding the float value of your item is very easy since the recent CS:GO Panorama UI update.
You do not need third-party websites anymore.
Just start CS:GO and go in your inventory.
Select the skin you want to see the float of and click "inspect".
In the bottom left you see an information symbol.
Hover over it and there it is.
You just found your skins float value.
Cinque Terre

What is a good/bad float value?

Here you see a picture of the float value table: So let´s say your AWP | BOOM has a 0.
16 float value.
That means it is really near to the Minimal Wear and looks Minimal Wear, that can rise the value of some items very much.
For example the Crimson Web Knifes´ value heavily depends on the float value.
But your AWP | BOOM can have a 0.
35 float value too that means it looks close to Well-Worn which is bad.
When the float value is somewhere in the middle at 0.
22 or something your item is just average.
Cinque Terre

Minimum/Maximum Float Value

This is a bit more advanced and not as important if you do not really care about float value.
To make it short: Every single skin has a maximum and a minimum float value.
You don't need to panic now, everything you have read so far is right.
The minimum and maximum is MOSTLY 0-1 just as I wrote.
However there are some exceptions, for example: -AWP | Asiimov -AK47 | Redline -Desert Eagle | Crimson Web THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES, THERE ARE WAY MORE! This skins have a smaller wear range or in other words a lower maximum/higher minimum.
This is also the reason why some skins do not exist in all conditions and why some conditions of them cost much more.
For example the AWP | Asiimov can have a minimum wear of 0.
Thats why it does not come in minimal wear or factory new condition because minimal wear starts at 0.
15 (see picture above).
Another example: All crimson web knifes and the Desert Eagle | Crimson Web have a wear minimum of 0.
As you can see in the picture above, Factory New starts at 0.
07 so there is only a 0.
01 range between start and minimum.
In other words: getting this skins is almost impossible which explains why these skins are expensive and rare as hell.
I use {LINK REMOVED} www.
com to check skin's wear minimum/maximum.
Just open the site choose a weapon, choose the skin and there it is.

Does usage decrease/increase the float value?

It´s maybe a stupid question but many people do not know.
The float value does NOT decrease/increase when you use the gun.
Also the condition (minimal wear, field-tested,.
) does NOT change.


I got so bothered by people asking for their skin´s value in the comments so I decided to make a paragraph about it.
To answer your question: YES float value can increase a skin´s value.
BUT It depends on the skin! Crimson Web Knifes are worth a♥♥♥♥♥♥load of money more when they have a good float value.
Flip Dopplers/Fades etc.
are usually in very good float, the MW ones too.
So this Flips with good float are not very rare/worth more.
I can not anwser the question "How much is my item xxx worth?" for every of you guys.
It really depends on the case.
Also I am no god at pricechecking items.
So please stop asking for it in the comments.
If you really think your skin is worth something open a reddit thread at: www.
com/r/globaloffensivetrade Last but not least.
I am sorry to tell you but your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ cheap skins (all skins under 10€) are not worth anything more.
Even with very bad or good float value.
Sorry kids.