Bayonet Marble Fade - Fire & Ice Guide

Published 12.04.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 374


My reasoning for going through the effort to make this started with me searching for a Bayonet Fire&Ice a little over a Month ago and the first thing I noticed was how varying everyone’s opinions were on what was a true, what was a fake, what made a fake etc etc.
Before we get started I will let you know that I have inspected hundred's of Bayonet Fire and Ice Marble Fade’s and so I have seen A LOT of different pattern ID’s and have been able to what I feel; finally and accurately show all the different Patterns in decreasing order starting with the ‘412’ MAX Pattern all the way down to the Fakes.

Max Fake Pattern:

The max FAKE pattern is when a tiny bit of ‘yellow smudge’ (it actually looks more brown than yellow) creeps onto the face of the blade from the spine.
This can be seen in the inspect screenshots but only when you really zoom in, so be careful! To the uneducated the top Max Fake patterns could easily be passed off as a True Fire & Ice if only an Inspect screenshot is given.
The yellow is MUCH MORE noticeable when you actually get the knife in game.
Here is an in-game screenshot of the Max Fake Pattern and you can easily see what I mean by the yellow / brown smudge that is just seeping onto the edge of the blade from the spine.
Compared to a True Max where there is no yellow in sight: Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Minimum True Pattern:

The main determining factor on what makes a True F&I over a Fake is that the True CANNOT have any yellow bleeding onto the Play-side of the blade itself, it can however have yellow on the spine (this is already what is widely agreed upon amongst traders and is accurate).
Most of the True patterns do have Yellow on the spine which is fine and it’s not until you get to the top 3 or so Max patterns that the yellow seems to pretty much completely disappear off the spine.
You can refer to the previous side by side comparison images and it will show what a Minimum True is compared to the Maximum Fake.
An image I took from another guide on reddit showing the Orange Mark at the tip of the blade: Cinque Terre

Max Pattern – The all mighty ‘412’!!

As with the Karambit Fire and Ice marble fade’s, the Bayonet’s absolute MAX F&I pattern is the ones with the ‘412 Pattern Index’.
This is something that cannot be disputed and is widely known amongst traders already as being the Full Max Red Pattern and the Holy Grail of all Fire & Ice Marble Fades.
Below is an Inspect Screenshot of a 412 Max: Cinque Terre

The rest of the Fire & Ice Pattern Spectrum:

The rest of the patterns, each with decreasing amount of red can be categorized as 2nd Max, 3rd Max, 4th Max and so on, all the way down to the ‘Minimum True’.
Here is another .
gif I made of each pattern starting at the 412 and working down to the Max and 2nd Max Fake’s just to give a broad spectrum and make it as easy as possible for everyone to see how the Marble Fade Pattern shifts diagonally across the blade as it works it’s way down from Max to Fake.
I didn’t bother going any lower than the 2nd Max Fake because after that they become extremely obvious that they are Fakes and anyone with half a brain can tell.
GIF Of All the F&I Patterns[gph.
is] Here is the link to the imgur gallery so you can inspect each pattern individually and compare to your own knife if need be: Pictures of all the Different Pattern Ranks[imgur.
com] Below is a table of all the pattern ID’s along with their ‘rank’ that I've discovered in my searching of well over 100 different knives.
I have no doubt that there are other pattern’s out there but this is the list I've come up with so far.
Rank Pattern Number 1st (Max) 412 2nd 541,241,16,649,701,602,359,688,146,393 3rd 628,792,152,777,994,344,292,281,743,673 4th 780,48,923,126,908,129,874,787,332,918 5th 988,252,652,660,705,457,685,832,578,522,182,204,736 6th 873,112,761,982,452,471,773,444,230,621,631,356,340,876,607 7th (Min True) 702,213,243,32,58,949,770,233,8,803,732,728,108,867,683,454,405,614,795,653,826,274,14 8th (Max Fake) 461,406,655,178,854,5,966,696,539,971,188,202,378,337 I'm pretty confident in these rankings as the .
gif should quite convincingly show you.
This table basically means if you have a Pattern ID 777 it is a 3rd Max and will look identical to a 281 Pattern ID which is also a 3rd Max.

In Conclusion:

I really hope that this extensive guide clears up alot of the confusion I've been seeing with these knives on lately.
I also hope it doesn't♥♥♥♥♥♥anyone off as that is not my intention, I just didn't feel as though there was enough information and evidence on the Bayonet F&I’s out there that graphically showed all the different patterns.
This took me a long damn time to make so I hope at least some of you appreciate it and with a bit of luck from now on there will be a more clear cut reference for people to refer to when wanting to know where their Bayonet ranks compared to the others.
This should also help massively with the pricing of these knives as there should be a lot less 'guess work' now.