CS:GO Counter-Terrorist C4 Defuse Guide

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C4 Defuse Guide

Defusing the C4 is part of the objective for Counter-Terrorists on CS:GO 'de_maps'.
If the terrorists successfully plant the bomb, the Counter-Terrorists can win the round by defusing it, even without killing all of the terrorists.
Preventing the terrorists from planting the bomb is the ideal situation.
This can be done by properly holding the bomb sites.
Knowing the access points and lines of sight will greatly increase your chances of holding the site.
Smoke can be used on the outside of the bombsite at their entry to help hide your location in the site and slow down their rush.
( they only have 2 minutes to plant in competition ) but throwing a smoke grenade in that location before knowing if any terrorists are even there is a waste.
you will need it later on to help defuse if they went to the other bombsite.
I have seen many CTs throw smoke right out of spawn to help get to a bombsite to defend it.
( dust2 for example, smoking double doors ) but it only takes one smoke grenade there which you can throw from spawn, and purchase another one right away.
The Basics of Defending & Defusing are: get to a bombsite and chose a defensive spot ( 2 to 3 CTs per site ) possibly smoke outside the site at their entry point killing them as they enter if planted at the other site, use smoke to cover their lines of sight clear the bomb site defuse the bomb with a defuse kit or let someone who has one defuse it 'Camping' a bomb site as a CT will increase your teams chances of winning the round.
Don't worry about being called a 'camper noob' etc they are just upset and venting how they can.
'Camping' or defending is your job as CT.
When I say camp.
I don't mean just sit and hide while your team mates are getting slaughtered !! I mean stay in your area and help defend the site!!!

Defensive Maps & Notes

You can use the following maps as a guideline on where to camp on bomb sites.
Remember each situation may be a little different and may not work every time ! The Key is to take positions where you have cover and lines of sight to more than one entry point.
2 to 3 counter-terrorists can normally cover all entry points into a bombsite.
Try NOT to take a position in the center of 2 entry points without having your back covered by a team member.
( 180 degree cover is difficult, always try to keep your cover field of view to 90 degrees or less ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_dust2 Each bombsite has 3 possible points of entry.
With a decent sniper or rifleman covering the double doors in 'mid', bombsite B will only have 1 point of entry ( tunnels ) and bombsite A will have 2 points of entry to watch ( long A and catwalk ).
If the team mate cover mid dies, the remaining CTs at the sites should then make sure to cover the extra entry points.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_train de_train can be a difficult map in which to cover the sites.
Each site has many points of entry with the possibility of being flanked pretty easily.
With a decent sniper or rifleman covering both Back Tunnel to site A & Back upper of site B, it greatly reduces flanking abilities of the terrorists and limiting their entry points.
However, doing this greatly opens up ladder access to site A with a possible flank to site B.
Make sure you have the ladder room covered ( from site A ) and if the team member dies, the other CTs will need to know they have to watch additional entry points.
Rotating for the CTs on this map is short and quick.
So if help is needed, or the bomb has been planted on the other site, using ladder, connector or CT spawn can get you their quickly.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_cbble The upgraded Cobblestone added an extra point of entry for the terrorists on bombsite B.
A couple of decent snipers at the back of bombsite B will have great view of all 3 entry points and should be able to hold the site.
Adding a rifleman or SMGist to protect the sniper(s) can also help in the times of a 'hard' rush into the site.
Bombsite A can easier be defended by pushing into 'mid' a little camping up on the catwalk.
This will give you great lines of site to their spawn exit as well as cut off their flank from the patio.
A decent sniper up in the Sniper's Nest can generally cover the courtyard or any attempt to enter on the catwalk.
Having 1 or 2 CTs camp bomsite A is not a bad idea also incase a terrorist slips by or your snipers near mid have been killed.
These CTs can usually defend the site of incoming terrorists who are generally hurt from the courtyard defense.
Theses CTs can also protect the connector if any terrorists went 'tunnel to A'.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_cache de_cache can be a difficult site in which to defend the bombsites.
Many defensive positions allow you to be susceptible to flanking or don't allow for many point of entry lines of sight.
Relying on teammates to cover your blind spots will be very helpful.
Each site has 4 points of entry, but with decent snipers and riflemen covering 'mid', it drops bombsite A entry points to 2 and bombsite B entry points to only 1 !! Keeping 2 CTs in mid may be hard to do though because that means you are leaving 1 of the sites with only 1 CT.
However rotating and covering bombsite A from mid is very fast.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_mirage Having a decent sniper in the Sniper's Nest along with a good rifleman cover mid, will leave bombsite A with 2 entry points and bombsite B with 1 entry point.
Rotating from the Sniper's nest to help at either site takes under 5 seconds.
Narrowing down the number of entry points to each site makes it easier for your teammates to cover and hold the site.
If however, the terrorists eliminate the CT's guarding mid, the remaining CTs must realize this and adjust their cover accordingly.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_aztec With the changes made to de_aztec in CS:GO ( connector added ) having 3 CTs guard mid may not be a bad idea.
They can cover both sites from this location as well as cut off any flanking the terrorists may try.
They can also get to either bombsite quickly and it gives more coverage per site.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_nuke The defensive positions on de_nuke tend to be more of a cross site coverage.
That is, many camping positions will protect or cut off entries to both sites.
Being very spread out will hurt the CTs their ability to teammates and allow the terrorists to have a couple of X vs 1 confrontations.
Remember, as CTs, do not initiate the combat, try to allow the Ts to come into your field of view and not be the one moving into theirs.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_dust With a secondary entrance into bombsite A added, the terrorists have a little more options.
Placing a sniper and/or a rifleman up in Sniper's Nest, you will cut off the Added entrance into site A as well as have good coverage on 1 of the entrances into bombsite B, leaving site A easily covered by a CT or two.
Bombsite B then can also cover tunnels pretty easily from the back of the bombsite with another sniper and rifleman.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- de_inferno Being able to hold 'banana' as a CT not only prevents them from quick planting B site, but also gives your teammates at Bombsite A, 2 less point of entries to watch.
Sniping mid will help slow the rush through the middle to site A and possibly kill a few terrorists going up banana.
If either site is lost however, the terrorists do have a flank advantage and can either plant at the site they took, or rotate to the other site as you rotate the other way.
holding your ground is vital in inferno, let them come to you, or wait until the bomb is planted.
they only have 2 minutes to take control of a site and plant ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( MORE COMING SOON !!!! ) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Clearing & Defusing

