Beautiful 4K Screenshot Taking

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General List of Sources (And Useful Stuff)

Because I'm not an ♥♥♥.
Probably the most comprehensive guide in terms of taking screenshots, I saw this in its entirity on a guide about taking 4K screenshots but they missed out the 4K part.
But whatever, here's a pretty good guide.
Here's an alright video, less detail but it'll get the job done.
A decent enough website that portrays what you need in 'enough' detail.
com] This is a pretty useful list on reddit displaying the best maps for screenshots

Screenshot examples

Disclaimer: These screenshots are not in 4K because damn I thought my GPU would probably get all sad about it.
Disclaimer 2: Mine look like crap, you can take much better than this.
God knows what I did for the above screenshot.
Something silly I did with mat_proxy and I thought it looked kind of cool but it was hard to see the knife in some areas.
The lighting was seriously broken.
Using screenshot map + my stupid autoexec doing some funky stuff Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Graphical Settings

So obviously to take the best screenshots you'll want to set most of the options to there absolute maximum value.
You'll also need to enable Motion Blur for the simple blurred effect you so often see in screenshots.
Other than that and shadows, just set everything to max, I see some people keep shadows at the lowest but if there's some crappy looking shadows in an area where you're trying to take a screenshot you might as well set that to max as well.
Originally posted by Our friendly neighbourhood reddit poster, it was the first link.
He puts it a lot better than me.
:You can increase shadow quality if the shadows in the background look weird, but it can make finding a spot to take your screenshots harder.
He also adds.
Note: For Fade knives it is highly recommended to take screenshots on both low shaders and high so buyers have a better idea on the fade percent.

Model Settings

viewmodel_fov 68 viewmodel_offset_x 3 viewmodel_offset_y 3 viewmodel_offset_z -3 Using these commands you can slightly adjust the gun model.
It might be worth fiddling around with.
Those are the values I use but you could try a whole range of different combinations.
viewmodel_fov "62.
5" viewmodel_offset_x "2" viewmodel_offset_y "2" viewmodel_offset_z "-2" It's best just to stick these in an autoexec and play around with them until your happy.
When I went to take this screenshot I had mat_proxy 1 all set up and accidentally executed my autoexec and this happened to the gloves, don't know what exactly caused it but it looks kinda funky.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Screenshot Maps

Realistically you just need to find a map and an area on that map where you like the lighting and how your knife looks in this light.
Our friend from reddit also shows examples of good and bad lighting.
com] And of course if you need a list of good maps you have the other reddit post from earlier, which you can find here if scrolling up is too hard :') I personally used Cache for my last set of screenshots, no real reason other than I like Cache.

Using an actual 'screenshot' map

They're maps that look nice for screenshots, and there are some build especially for it, check out crashz stuff - an example, they do some cool stuff, ie.
if you shoot the sky the background changes to something else.
there's some other maps like these, just have a lil' look round and you'll find them.
Cinque Terre

Setting Up

Load up your chosen map offline (with bots) then throw this in console: sv_cheats 1; bot_kick; mp_warmup_end; mp_freezetime 0; mp_roundtime 60; mp_roundtime_defuse 999; mp_roundtime_hostage 999; mp_buy_anywhere 1; mp_buytime 999; sv_infinite_ammo 2; mp_startmoney 16000; mp_restartgame 1; mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 1; cl_drawhud 0 What this will do is set your game up in a good screenshot taking environment by disabling the crosshair, removing bots, the timer (essentially), the buy zones (by allowing you to buy anywhere), etc.
It just sets you up to buy and screenshot guns.
You might want to remember to reenable you hud afterwards cl_drawhud 1 The keybind below is important for the blurred effect.
Violetly wiggle your mouse with motion blur enabled and then hit this key, the effect of the motion blur will remain in the background but your weapon will not be blurred, hence the blurred effect forcing the attention onto the knife - it looks cool m8.
bind key "mat_proxy 1" You can also use "host_timescale" to control how fast the server/game actually moves, 1 is the defualt value and is 'normal' time, anything less is essentially slow motion - I like to use .
1 to get exact screenshots but .
25 is fine, lower obviously allows for more accuacy as to what part of the animation you can snap a picture of (assuming you screenshot while examining, if not, this doesn't matter.
) You could also bind these to a key.
host_timescale x //For use in console, where x is a value bind key1 host_timescale 1 //Sets key1 to set host_timescale back to 1 bind key2 host_timescale .
5 //Sets key2 to set the game to half speed (.

Pressing F12

Once you've found a map, location, etc.
that you're happy with it's time to wiggle and hit that mat_proxy 1 bind and then hit F12 (or whatever your screenie key is, F12 is steam defualt.
) Here's one I made earlier.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

4K Screenshots

For Nvidia GPUs.
Originally posted by The guy from the guide.
:Originally posted by /u/the_only_luke:Quoting /u/the_only_luke Can be done in 5 easy steps STEP 1 Open Nvidia Control Panel STEP 2 Go to "Manage 3D Settings" STEP 3 Turn DSR Factors to "4.
00x (native resolution) & Apply STEP 4 Go to "Change Resolution" STEP 5 Select 3840x2160 & Apply The other option is GeDoSaTo.
com] Do/use either of these and then just go about taking your screenshot as usual.

'Dual Wielding' knivies

So you could something amazing with photoshop where you give your knife a glowing outline, lens flares from the sun, increased contrast/saturation or whatever.
Or you could be me.
I use paint.
Things you need: Two screenshots (left and right handed) A bind for swapping between left and right handed.
Or just manually change it Paint The command you'll need for binding is this, or you could have two binds - one for left and one for right handed.
But to keep things simple this command allows you to toggle between the two options instantly.
bind key "incrementvar cl_righthand 0 1 1" Take one screenie of your item of choice, swap hands and then take another screenie, do not move your mouse at all or the backgrounds won't match up properly and it will look awful.
Your screenies should look a little something like this.
Open the screenshot publishing menu and click 'show on disk', from here you can open your two screenshots in separate paint window.
Now just box select the knife in one image and copy (ctrl+c) and paste it into the other paint window, then move it around until the background matches up perfectly.
The end product will look something like this.
Or you could do some funky stuff on photoshop, but that's dumb :^) Or maybe it'll look like this.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


You're now The Global Elite of screenshot taking, which isn't even remotely impressive.
lyk this if u cri errytim :( This guide is David Cameron approved Cinque TerreCinque Terre