CS:GO Advanced Surf Guide

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This guide is a remake of the CS:S Advanced Surf Guide that can be found here: http://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144073931 Special thanks to: BReeZ Mausi Buubl Welcome to the guide!Ever gone onto a surf server and wondered why people are flying over the place? Maybe you asked for help and got an answer along the lines of "Learn on your own.
" or "d/\a" or "Go ♥♥♥♥ yourself.
" While all three of these answers are useful in their own way, you need some more assistance.
Maybe you're even someone who's nailed the basics of surfing but just needs a way to improve their play! Either way.
You've come to the right place.
About Me: I have been surfing since 2012.
I occasionally skillsurf/tricksurf, but I am a combat surfer at heart.
I love surfing and don't plan to stop anytime soon! Enjoy! :D


Before you start surfing there are some small tweaks you need to make.
Most of you are probably aware of these settings, but just to be sure I will show them below, so that everyone can follow.
Keep note that these are all optional, and you by no means have to use them all, or even any of them! ConsoleEnable your developer console through Options/Game Settings/Enable Developer Console BunnyhoppingSet your mousewheel scrolling as your default method of jumping.
For example, you can type in console: bind MWHEELUP +jump and/or bind MWHEELDOWN +jump Turn bindsOpen console and type: bind key "+right" and/or bind key "+left" Substitute "key" for a key of your preference.
Popular choices include MOUSE4/MOUSE5, Q/E, C/V, Control/Space.
The list goes on.
Strafe bindsAdvanced surfers only! Open console and type: bind key +strafe HSW BindsHalf sideways binds involve using aliases to bind keys to certain half sideways angles.
They are useful for tricksurf/skillsurf but not recommended for combat surf.
Video optionsUnder Video options I would highly recommend that you turn Motion Blur, VSync, and any other cancerous options OFF.
My Setup (may change): Duck = Control, MWHEELUP Jump = MWHEELDOWN Voice = V Chat = T Use = E Strafe = Q bind MOUSE4 +right bind MOUSE5 +left I personally have a low sens by combat surf standards, I don't recommend you using this unless you feel comfortable with it.
500dpi 500Hz In-Game: 2.
6 Raw Input *ON*, Acceleration *OFF*!

Surf Types

When joining a surf server it is important that you know the different types of surf before you aim to improve because there are many different skill sets required.
There are not many players who can master all of these three styles, so choose after experiencing them all.
Timer SurfTimer Surf is meant for players who want to prove themselves to be very adapt and good at a wide variety of maps.
These types of maps can either be extremely easy, or incredibly difficult.
Usually these maps are timed and the fastest time wins.
The timer surf maps are divided into tiers.
1 being the easiest, and 6 being the hardest.
Common Timer Surf Maps surf_aircontrol surf_kitsune surf_utopia surf_mesa surf_kitsune2 surf_lt_omnific surf_sinsane Here is a great timer surf tutorial on YouTube Combat SurfCombat Surf was the most common surf style in CS:S.
It is where I personally would recommend starting off because the element of shooting is still a part of the game so you don't have to fully rely on your skills as a surfer.
There are many amazing surfers out there which are to be named, most of whom started out as a combat surfer.
There are lots of great combat surfers out there and the scene gets very competitive.
Anyway combat surf = fun.
Common Combat Surf Maps surf_greatriver_xdre4m surf_buck-wild surf_bigloop surf_ski surf_banocanyon surf_10x_reloaded Trick SurfTrick surf is freestyle surf on some of the major combat maps: it includes surfing from one place to the other following a 'trick description' in order to complete that given trick.
This is probably the most fun way to start off because you can do everything at your own pace and you can choose what map/trick you want to work on.
Common Tricksurf Maps: surf_greatriver_xdre4m surf_skyworld surf_japan_ptad surf_machine_remix

Surf Basics

When playing on a surf map it is important that you forget everything you've learned about de_ maps and all other game types! When entering a surf map, everything is about speed and how you handle each situation on the surf ramp.
But before you get way too confused about this, let's talk about the basics.
You surf by pushing the side of your player's body onto the surf ramp.
Depending on which side you are pushing, you will be hit the opposite key.
In short, when on the right side of the ramp press A and when on the left side D.
Here is a picture! Now, it's not enough to just smash the buttons on the keyboard in hopes of you getting somewhere.
You will also have to use your mouse.
So before you panic when on the surf ramp, focus on ONE thing, to get forward.
Hold your hand calmly and SLOWLY train yourself by guiding your hand in circles, like in a figure 8.
It is important that you try not to focus too much on everyone around you but more on the surf you are doing.
Relax and take your time, you have to keep pushing yourself and experiment with different ways that suit YOU.
Now I don’t want all this to sound like a health lecture for tweens, but trust me.
Give it time.
Lets move on! Cinque Terre

