CS:GO Sticker Guide

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1.Introduction To CS:GO Stickers

Counter Strike : Global Offensive has sticker system which supports a variety of real-world like stickers.
Like real stickers they have diffence in rarity, style and even visual appearance & quality.
You can put multiple stickers on different places of your bought/achieved/traded skins and even use on default weapons.
(More about that down below >> 2) Like real-world stickers you can even scrape them.
(Full details of sticker scrapping down below >> 6) By your one and only junaid_m_sam Vampy's s-h-i-t-t-y guides publication :v ahahahaha Cinque Terre

2.How To Obtain And Put A Sticker

You can buy one from the steam community market or from the CS:GO in-game store if you have any sticker offers or you can un-capsule or un-box whatever like the skins and knives there are sticker capsules which you can buy from the cs store or community market and yes like the cases they also have keys by which you can un-lock the capsule and get your sticker.
To put a sticker on a gun its very easy if you have a sticker just click on it and you will see the apply option or just click on the gun you want to put your accuired sticker on and you will see the option apply sticker if you have one in your inventory.
After that you will see that there are mainly 4 places (tec9 got 3 sticker spots and the gaygun got 5) where you can put your sticker on your weapon skins or default gun.
Click on the next position button to see all the places you can apply your stickers and choose the spot you want to apply.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

3.Types Of Stickers

There are two types of stickers based on source and three types of stickers based on quality.

4.Tournament Stickers

The two types of sticker based on source are tournament stickers and non-tournament stickers.
Team logo stickers, player signature or autograph stickers and tournament name or logo stickers are the tournament stickers.
Rest are the non-tournament stickers which aren't related to official tournaments.
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5.0.Sticker Quality

According to quality we can divide the stickers into 3 groups.
These are high grade (normal) stickers, foil and holo.
Each of these stickers has different type of visual appearance and style.
According to the official rarity leveling the rarest are the foil then holo then high grade or normal.
Well, all have different opinions for example i like holo stickers more then the foil.
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5.1. Normal Or High Grade Sticker

Normal Or High Grade Sticker is just like an ordinary sticker.
In short its just a sticker no extra visual effects or anyhting, its just a normal sticker as said in its name.
According to quality rarity its the lowest level sticker but it dosent mean that they are the cheapest or anything, see the market yourself there are many many HG or normal stickers that cost ten times then many other foil or holo stickers because of thier low number.
These stickers dont have the gloss which foil or holo stickers has.
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5.2.Holo Sticker

These babes has the gloss of foil sticker but another visual effect which neither the foil or the high grade sticker contains.
Which is the when you move your gun the colour of the sticker changes.
These are second in line according to official rarity level.
But it does not have the texture leveling feature the foil sticker has.
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5.3.Foil Sticker

Well we can say that foil sticker is first in line in quality rarity based line or something but as said in the first (5.
) the price dosent always depend on what quality sticker it is but how rare it is, sometimes it depends on how many of this version of sticker is available.
Like real world foil its shiney.
The visual texture seems to reflect light depending how much light your weapon is exposed to.
The uniqueness of this type of sticker is the metal leaf view.
It has defferent texture based high and low levels that gives 3D like view via light reflection.
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6.Scraping Sticker

Just like real world stickers you can also scrape your stickers that you used on your gun.
You can scrape a single sticker a multiple number of times before it is removed completely.
Each time you scrape it will look a bit more worn and damaged.
There are a lot of people who like the bad♥♥♥♥♥look of a scrapped sticker.
You can remove a sticker completely off from your gun by scrapping it again and again.
To scrape a sticker click on the gun you applied it to then you will see an option that says scrape sticker.
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7.Commonly Asked Questions

Question: What happens when you remove a sticker completely from you gun? My Answer: It disappears like magic.
You cant get a sticker back once you have applied to your gun.
Its gonna stay with your gun.
If you scrape your sticker and make it look worn, you cant go back to the previous un-scrapped look.
Just like that is you keep scrapping the sticker will be removed and sadly no you wont get the sticker back it will be deleted.
Question: Does sticker applying or sticker scrapping damage the looks of the skin? My Answer: No it dosent -_- Just like if you get a weapon skin and use it for dozen year it wont change its look if its factory new it will stay that way dude these are freaking cyber cosmetics they no decay or get damaged.
Just like that applying,scrapping or removing the sticker by scrapping again and again wont do anything to your weapon skin.
CS:GO skins discovered the freaking fountain of youth.
The condition they are dropped or unboxed in will stay that way forever.
Question: Is it true that you had near 9000 stickers Vampy <3 My Answer: Yah i had 8750+ almost 9000 stickers in my main and other account, i liked to collect and mess with the market price so i gathered a huge number of stickers.
smug time B| oh yah showing off xD Question: Can you apply one sticker on the face of another? My Answer: Duh, there are 4 places that you can apply your sticker and you can max apply 4 stickers on 4 places.
You can't apply more or you will have to remove one of the previously used stickers from your gun if you want to and wtf la why would you even want to make one sticker have sex with another on your gun by putting one on on the top of another sticker.
Wtf And yes i have been asked these questions a multiple amount of times by many different starters.

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