CS:GO Tactics on DUST2

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(CT) First Tactic

(CT) First Tactic Weapons needed: 4 M4A4/ M4A1-S, 1 AWP.
A play: You will have 1 M4 player playing A ramp who will try to hold short and maybe peak middle time to time.
(P1) Another A player with M4 (P3) will stay in pit and crossfire/ popflash the AWPer (P2) who will peak long doors as much time as he can.
B play: You will have 1 M4 player staying at the B box outisde the doors watching CT mid in case the T's will push mid.
(P4) The last CT will try to stay site and hold a safe angle towards the tunnel.
(P5) Notes: In case of a mid push, P4 will be able to hold CT mid from B doors togheter with P1 who can as well watch CT mid pretty easily.
In case of a B rush, P5 will hold from site and P4 from doors.
Their back will be covered by P1 watching CT mid.
In case of a short push, P2 might go car and hold it with the awp, and if the frags are not coming in, P3 might as well rotate fast.
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(CT) Second Tactic

(CT) Second Tactic Weapons needed: 4 M4A4/M4A1-S, 1 AWP.
Mid play: P1 with M4 will be boosted on the CT spawn box so he can watch mid easier.
A play: P2 will stay Goose with AWP so he won't get in contact with any molly/ nade.
P3 will stay in pit with an M4 and as soon as he sees a push coming in he'll be needed to take out at least 2 guys.
Trust me, it is not that hard, you got a good angle on their bodies and they can only see your head if you play pit the way you should.
B play: P4 will stay close to the boost box near the tunnel and he might pop-flash as well so his teammate (P5) will peak 5 blind terrorists instead of just 5.
If this tactic is not used, both of them might just hold the angles without pushing and it all should go just fine.
Notes: P1 will have their backs in case of a mid push; he is as well hard to be seen.
P1 will also hear if there are any T's on short, mid or lower tunnel.
Screenshot: Cinque Terre

(CT) Third Tactic

(CT) Third Tactic Weapons needed: 3 M4A4/M4A1-S, 2 AWPs.
A play: P1 will be staying Goose with an M4 while P2 will be staying ramp with an AWP.
P2 might also watch mid in case of a mid push and P5 might rotate to B window/ doors to give info and take a quick peak.
P3 will play pit nicely and wait for a push.
B play: P4 will be the B AWPer and P5 will have an M4.
P5, who is staying close to the boost box, might pop flash P4 so he can peak with his AWP 5 blind T's.
Well that must be easy.
Notes: P2 and P3 can help eachother with a quick rotate from long to A ramp and back.
If P5 feels better to watch CT mid, he can switch to B box.
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(T) First Tactic

(T) First Tactic [Pistol] Weapons: Whatever you like + 5 decoys.
Tactics: After 5 seconds from the start of the game, throw 5 decoys at the long doors.
Wait 10 seconds then go B with SHIFT for about 5 seconds.
After all of these, just rush it, flash it and go for it.
Notes: P1 will need to check lower tunnel.
This tactic is really random, it works 50% of the time and somehow, the rank you play in does not matter.
As an example, I had matches where I was in nova and the enemies took the bait and when I got LEM they took it as well.
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(T) Second Tactic

(T) Second Tactic Weapons needed: 4 AKs, 1 AWP.
Tactics: P3 will smoke short for P5 to push it and create a fake shot rush, while P4 (The Lurker) will remain back on top of mid to kill any CT's who will try to rotate.
With P5 on short pre-firing and throwing nades, of course, CT's will pay more attention to short than to long.
P4 has P5's back, so there will be nothing to worry about.
After that, P1 (The AWPer) can flash long and pre-fire the long corner.
If no one is there, he will check pit and behind the doors with P2 and P3.
P2 will smoke CT and P3 will flash long so P1 can jump pit with his AWP.
Once he got in that position, P1 will be able to pick couple of kills with the flank of P5 and the help of P2 and P3.
Note: In some cases, P2 or P3 might want to look behind.
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The Ending

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