Surf Speed

If this is your first time, you might be thinking, "How the hell am I supposed to be good at this?".
The most common question I get from new surfers is "How do I pick up speed?".
Well to be honest, everything is about training and how you handle it; think about it like this: The better you make your curves, the faster and higher you will go.
Here is another picture.
(This picture is only a good example of how to get high up in the air!) The reason this works is friction.
The way air acceleration works together with the gravity is not anything that makes too much sense, but instead of thinking of it like a sling, you should be focusing on getting as much speed as possible AND THEN going for the flick.
Don't prepare yourself halfway through the ramp - do it right before the end to get maximum height.
Another thing to keep in mind, is where you position yourself on the surf ramp.
When aiming for an object you need to relax.
Don't focus too much on your goal, just stay focused on your movement on the ramp.
Aiming directly will come later.
Anyway, when aiming for an object it is important you place yourself on the opposite side of the object! Here's why.
ExampleLets say you want to hit an object that is in the far distance and you want to obtain the most speed possible in order to get there.
You’ll probably think, "Oy that’s no problem, I’ll just position myself on the side of the surf ramp that brushes closest up against the object so the distance will be shorter!" In this case you are WRONG! You have to focus on the acceleration and altitude.
Instead of leaning yourself towards the object, try to focus on the right FLICK! Now instead of me jabbering too much, why not another picture? Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Bunnyhopping is probably one of the most important things to control in surf.
If you master this, you will master your strafing.
What is bunnyhopping?The term is most used in first-person shooters to refer to act ofjumping while holding a movement key to move faster (especially when going down a slope) and/or to evade attacks more effectively.
Many surf servers provide "autohop" so that you can simply hold space to hop and keep your momentum more easily.
Regardless, it helps you learn to strafe! This is not provided on every server, though, and many pros are against this! For your own sake, don't use it! Instead.
Bind either mousewheel up or mousewheel down to your JUMP command.
You can configure that under your settings – keybindings – movement and control options.
Here is a great tutorial on bhopping

Surf Angles

Here is a video (credit to BreeZ + xinny) demonstrating surf angles.
The video is made in CS:S but for this kind of demonstration really nothing has changed.
Watch up!


Yep, this guide also includes strafing.
Strafing is probably one of the hardest things to master in surf.
Even as an experienced surfer myself I haven’t mastered this way of gaining speed.
In short, strafing is a way of gaining, controlling, and maintaining speed.
It’s commonly used when jumping, but it can also be used while airborne.
There are many ways of doing this, and I won’t recommend that you try this out unless you know what the heck you are doing! Still go for it.
The most common way, which is also one of the hardest ways, is to do it manually.
You do this by hitting A and D rapidly while swinging your mouse to the "rhythm".
There are also other ways of doing this.
One of which is by using turn binds.
Turn binds are NOT any sort of scripts; scripts are something you use outside the game to manipulate the game.
This is simply just changing the key binds to another action, a feature included in the game itself.
Go to your console .
If you still don’t know how to open console or activate it, i will now go through a guide of how to….
!”#€%&/ GO GOOGLE IT! Now, type this stuff.
bind key +left bind key +right Key = the keyboard button assigned.
You can also enable these in the bottom of your key binding options under settings.
There are a few different ways of doing this.
Here are the most common.
#1 way is the most common.
bind q +left bind e +right You will have to change your "use" key to something else.
#2 is the simplest way.
(ONLY USABLE ON A MOUSE WITH EXTRA BUTTONS!) bind mouse5 +left bind mouse4 +right Cinque Terre

Ramp Strafing

Ramp strafing is a harder way of approaching a surf ramp, and is therefore also a technique that is hard to describe in words.
Ramp strafing is a way of maintaining more speed while surfing down a bumpy ramp.
If you do not ramp strafe you will slam into bumps and lose a great amount of speed.
This technique is commonly used in older surf maps, where the ramps are linked together poorly.
Ramp strafing is done by leaving the ramp right before a bump and then landing back on the ramp after the bump.
However, when you land back on the ramp you have to land smooth, so you don’t just slam into the ramp and lose an even greater amount of speed.
Cinque Terre


When playing combat surf it isn’t just enough to know how to surf.
You also need to be a good aimer.
The only way to learn how to aim is simply to practice, whether in regular games or in combat surf.
Most Common Weapons: Nova Shotgun AWP Sniper Knife USP/Glock

Thank You

Thanks for reading! I hope this guide helped you, or presented you with something you didn't previously know.
Again, huge props to: BreeZ Buubl Mausi for making this guide possible.
Cinque Terre