[CS:GO] Optimal Settings

Published 12.02.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 372


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Reccomended Settings

If you don't care about what each setting does and just want the most optimal settings here: Cinque Terre


Resolution is really a personal preference however there are a few things to mind: • 4:3 Aspect Ratio cuts your FOV (Field of View) to 73 degrees even if streched where as 16:9 & 16:10 are 90 degrees.
• Lowering your aspect ratio/resolution will give you MORE FPS • Changing your aspect ratio/resolution from your current one will change your sensitivity [Lower Resolution = Higher Sensitivity ; Higher Resolution = Lower Sensitivity] My Reccomendation: If you're stuck deciding what you are most comfortable with just go with your monitors native resolution and aspect ratio unless this impacts your FPS.
My monitor is 16:10, 1680x1050 and that's the resolution I play on.
Cinque Terre

Global Shadow Quality

The shadow quality mainly effects the shadows of buildings, other objects around the map and the distance that you see the shadows from.
• Higher shadow quality = More object shadows, detailed player shadows • Lower shadow quality = Less object shadows, pixilated player shadows My Reccomendation: Medium, it allows only the nessecary object shadows which can be useful for lining up smokes and has good-looking player model shadows that can be seen from a distance.
Cinque Terre

Model / Texture Detail

This barely makes a visual change in game nor impacts the FPS and just makes your game look a bit nicer.
Infact it makes plants less blurry and easier to see through.
Reccomendation: High Cinque Terre

Effect Detail

This effects the edges of smoke grenades, smoke of the incendiaries and particles of a HE grenade.
• Higher Effect Detail = More effects, smoke and particles • Lower Effect Detail = Less effects, smoke and particles My Reccomendation: Low, this way you can see through smokes, incendiaries and grenade particles easier.
Cinque Terre

Shader Detail

This creates weather on some maps such as snow or rain.
There is also more major differences which I will cover • High Shader Detail = Weather, opaque water, blurry • Low Shader Detail = No weather, Clear water, not blurry My Reccomendation: Very Low, this way there is no weather bothering your vision and the screen is alot less blurry.
This prevents anything distracting in your vision.
Cinque Terre

Multicore Rendering

Having this enabled uses all the cores in your CPU My Reccomendation: If your CPU is powerful and has more than 2 cores then enable this.

Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode

This just gives models and textures a finer or pixelated edge.
My Reccomendation: Choose whatever according to your PC specs.
If you're getting poor framerate turn it down, if you can handle it higher turn it up higher.
Cinque Terre

Texture Filtering Mode

This also makes textures a finer look or blurs it.
My Reccomendation: Trilinear, this way enemy models stand out and don't blend in the background.

FXAA Anti-Aliasing

This "smoothens" edges of objects and textures but really it just blurs it.
My Reccomendation: Disabled, this way enemies stand out and your game has a finer look.

Wait for Vertical Sync

This pre-renders frames and basically has a delay in showing you the frames • Disabled = Live action • Enabled = Delayed Frames My Reccomendation: Disabled

Motion Blur

This blurs your screen if you move your mouse left/right/up/down • On = Blurs screen while moving • Off = Vision is still while moving My Reccomendation: Off, this only blurs your vision and gets in the way of seeing things when you move.