Bhop Commands and Binds Help

Published 17.03.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 36


Bhopping is a great way to master your movement in csgo.
It is proved to improve your play style, therefore, improving your rank.
After searching through related guides I found that many of them were missing a lot of commands.
So this guide is just to show all useful commands (of my knowledge) for bunny hopping in CS:GO

Basic Console Knowledge

To bind a command type in console: bind key “command” For example: bind t “buy ak47” If you want to have two commands activate at the same time with the same key.
You can use the semicolon key ( ; ) For Example: bind t “buy ak47; buy vesthelm”

Using the scroll wheel to bhop

It is very difficult to time pressing one key just as you jump people can do it with practice.
However, if you can spam a key fast enough then you will be able to hit a bhop almost every time.
Your scroll wheel can rapidly spam the command +jump Some people have different preferences to how they scroll to jump, some scroll down, some up and some both, take time to find what you feel comfortable.
Be in mind that if you use both you will have to use a different method of changing weapons.
To bind the scroll wheel type in console: bind mwheelup “+jump” and/or bind mwheeldown “+jump” By doing this method in the console rather than in the settings allows you to still be able to jump with the space bar.

Playing in an offline server

On the steam workshop, you can find thousands of maps to do with bhop, if you subscribe to them you can play them offline with bots.
However, all the settings will be the competitive default and not what you will see on community servers.
sv_cheats 1 Allows all commands to be controlled.
Achievements will be disabled sv_airaccelerate 1000 Allows you to strafe faster and gain more speed.
The higher the input the faster you can strafe.
12 is the default for competitive, 100 is kz climb, 1000 is bhop maps and 150 for surf.
sv_staminamax 0 When you bhop, it uses stamina when you run out of stamina you cannot jump as high 0 means unlimited for this command sv_staminarecoveryrate 0 How quickly you can jump the max height again after landing.
These two commands can be set to 0, or the next two commands can be set to 0, they don't all have to be 0.
sv_staminalandcost 0 Makes it so you take away 0 stamina when you land.
sv_staminajumpcost 0 Makes it so you take away 0 stamina when you jump.
sv_accelerate 6.
5 Increasing this value will decrease the time taken for you to get to your running speed.
This is useful for maneuvering around places crouched as it is very slow initially.
sv_autobunnyhopping 1 Allows you to hold down the spacebar (or your jump key) and perfectly hit your bhop.
This command alone will not allow you to get to speeds over 300 units even if the max speed is higher.
sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 Assists the previous command and disables the 300 units/s limit cl_showpos 1 This shows small text on your screen showing your position on the map the angle you are facing but most importantly your speed.
mp_maxrounds 999 Stops the map from restarting and reloading in, you can keep spawning after each round mp_autokick 0 If this is at 1 then the game will kick a player for dying too many times.
This is useful for minigame course maps.
mp_roundtime 60 The time before the round ends.
Without bomb going off or being defused mp_freezetime 0 The timer at the start where you cannot move mp_limitteams 30 Allows friends to join the offline server and join the same team with no one else on the other team.
bot_kick Kicks any bot on any team.
mp_restartgame 1 Restarts the map, no need to choose a team twice.
This helps to activate commands such as the round time.
noclip Allows the player to fly around similar to free fly in spectator mode.
Type command again to disable god GODMODE! Pretty much self-explanatory, no fall damage, no enemy damage.
useful for skill surf, kz climb, and bhop maps A good idea is to have all the commands that you think you may need in a bind.
Because I know personally it is a huge hassle to type everything and I always miss commands.
This is what I use: bind f3 "sv_cheats 1; sv_airaccelerate 1000; sv_staminamax 0; sv_staminarecoveryrate 0; sv_staminalandcost 0; sv_staminajumpcost 0; sv_autobunnyhopping 1; sv_enablebunnyhopping 1; mp_autokick 0; mp_freezetime 1; bot_kick; mp_restartgame 1" If you want to add more commands into it later on, type in console bind f3 (or the key you use) and it should show the commands, you then copy that and add the commands you want and rebind it to the same key.

Advanced commands

+left Moves the crosshair to the left at a constant speed, same thing as moving your mouse to the left with precision.
Useful for bhopping on the spot to gain speed or for low sensitivity player to be able to strafe faster.
+right Same as above but to the right +strafe AKA no angle bind.
Bind this key, and hold it down.
You will not be able to move your crosshair when holding it down, but if you are in the air for a long time or continuously bhopping, try moving your mouse in a circle on your mouse pad.
Your player will be going around in circles while still looking straight.
This is fun to show other people and get their reaction as 98% of them have never seen it before.
alias +LJ "-forward; +duck; +jump; +klook";alias -LJ "-duck; -jump; -klook";bind space +LJ Mainly used in kz mod for long jumping as it will auto crouch jump for you which can give you a few extra units in your jump


If you know any more useful commands comment below I would love to know! If anything is wrong I apologize, I'm not a developer expert this information is just gained from my experience.
Have fun bhopping!