CS:GO Crosshair Guide

Published 25.02.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 507


Changing your crosshair can be very beneficial to your game and helping you to be accurate and improve.
This guide is about my opinion on the best CS:GO crosshair To change your crosshair in a more advanced way rather than using the settings in game is to use the developers console using the assigned button to open it.
The option for the developers console has to be switched on by going in to 'Game Settings' In Counter Strike Global Offensive.
To Change the crosshair you will need to use 'cl_' commands, this isn't too difficult.

Changing your crosshair

So now you have opened the developer console you are going to copy and paste a set of commands entered individually into the console.
My favorite crosshair to use is: cl_crosshairalpha "190" cl_crosshaircolor "5" cl_crosshaircolor_b "150" cl_crosshaircolor_r "150" cl_crosshaircolor_g "250" cl_crosshairdot "1" cl_crosshairgap "-4" cl_crosshairsize "4" cl_crosshairstyle "4" cl_crosshairusealpha "1" cl_crosshairthickness "1" cl_crosshair_drawoutline "1" cl_crosshair_outlinethickness "1" In my opinion this is the crosshair I do best with, it is small and makes it easy to hit the head with it.
I hated the default crosshair and struggled massively when I first started to play CS:GO.
I hope this crosshair will help improve your game, good luck! Cinque Terre

How to create your own crosshair

To create your own crosshair it's probably easiest to use this website.
Design a crosshair you like at: http://www.
com/csgocrosshair/ All rates, comments and favorites are appreciated