Ideally, you want to prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb.
In cases where they successfully planted, you will need to clear the site and defuse the bomb.
Defuse kits greatly reduce your defusing time from 10 seconds without a kit, to 5 seconds with a kit.
It is good practice to buy a defuse kit when playing a CT.
Many experienced teams will only purchase 1 or 2 kits, knowing that if their team mate dies, they will pick up the kit.
( I have also seen a CT start a defuse without a kit, when there was only about 8 seconds left till explosion, while their team mate right next to them had a kit.
) In my own opinion, Defuse Kits should be droppable, just like the C4 Bomb.
but thats not my call to make !! Most players don't just rush into a bombsite where the bomb is planted without clearing the site first.
( but I have seen some just run in with their knife out and try to head straight for the bomb.
) When entering into a possible hostile bombsite where the bomb is planted, always 'clear' the site first.
( check all hiding spots, doorways etc ) this will help you live while you defuse the bomb.
time is a factor though, don't spend all your time checking every nook and cranny 3 calls over.
the bomb will end up going off.
If the terrorists are smart, or read my 'C4 Planting Guide', they will have many angles in which to kill you as you are defusing.
Cutting off their line of site to the bomb using smoke grenades can give you the extra second or two to complete the defuse.
although you may die after the defuse, the objective is to win the round.
Another trick to get the terrorists to show themselves is to 'fake' defuse.
Faking a defuse is starting a defuse but immediately stopping and aiming at the point in which you think they will come from.
Many terrorists will show themselves in this situation and you may be able to kill them and then proceed with the defuse.
Experienced terrorists know this little trick and tend to wait 3 to 4 seconds before 'peeking', they will try to play a cat and mouse game with you to eat up precious time.
If you have smoke grenades and another CT member alive, it will be much easier to defuse the bomb.
Survey the planted bomb and all possible 'lines of sight'.
Throw smoke in an area that will cut off as many lines of site as possible.
While one CT is defusing, the other can watch the un-smoked lines of site.
in this situation, a fake defuse may do you more harm then good.
if the terrorists waits the 3 to 4 seconds then peeks, your teammate can hold him off for the last 1 to 2 seconds.
( assuming you have a defuse kit.
which you should !!! ) To actually defuse the bomb, target the bomb in/near your crosshairs and press AND hold your 'Use' key.
Deactivating the bomb takes 10 seconds without a kit and 5 seconds with a kit.
Make sure you hold down your 'Use' key until the bomb is defused, otherwise you will have to start over.

Smoke Maps

Here are some pictures of possible areas to smoke to help remove some of the terrorist's lines of sight to the planted bomb.
You can use the following maps as a guideline on where to throw the smoke grenades.
Remember each situation may be a little different and may not work every time ( more maps / locations will updated regularly !! ) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

'Ninja' Defusing Strategies

'Ninja Defusing' a bomb in CS:GO can be fun and rewarding !! Basically, Ninja Defusing is defusing the bomb without the terrorists realizing you are doing so.
This can be accomplished a couple of different ways.
being stealthy and sneaking into the planted bombsite and defusing hiding in the site while the enemy plants and defuse as they rush to get to their camping/defending spots Diversions such as smoke or a teammate keeping them busy helps the Ninja defuse unnoticed.
Many teammates get upset with Ninja defusers because as they are getting slaughtered, you remain hiding, not helping your teammates kill the terrorists.
the anger soon subsides if you successfully pull off the 'Ninja Defuse'! I would only expect ninja defuses to work once in awhile ( maybe 10% of the time ) Once they figure out your hiding spot, it will get harder.
When attempting to do a Ninja Defuse, ALWAYS have a defuse kit !!! A 5 second defuse is a lot easier to pull off tahn a 10 second defuse when enemies are near! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Examples of Ninja Defusing Step 1 - Hide while the terrorist is planting, do not attack or do not let them see you ! Step 2 - Throw smoke where the bomb is planted, try to time it so the smoke goes off right as the planting completes Step 3 - Run into the smoke and begin defusing, throwing flashes if needed to blind the enemy, even if you blind your self, its not a big deal, you can face the ground holding your 'Use' key and you will defuse when you are near the bomb.
Step 4 - Attempt to kill as many of the reamaining Ts as possible to add to their humiliation ! Step 5 - Sit back and enjoy rants and raves from both enemies and teammates alike !! :) ( MORE INFO/PICS COMING SOON !!!! ) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


of course.
each situation has a lot of variables and will be different, like is it 1v4? 1v1? What weapon do you have vs what they have? Do you have any grenades left? How much HP do you have vs them? etc etc .
but this should be a good start and a guidline to go off of and learn from ! :)

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