An In-depth Mac-10 Fade Guide

Published 19.04.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 33

The Definitive Mac-10 Fade Guide

Guide now up on Youtube! The updated guide on the fade you never knew you wanted! Hey guys so I've been looking at thousands of metjms of Mac-10 fades to buy 300 full fades (don't ask me why) but I'd thought with what I've seen and the general "patterns" that are emerging from it, I'd make a guide to hopefully put all my hours to something useful.
I feel like the original guide, although still valid, does not easily depict which fade pattern a Mac-10 fade is, which has caused slight confusion and misinformed sales so I hope with this guide I can clear things up by providing very distant and relatively easy things to look out for.
These do require metjm screenshots for the backside in some cases so please use them to determine the Mac-10 fade percentage.

<80% Fade

These things are almost as rare as full fades, usually denoted by the purple line that goes above the screw Cinque Terre

80% Fade

Should be self explanatory, when the purple line touches the screw Cinque Terre

85% Fade

When the purple is in the middle of the screw Cinque Terre

90% Fade

When the blue line touches the screw Cinque Terre

95% Fade

When the blue line surpasses the screw but purple line doesn't touch the backside black bit (bit highlighted by an arrow in white) Cinque Terre

98% Fade

When the blue line surpasses the screw and purple line touches the black bit slightly (bit again highlighted by an arrow now in red) Cinque Terre

100%/Full Fade

A real pain to find, these can be found by the purple line being overlapped by the black bit Cinque Terre

Max Fade

Honestly not worth most people's times, as there are three general distinctions of 100% patterns, each ranging a few pixels from each other and can only be found my comparing a normal full fade with a max one Cinque Terre


All images used in the guide can be found here.
com] I hope you guys enjoyed the guide and found it informative and useful.
If there's anything else that is worth mentioning please post down below how I can further improve this for everyone else.