Automatic Animated Clantag NO WASD! The Real Way.

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This will be the result in doing this guide which wont switch by the old WASD Method, You can Of course chnage to whatever you want it to switch to, Just like wasd it can switch to different clantags.
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What You'll need.

- You will need to get steam groups and join them with the clan tag u want animated (will provide Gamesense which I made later.
) For example, Gamesense requires 1 Group Abbreviation that name is "Gamesense" and "amesense" then "mesense" etc for it to smoothly transition between each tag.
example and yes these will be public when this is out - Animated Clantag changer which the download is at the bottom.
- Hands, those are quite important for this, thought u could probably use your feet if u wanted.
- Patience, this can be a little tricky.
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Let's Begin

Download the File and unzip both files into a map on the desktop and open the "ANIMATEDCLANTAG" File and follow below.
So I'm gonna show how to get Animated "Gamesense" tag, But you can, of course, change this to anything you want, just remember to keep the order or the animation will be messed up.
Firstly you would want to get all the clan ids.
These are my ids for the gamesense groups and links to join them by click each of the links and join them.
These should be added to the program in the same order.
US TAG in FAQ] 34489794 <Gamesense 34484473 <amesense 34484491 <amesense 34484499 <mesense 34484504 <sense 34484509 <ense 34484540 <nse 34484552 <se 34484557 <eNow that you've got the ids open the program and right click "CLANTAG IDs" there should be an add button which you will click on and add the first id in (34484905) Like this Then add 34484473 and then follow the list and it will look like this.
finally lastly add clan id 0 so the animated text will disappear and reappear again.
and there will also be 2 more if you scroll to the side.
like this.
After that go to Configurations click on add and call it "Gamesense" Right click on the newly created Gamesense Config and click "SAVE" so every time you open the program u can click load the same config.
Should look like this Now that we have that done now a few final steps are ahead.
Click on "CSGO LOCATION" and paste in your csgo directory.
This will usually be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\" Look at the FAQ to get help knowing where your CSGO directory is.
NOTE: If u copy ur directory be sure to add a "\" at the end or it won't work!Now Start csgo and open up the console and type in " bind "p" "exec acttick" " Now go to any server and press F1 and it should work!! It should look something like this You can also press F2 to speed the animation up and F1 again to pause the script and F1 to resume again.
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Downloads, FAQ, Notes, Final Words.

CLANTAG Program[www.
com] FAQQ: Will i get VAC Banned for this? A: This is not reading / writing on the csgo memory so no you won't get vac, this is simply editing a .
cfg file and and is essentially just a script.
Tought, I'm NOT responsible if you somehow get a VAC.
But I havn't gotten one.
You can always add "-insecure" if you want to be 100% sure but you can't connect to any VAC serversQ: When im typing in csgo in chat or console i get random "p".
Whats this and how do i remove this? A: This is the Script of the program pressing p to change the clantag and can be disabled temporarly by pressing F1 again and resume it again with F1.
Q: How to get CLAN IDs for groups which i dont own?[/h1] ⯈Start CSGO A:⯈ Equip the steam group which u want to discover the ID in "Game Settings" ⯈ Open console and type CL_CLANID ⯈ Console will respond with "cl_clanid" = "CLAN_ID"Q: Where can i Find my CSGO Directory? A: Go to your Steam Library, Right click on csgo and go down to "properties" > Local Files > Browse Local Files.
And copy the directory like the highlighed text in the picture below Just remember Adding \ when u paste it in "CSGO LOCATION" boxQ: Where's iNIURIA.
US TAGS? A: https://steamcommunity.
com/groups/fu8ii iNIURIA.
U iNIURIA iNIURI iNIUR iNIU iNI iN i Will be adding more if theres more Questions.
Thanks for reading and hope it works for you, Favourite and Rate.
Would also appreciate if you would join these groups with OG Abbreviations :3 rare insane HACKERMAN lmao NOTE : I did not make this program and credit goes where credits is due.
Thanks for reading and hope you get what you need, you can give me questions here or on discord at esotcal#6840 and I'll help you asap, please leave feedback to let others know that this works and favourite liek and share :) thanks Cinque TerreCinque Terre