CS:GO Special Nametags (Symbols, Colored....)

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Hi guys in this guide you can see all about the special nametags on CS:GO ------------------------------------------Symbols and letters --------------------------------------------------------Why symbols and letters are special nametags? because you cant put this name 'normal' you must put this name on unicode system.
Example; you want to put ★ but the game doesn't accept this , the game only accept english alphabet , then you must put unicode ,the code of ★is ★ .
you must put in the nametag ★ to get ★ .
But you can not only put symbols , this let you put letters or characters from other languages like greek , russian , (this letters ä,ë,ī.
-------------------------------------------Colored Nametags--------------------------------------------------------There is a very old bug in CS:GO that let you put colored nametags and some phrases that are very long or specials .
Then if you want to see Special nametags or rename your weapon with special names check the guide

About Nametags

The nametags are objects that you can buy to rename your weapon Where can i buy these? http://steamcommunity.
com/market/listings/730/Name%20Tag or in CSGO menu.
The name tags cant be dropped and they got only 1 use , you can rename your gun using more name tags Cinque Terre


Who to convert a symbol to unicodeTo put a symbol you have to convert it to unicode , i use this website just the symbol or letter that you want to translate http://www.
php Here some symbols with their code.
$ → $ € → € ツ → ツ シ → シ ☹ → ☹ ☺ → ☺ ☻ → ☻ ★ → シ ☆ → ☆ ✪ → ✪ ♣ → ♣ ♥ → ♥ ♦ → ♦ ♚ →♚ ♛ →♛ ☢ →☢ ☣ →☢ ☭ →☭ ✦ →✦ ♱ →♱ ♰ → ♰ ✔→ ✔ ✓→✓ ✚→✚ ✘ →✘ ✗→✗ ☯ →☯ Ω→Ω ϟ → ϟ Cinque Terre

Colored Nametags

Here the colored name tags and bug names Vote Passed ! #SFUI_vote_passed (Green Color) Vote failed #SFUI_vote_failed (Red Color) Hostage %s #SFUIHUD_hostageid (Yellow Color) ${cancel} Back ${confirm} Modify ${west} Clear ${north} Restore Defaults ${d'pad} Toggle #SFUI_Controls_Nav(Emoticons When You Aim the gun) ${cancel} Back ${dpad} Navigate ${start} Start Match #SFUI_Lobby_Help (Emoticons When you Aim the gun) ${cancel} Back ${west} Screen Size ${north} Restore Defaults ${dpad} Modify #SFUI_Settings_Nav(Emoticons When You Aim the gun) ★ #unusual ✓ #CSGO_Checkmark PLAY THE WORLD'S NUMBER ONE ONLINE ACTION GAME #SFUI_Upsell_Title This player has been selected to receive a limited time offer to purchase this item.
#coupon_desc_steam You can see all on this link[docs.
com] Made by Inotorious he got YT channel i put the best for me Cinque Terre


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