CS GO - Tips and Tricks you may or may not know

Published 11.02.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 64

Console Commands

Want to lower everyone's inbound volume? voice_scale .
00 (I use .
35, it keeps everyone quiet enough that if they yell it's not annoying) Want to change the size of your mini map? cl_radar_scale 0.
4 or less (I recommend 0.
095 for dust2, and higher for smaller maps) Want to increase the size of the map within your radar? cl_radar_always_centered 0 - This will use your entire radar circle instead of 1/3 - 2/3rds of it.
Want to stop the radar from rotating while you move? cl_radar_rotate 0 - Some people like this setting at 1, but I like a static map for locations.
Want to see your fps? packet loss? etc? net_graph 3 (To turn it on) net_graph 0 (To turn it off) Want to adjust your net_graph size? net_graphproportionalfont 0 This will make the net_graph information much smaller on your HUD.
How do I change my search ping? mm_dedicated_search_maxping

Things to know - About Your Spawn Point

Free Ammo? - Recent updates have changed this to 20s not 45s.
If you run back through your spawn before the buy time (45s in competitive, so 1minute 15 seconds left in the round) your guns will restock with more ammo.
This is great for the CZ or other low ammo guns.
This is also useful in situations where picking from the spawn is to your advantage.
I can still buy!? - Recent updates have changed this to 20s not 45s.
Just because you forgot to buy doesn't make it too late, unless you're more than half way across the map - and even sometimes if you are - it may be smart to take the hike back to spawn and buy some more.
nades, armor, etc.
The buy time in competitive as stated in 'Free Ammo?' is 45 seconds.
You can buy ammo right up to the 1:15 mark, but at 1:14 you're hooped and stuck with what you have.

Know the POWER of the Decoy

A decoy will mimic whatever you primary weapon is.
That means if you drop your main gun and throw a decoy then it will mimic a pistol.
This can be helpful in a lot of situations.
The double decoy sounds more like a real gun, use this powerful technique to keep enemies away, at bay, or even distracted.
Group decoys can be a powerful tool that will draw an entire enemy team away from one location and to another.
Your team can use this advantage to take over bombsites or hostage locations.
A decoy and a smoke.
The decoy in a popped smoke can be very confusing for an enemy.
You may notice they will run around the smoke looking for the invisible man.

Enemy Locations

Enemy locations pop up immediately on the map when your teammates spot them.
If your map is scaled properly you will be able to see exactly wherre they are as well.
Remember decoys can also show up on radar but they become static, look for dynamic red dots.


Your gun finishes reloading slightly before the reload animation ends.

Hostage Kits actually work!

They always have.
A hostage rescue kit will allow you to save a hostage in 1 second.
Now you can grab a hostage in 1 single second.
For the minor investment in the kit, you could quickly save a hostage during a gunfight and give your entire team money for the following round.

Do I need more armor?

If you get shot in the head.
You need to buy more armor.
If your armor drops below 50%.
You need to buy more armor.
If neither of the above conditions apply then you're fine.

Weapon Quality Does Not Change

Do not listen to rumors, the trolls, or the misinformed.
Any weapon in Counter Strike Global Offenses' inventory will never have a change in quality.
What does that mean? It means, a Factory new stays Factory new, Well-worn will stay Well-worn, for eternity.

Demo Commands and YouTube Videos

If you want to record a demo, the best console command to use is.
cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1 //This will show literally only the death notices, no hub information.
r_drawothermodels 2 // This will put your demo into a sick wireframe mode.
Put back to 1 or 0 to revert back.


If you want to change to a different gun that would slow down movement, for example the AWP.
Jump! Jumping and switching weapons will not decrease your movement speed.
Just be careful an enemy isn't close enough to hear your movement! Otherwise jumping will slow you down.
The max speed velocity is 300 in CS.
You can perform a few bunny hops before your speed is decreased.