CSGO Commend System

Published 26.04.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 41

What is the Commend System?

Hello there, before starting we need to learn what is the "Commend System" inside the game CS:GO.
Ok, so, the "Commend System" was implanted by Valve to help you to recognize when your teammate or enemy is a really good or a friendly player (and in the most of cases, a legit player).
The system works this way: You can commend 3 players per day, and only once to a single player.
Your commendation will be shown up on the player's profile to everyone who's on his match or friendlist.
Concluding: If a player on your match has a lot of commendations probably he is a good and legit player.
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How to Commend a player

So, to commend a player, follow the steps: First of all you need to Press teh "TAB" button: Then Left-Click with your mouse on the player's nickname: And now you will need to select the "Commend Option": It will show you this box with the following options, so you select what kind of commend you want to give and "Submit": Important:: You can give the 3 types of commend if you want so, you don't need to choose only one.
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And, it's done

If you followed the steps, you've commended your teammate :D Also remember: You should not ask for commendations, you'll get it if you deserve it <3

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