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In this guide you will be learning the basics about a few console commands needed to make buy binds As I said above, I don't own 100% of the contents in this guide, it's merely an updated version of what has already been created These binds are only basic binds, I may explain aliases in the future when I feel like it If anything should be included just comment below and I'll update the guide I've only demonstrated with numpad keys with this guide but the same concept can be applied to other keys

Making an autoexec.cfg

In order edit your binds easily and what not, you're going to create an autoexec, don't worry I'll teach you how to exec it later on in the guide.
When doing this part of the guide, just make the text document on the desktop for ease of access, you'll be moving it to a specific folder later on in the guide.
-Creating a new text document -Name the text document whatever you want, preferably autoexec (you're going to change it later on anyways).
-Open up the text document, locate to the top left.
Click File > Save As.
and then a window should appear on your screen.
Click the 'Save as type' drop down box and select 'All Files' Click the 'File name' box and replace that name with autoexec.
cfg You can go ahead and download Notepad++ or just use the default Notepad to edit in the config, up to you, just open it up with any text editors and leave it open for now, we'll be using it later on.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


Be sure to check the Keypads section because keys like 'Home' doesn't mean the actual 'Home' key but the '7' key.
Here is an example of a buy bind bind KP_5 "buy m4a1-s;ak47" bind 5 - The key you're going to be using to buy the weapons, which in this case is 5.
"buy m4a1-s;ak47" - The weapon you are going to buy when you hit 5.
Note: If you want to buy more than 1 weapon with 1 key then you're going to have to use the semicolon.
Example - "buy awp;buy defuser;buy deagle;buy vesthelm"


This is my personal buy binds that I use, you can choose to use it if you want or you can create your own that you can remember on the top of your head.
//BINDS bind KP_PLUS "buy defuser" bind KP_HOME "buy p250" bind KP_UPARROW "buy vest" bind KP_PGUP "buy vesthelm" bind KP_LEFTARROW "buy mp7" bind KP_5 "buy ak47;buy m4a1-s" bind KP_RIGHTARROW "buy awp" bind KP_END "buy flashbang" bind KP_DOWNARROW "buy hegrenade" bind KP_PGDN "buy smokegrenade" bind KP_DEL "buy famas;buy galil" bind KP_INS "buy deagle"

Weapon/Gear/Nade Names

The names at the left are the ones you're supposed to use for bindings, the ones on the right are just telling you what they are Pistols: glock - Glock 20 (T Only) hkp2000 - P2000 p250 - P250 elite - Dual Elites deagle - Desert Eagle/Deagle tec9 - Five Seven (CT Only) tec9 - Tec 9 (T Only) Sub-Machine Guns/PDW's: mp9 - MP9 (CT Only) mac10 - Mac 10 (T Only) mp7 - MP7 p90 - P90 bizon - PP-19 Bizon ump45 - UMP .
45 Shotguns: nova - Nova xm1014 - XM 1014 mag7 - MAG 7 (CT Only) sawedoff - Sawed Off (T Only) Machine Guns: negev - Negev m249 - M249 Rifles: sg008 - SG 008 Sniper/Scout awp - AWP Sniper ak47 - AK 47 (T Only) galilar - Galil (T Only) sg556 - SG 556 (T Only) g3sg1 - G3 SG1 (T Only) famas - Famas (CT Only) m4a1 - M4A4 (CT Only) m4a1-s - M4A1 Silenced (CT Only) aug - AUG (CT Only) scar20 - Scar 20 (CT Only) Grenades: hegrenade - Basic Grenade flashbang - Flashbang smokegrenade - Smoke Grenade decoy - Decoy Grenade molotov - Molotov (T Only) incgrenade - Incindiary Grenade (CT Only) Gears: defuser - Defuse Kit vest - Kevlar vesthelm - Kevlar+Helment

Numpad Key Names

Take note of these keys, it's important to know something like 'Home' doesn't mean the 'Home button but the '7' Use the ones on the left hand side before the dash KP_MULTIPLY - "*" KP_SUBTRACT/MINUS - "-" KP_PLUS - "+" KP_INS - 0 / Ins KP_DEL - ".
" / Del KP_END - 1 / End KP_DOWNARROW - 2 / Down Arrow KP_PGDN - 3 / Page Down KP_LEFTARROW - 4 / Left Arrow KP_5 - 5 (Centre Button) KP_RIGHTARROW - 6 / Right Arrow KP_HOME - 7 / Home KP_UPARROW - 8 / Up Arrow KP_PGUP - 9 / Page Up

Other Key Names

These work the same way the numpad ones do.
Letter Keys A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z Number Keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 Function Keys F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 Arrow Keys LEFTARROW RIGHTARROW UPARROW DOWNARROW Special Keys ENTER, SPACE, SHIFT, CTRL, PAUSE, ALT, BACKSPACE, TAB, CAPSLOCK Scroll/Navigation Keys INS, DEL, HOME, END, PGUP, PGDN Misc.
Keys , .
/ \ ; ' * [

Finishing Touches

If the launch options don't work try '+' instead of '-' So basically '+exec autoexec' If that doesn't work then open up your config.
cfg like you did to your autoexec.
cfg and add exec autoexec.
cfg (not sure if it works but worked for others) If that doesn't work either then type 'exec autoexec' in-game Now that you have read over the stuff you needed to you should have a basic understanding of how bind works and how to set it up yourself, for this example I'm just going to use my existing binds.
-Right click your autoexec.
cfg -Select 'Open With'.
-Choose your text editor program -Now you can set up your buy binds in there however you like.
Now you'll have to let the get execute it for it to work.
Go on to Steam.
- Right click CS:GO on your library - Properties - Set launch options.
When you're in that box type '-exec autoexec' Now just launch the game and then you'll be set, go in game and have fun! Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre