[CS:GO] Striving for Improvement

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Practising to become better.

Grinding out match making to rank up isn't the best way of becoming a higher rank or even a better player.
Most players don't want to waste time and just want to get straight into it but that's the worst mistake you can make.
Afterall, your match making rank is determined by your SKILL.
If you want to become better, or rank up your best bet is to PRACTISE! Simply playing Aim training maps, Reflex maps, or even deathmatch for 10-30 minutes before every CS:GO session can show a noticable difference in your peformance.
Here are a few training maps that I would reccomend: • AIM TRAINING • AIM BOTS • FAST AIM TRAINING • RECOIL PRACTISE

Dealing with Tilt.

Every CS:GO player knows the feeling of tilt.
Especially the high rank ones.
If you don't know what tilt is, it's basically when you lose, get killed and start to build anger and start to play badly.
I highly reccomend staying away from any competetive modes when you are tilted.
Ways to deal with tilt: • Take a break from the computer • Go take a shower • Eat food • Get some fresh air • Play a different game Just try get away from playing CS:GO or anything that builds your temper.


CS:GO is a team game, you are most likely to win when you work as a team.
For example a 2v1 is better than a 1v1 and you are most likely to kill the opponent.
Teamroles Include: • Entry Fragger: The person who runs in and gets the first kill and opens up site.
• Support: The Entry Fraggers best friend, runs in behind the entry fragger and helps them out.
• AWPer: The person who will always have the AWP, and will always peek the other snipers on the other team.
• IGL: The in game leader, they should have good game knowledge and will call strategies.
• Lurker: The person who will split up with the team with caution, they will try to pick off the enemies while they are distracted with your team mates or rotating towards them.
Try to work with your team and tell them what you are doing and don't be scared to ask for help.


If you have any information of where the enemy team are it is vital to tell your team mates.
From seeing them somewhere, shooting them or seeing them after they kill you.
Here is an example of bad communication: "One there" Here is an example of decent communication: "There is one long tagged 60" Here is an example of good communication: "There is one long watching bedroom with an AWP, tagged 60" Don't forget that when you die you have some time to see where your opposition is heading towards/

Being Optimistic.

Make sure to keep a good attitude even when you are losing.
Crying at your team mates will only cause arguments which will result badly.
Instead try to let your team mates what they did right and wrong and what to do next time.
If you are winning, make sure to commend your team mates.
Nothing better than being complimented on your awesome 1 tap.
It'll keep a friendly environment and create more team work.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Although CS:GO is just a video game.
Your physical and mental health can have a big impact.
Make sure to balance your physical excersize and computer gaming, staying healthy and fit is the key to playing at your peak peformace.
Aswel as keeping a healthy mind by eating healthy foods like fruit which will keep your mind active and ready to blow off some brains.

General Tips and Tricks

• Take breaks between competetive matches • Eat food • Drink water • Warm up before playing • Practise every day • Be friendly

Thank You

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