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Astralis emoticon art.
Emoticons used: evsmface Mxhp Total price is 0.
Other combination: evsmface Red DangerTotal price is 0.
06$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/7te5QqzL CODE:https://pastebin.
com/SNLPpqvA Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Avangar team, emoticons used: evsmface Litteras RedB Combine price is 0.
10$ CODE: https://pastebin.
com/HvJrJA2S Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: MCgun gcbrick bsod CODE:https://pastebin.
com/nbv6se36 Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: BlueJelly ATEM CODE:https://pastebin.
com/duV8JdZy Created by abucketofsloths Cinque Terre

Cloud 9

You can choose between light/dark theme.
Emoticons used: Litterals sadud Pros evsmfaceCombine price is 0.
Other combination Mcgun Squirtheh CODE FOR LIGHT THEME: https://pastebin.
com/K0VNt5HA CODE FOR DARK THEME: https://pastebin.
com/FSHiu4zU CODE:https://pastebin.
com/AHCGj6Xs Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Cloud 9 Fire and Ice

Cloud 9 Fire and Ice Emoticons used: Mcgun Squirtheh gclava Total price: 0.
26$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/ztKe5p7W Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: DISARM Strengomo CODE:https://pastebin.
com/dExnLsGd Other combination: Ccoin CODE:https://pastebin.
com/EALfg8qw Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Emoticons used: Bittripvoid Mcgun gclava CODE:https://pastebin.
com/awKXn1vd Cinque Terre


Envyus, emoticons used: evsmface James BorealisEarth Litteras Mech Total price is: 0.
26$ CODE: https://pastebin.
com/iJvLyF4K Second combination Emoticons used: HOLD EE Total price is 0.
28$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/cipHY0pc Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Faze Clan artwork.
Emoticons used: Bittripvoid tech3001 Gclava Mcgun Happy Total price 0.
35$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/YRvD0T3f Other combination: Reusapple Mcgun Fast travel PacificSkiesSquadLeader Strengomo CODE:https://pastebin.
com/wGUFceGq Other combination: CCoin Orb Mcgun Fast travel CODE: https://pastebin.
com/JQ2kU6Wt Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


Fnatic emoticon art.
Emoticons used: Pros Eldust.
Total cost of emoticons 0.
10$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/yXJXLJjW Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: Mcgun Ccoin Bittripvoid CODE:https://pastebin.
com/9SRv1cMh Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: BL1 2015coal :D Skull CODE:https://pastebin.
com/y9LiF7d8 Original creator freeza2k Cinque Terre


You can choose between 2 combinations.
Emoticons used: Fphat Red Skully Reusapple Disarm CODE:https://pastebin.
com/tJ5tFcA0 CODE 2:https://pastebin.
com/Yktxib1V Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Ibuypower logo.
Emoticons used: DISARM Red Skully Reusapple CODE:https://pastebin.
com/RyPpcYrF Other combination CODE:https://pastebin.
com/u079v4fY Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Emoticons used: Mcgun cc3dscreamer CODE:https://pastebin.
com/z1pRebwL Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: ATEM Shieldyourass SFMoon Emplanet CODE:https://pastebin.
com/DmHj0x96 Created by abucketofsloths Cinque Terre


You can use any other red emoticons, for the background I recommend black or white emoticon.
Emoticons used: Dgrasp Dark Knight Total price is 0.
15$ CODE: https://pastebin.
com/qC22xskx Other combination: DISARM Reusapple Total price 0.
10$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/ZdAHbsbk Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Emoticons used: HOLD M_planet Hex CODE:https://pastebin.
com/VVQ9kUPQ Created by abucketofsloths Cinque Terre

Ninjas in Pajamas

Emoticons used: Wcube BCube CODE:https://pastebin.
com/KLcWNTkM Created by _teruel Cinque Terre


North, emoticons used: litteras evsmface Total price is 0.
06$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/yknceeSs Cinque Terre

Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming, 3 emoticons used: Fphat Swapper DOOR Total price is 0.
62$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/2z6VqGPS Cinque Terre

QB Fire

Quantom Belltaro Fire Emoticons used: DISARM Angry gomo Total price 0.
06$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/inZ9dKrJ Cinque Terre


Space Soldiers

Space Soldiers, the team was also at CS:GO Eleague Major.
Emoticons used: Pros eldust Pg_smile evsmface CODE: https://pastebin.
com/hDScnLQX Cinque Terre


Sprout, the team was on Eleague Major 2018 Emoticons used: Fphat CashDollar CODE:https://pastebin.
com/Jy827DMS Other combination Emoticons used: Swapper Orb Mcgun CODE:https://pastebin.
com/hv0tAAFx Cinque TerreCinque Terre


You can choose between light/dark theme.
Emoticons used: evsmface Pg_smile Pros CODE LIGHT THEME: Smaller size: https://pastebin.
com/jnv4xzsA Bigger size: https://pastebin.
com/h4CpyQyE CODE FOR DARK THEME: https://pastebin.
com/h4CpyQyE Big size was made by Kumi Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Team LDLC Blue

Team LDLC has also won 2014 CSGO Major and it was also a victim of "olofboost".
Emoticons used: Fphat Sadleon Total price is 0.
15$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/JA9YEP49 Cinque Terre

Team Liquid

Team Liquid, emoticons used: Gmod Evsmface Total price is 0.
09$ CODE:https://pastebin.
com/21Gmp9se Cinque Terre

Tempo Storm

Emoticons used: Dead Planet Bluejelly CODE:https://pastebin.
com/PWtJtL9s Created by abucketofsloths Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: Golden mcgun XX CODE:https://pastebin.
com/3JvgHF96 Cinque Terre


Emoticons used: ATEM Flashback CODE:https://pastebin.
com/ymfUXHPS Created by abucketofsloths Cinque Terre

Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro.
I tried my best.
Emoticons used: Mcgun HOLD 3079Crazy EE CODE:https://pastebin.
com/qd1Ye7py Other combination: Alichdom KICK Starus CODE:https://pastebin.