CS GO for Beginners.

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Learning Mechanics and Other Stuff

You must Spend at least about 400-600Hours to perfectly understand how game mechanics actually work.
(If you adapt quickly its good) Learn to control Spray for commonly used weapons such as AK47/M4A4/M4A1-S/Famas/Krieg/AUG Learn how use movements for your advantage like strafing while shooting etc.
Learn how to land jumps on places where it is difficult to jump.
( I am not asking about harder ones but easier ones which hardly needs practice) Keep track on your FPS in-game and use weapons wisely if necessary.
Usually people with low fps are bad at rifles so they use Sub machine guns, you can try them.
Know which gun is best for you by practicing in Deathmatch/Arms Race/Casual/Community Servers.
Remember basic things which game tells you while on loading screen, these tips are actually worth it.
[There are more to this………….

To Remember

Do not reload when you have sufficient bullets.
Like 28/30, 22/30, etc until it's really required.
Reload weapons very consciously to avoid enemy listening to it which will reveal your position.
Jumping while shooting = Low Accuracy.
Crouching while shooting = High Accuracy.
Less Movements = High Accuracy.
(vice versa) If you strafe you become difficult target.
(vice versa) Avoid running behind teammate who is walking.
Avoid team flash.
Use radar often but not too often that you keep looking at it and someone shoots you down.
Use the Grenades, Flashes, Smokes which you purchase.
[There are more to this………….

Buy Pattern

Purchase Armor during 1st round in Competitive and avoid buying other pistols.
[If you are confident about other weapons then you can try them] Now 2nd Round depends upon if you have won the 1st round or not.
Considering if you have won: Use the weapon you are good at which also cheap.
Do not buy deagle, expecting you will 1 deag opponent.
Usually SMG’s are considered in these rounds so you can try them.
If you are good at scout then you can buy it but make sure there are not multiple scoped weapon in this round.
Considering if you have lost: You can do one eco.
You can buy only pistol which costs less.
(If t side, go for p250) If you buy scout, make sure your teammates buy armour + SMG/Pistol.
If you force buy this round you are risking 4th as well as 5th round.
In CT side you should avoid buying head armour if Terrorists are on FULL BUY.
In T side if you are good at rushing, USE AK47, with armour and 2 Flashes, 1 Smoke, 1 Grenade/Molotove.
In CT side when you are on full buy, Purchase the weapon you are best at and discuss with the team what they are purchasing.
Buying Grenades, Flashes, Smokes, Molo’s are up to you to decide.
(People usually buy these and don’t even use them at all) If you have economy around 2500-3700, Buy Pistol + Armour+grenade, nothing else.
If you are good at Scoped weapons buy scout when your teammate is low on economy and try to TAG as many opponent as you can, so they become easy targets to kill for your teammates.
Never forget to buy Defusal KIT if you have Enough economy left.
(sometimes in impossible situations they help you a lot) [There are more to this………….

Weapons to Master

Terrorist Side: 1) AK47 2) Krieg / SG553 3) Galil 4) Mac10 5) AWP Counter Terrorist Side:1) M4A4 2) M4A1-S 3) AUG 4) Famas 5) MP9 6) AWP Optional Weapons which can be considered: 1) Scout/SSG 2) UMP-45 3) P90 4) Negev Pistols to be considered: 1)P250 2)Deagle 3)USP 4)Glock Above Weapons are arranged in such order that they are usually considered effective by most Players.
[There are more to this………….

How to use Smokes/Flash

By now you must know that there are many ways you can use smokes and flashes for your advantage.
Learn Basic Smokes to help you get advantage over opponent.
Learn 1 Way Smokes.
Learn Pop Flash.
Learn how to flash if enemy is rushing without him getting flashed.
[There are more to this………….

How to avoid Griefing.

I have already published guide for this, I will provide link down.
Click Here.


Watch Pro Players highlights.
Subscribe to YouTuber's who upload csgo Stuff.
Whenever you play, make sure you are calm and are not in bad mood.
Don't Spam mic once you have given call.
Play the rank which you deserve.
(Basically don't Hack) Be Interactive with opponents and don't fight with them.
Don't add hackers to boost your rank.
CSGO Youtuber's which I prefer watching: NadeKing BananaGaming n0thing SynTV CS:GO & More! timeisbutawindow Sparkles TrilluXe 3kliksphilip TheWarOwl HOUNGOUNGAGNE MrTweeday

Workshop Maps for Practice:

Aim Botz - Training crashz' Crosshair Generator v3 Recoil Master - Spray Training crashz' Viewmodel Generator Config Generator ✮ crashz & Misterio FPS Benchmark Aim Course 2 [Thank You ROxOr for this section]