CS:GO Learning the Basics | Guide for Beginners

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Recoil Master

com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419404847 Stand in the middle with any weapon and practice spraying and landing every bullet within the circle- Follow the green dot (if you are using a weapon with a ghost crosshair) with your crosshair and all your shots should land relatively in the middle-


com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=213240871&searchtext= Change "Amount" to 100 Change delay to 0.
25 Change static tar.
duration to 0.
50 This may seem a tad bit fast at first but you should be able to get the hang of it.
If not you can raise the static tar.
duration to 0.
75 Shoot or knife whichever gun you want on the wall then go to level 2 (shoot it in the middle -1,2,3,4-) and then press start right next to it Try to keep your crosshair on the middle of the board until a target spawn.
shoot the target and move your crosshair back to the middle then when the next target spawns flick to it and repeat

Aim Botz

com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243702660 Pick terrorist side Press the "FIX/ADD BOTS" on the left side of the panel Proceed to pick up a gun and destroy heads You can make the bots move if you want but it makes it harder (good practice for tracking heads)

Map Call-outs

com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=157442340 #learn'em On a real note though, a good way to learn a map is to just simply run and jump around the map and kind of get a feel for it.
To easily do this you need to open counter strike and in the top right click options -> game settings -> forth option is "enable developer console".
change it to a yes instead of no.
After that, press your "`" which is above the tab key.
It comes up with a window and now you are going to type in a specific command to load up a specific map: "map de_dust2" "map de_train" "map de_mirage" "map de_inferno" "map de_cobblestone" "map de_overpass" "map de_cache"Now you may be thinking, "damn these pesky bots are getting in the way" Well there is a command for that ;) "bot_kick" will boot the pesky bots right out of the game And "mp_roundtime_defuse 60" will give you 60 minutes to run around.
Just do mp_restartgame 1 to make the command take effect.
In addition to all this if you use type, bind "key" noclip ,in the console you will be able to fly around the map.
its much faster than running.

From Silver To Eagle: Improving Your Game

com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=302540252 Really good guide, read it if you can.

How to Deathmatch

Deathmatching is the key to getting better at this game You learn angles, get better with your sensitivity, crosshair placement, how to hit heads in a more intense situation.
Here are some deathmatch servers that i prefer and think are decent to spend a good half hour to an hour on 72.
76:27015 (TheFragShack.
com) 74.
129:27015 (TheFragShack.
com) 74.
120:27015 (TheFragShack.
com) 23.
136:27015 (Netcodeguides.
251:27015 (smuT) 23.
18:27016 (Netcodeguides.
18:27016 (Netcodeguides.

Useful videos for various areas of counter-strike

Counter Strafing/movement

Counter strafing is an incredibly important mechanic to understand but its somewhat difficult to grasp when you are a beginner to playing Counter Strike : Global Offensive Also, its personal preference but i would suggest trying out some KZ servers (KZ = Kreedz Mod) to improve your movement and get used to your sensitivity Here are some KZ servers i like to hang out in: 64.
124:27015 (Alliedgamers.
net) 198.
49:27015 (House Of Climb #1) 198.
50:27015 (House of Climb #2) 198.
51:27015 (House of Climb)

Basic Nades


crashz' Crosshair Generator v2

com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=308490450 Use this to make a crosshair that you are comfortable with.
Just mess around with it and figure out what you think looks best Its always nice to have a pretty crosshair

AdreN_TV videos (pro csgo player content)

Crosshair placement AK guide #1 AK Guide #2 Crosshair Guide Finding your sensitivity Mastering and working the same spot Climbing Ladders Fast

Tips to make your experience smoother if you're unfamiliar with cs:go

FOR ANYTHING WITH "http://steamcommunity.
com" you need to go to the link, login, and click +subscribe.
Once you have done that you can close the webpage(or read the description, may be helpful).
Go into counter strike Global Offensive -> click play -> play "offline with bots" -> change "common" to "Workshop" and the map should be select-able from all workshop maps you have subscribed to.
It's typically a nuisance to have to find maps in the "Browse Community Servers".
sooo Start by clicking "Play" -> Browse community servers -> Click on the "Favorites" tab at the top -> In the bottom right there should be a button that is labeled "Add a Server".
When you click it a window will open for you to type in an IP address (type in ones i linked above or if you can find others that are good).
After you have typed the IP address in click the button right next to the text box and it will add the server to your favorites.
The server will now be in the favorites tab at the top of the server browser window.


I did not make this guide, this is a re-post on the "guides" forum for cs:go to make it more accessible.
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