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Steam Admin/Item verification

Originally posted by This is most common scam:THERE ARE NO STEAM ADMINS TO CHECK TRADE OR ITEM VERIFICATION PROCESSES Scammers will try to convince victim that they have "bugged"/"glitched" items.
and they need to have "verification" from Steam admin.
which is false.
Steam Admins checking trades don't exist and there are no bugged,glitched,marked or whatever broken items.
Even if scammer tells you you need to have "verification from Steam admin that you didn't scam the items" he just tries to scam you.
Steam/VALVe employees don't check or verify any skins Some scammers have even in artwork screenshots of some papers "proving" that they are VALVe employees FAKE "CERTIFICATION" = Other type of Scammer impersonating admin to scam: Thanks to Mr.
Moist for providing screenshot Thanks to rexaniNfk1 for providing screenshot The real Valve employees can be recognized by having Valve badge on their profile Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Counter-offer scam

Originally posted by author:2nd most used scam The scammer wants to trade but he wants you to send him skins "for nothing" then he will send you counter offer which you are supposed to accept.
but he doesn't send counter offer and just accept trade and you are left with nothing Cinque Terre

3-rd party gambling/case opening sites

Originally posted by There are no legit ones, except Valve in-game case opening: Many 3-rd party sites offers skin gambling or diffrent case openings.
be aware since most of these sites are actually scam and they are not affilated with VALVe Many youtubers are sponsored by those sites and they recieve rigged accounts so they win more than usual users Some of them are marked by VALVe employees as scammy ones but not all of them Cinque Terre

Fake phishing links

Originally posted by Most common scam in 2018!:The scammer will send you link that looks like normal profile or tradelink but it's diffrent and leads to a site that will give you malware and because of it stole your data.
(Example: Somebody sends you link to fake steam site steaamcommunity.
com or {LINK REMOVED} stemcommunity.
com or just to "normal" site that is phishing site) It sometimes comes with random guy with Steam nickname like [Site] Bot #[Number] saying you won a giveaway (you never participated) Currently the most used method is them trying to trade with you and they send you link to "screenshot" of their item.
Malware are usually but not limitimed to file extensions like: .
scr, .
exe, .
txt, .
dll Other variant: The scammer sends you message like "Hello, I wanted trade my ak redline for all your cases or graffities.
So if u dont need them just send me offer.
My ak and tradelink in my main - (LINK) Dont add me i got limit, just send offer.
Thanks" but on their profile there is fake "trade link" that will lead to a phishing site Cinque Terre

Fake trading sites

Originally posted by Easiest to spot: They are trading sites that have deposit button.
Most of them also lure with something like "50$ free promo code" or name similiar to other websites that are trusted by many people ( example: opskins.
exchange which is made to sound like it was made by people who made opskins.
com )

Extenstions and programs scam

Originally posted by Don't install random extensions randoms want you to: The scammer wants you to install extenstion (usually for Chrome) or 3-rd party program to "check" or "verify" your items.
It usually ends that extension and/or program have built in that you automatically send all your skins to the scammer's account (or 2nd account)

Gambling site owner

Originally posted by You thought he will rig for you but he rigged you:Scammer adds you and he says that he owns a gambling site and can make you always winner and then you split drops.
Sounds good right? Yes but even if the scammer is owner of that site and he can rig it that doesn't mean he will help you.
He will always "forget" to press the buttton or it will be "broken".
Cinque Terre

Fake Steam login sites!

Originally posted by Why not just don't use websites even similiar to these?:Site camouflages itself to try to look like normal case opening/gambling website but when you hit login instead of being redirected to Steam API site you are in fake similiar looking website.
The website records what you type so they get your login, password (and possibly mobile code) How to prevent getting scammed? Go to official steam website, log in then click on login button on the "scam" website.
if it allows you to login with one click without typing anything then it's safe to login there.
Safe = Not safe = Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Steam Pay

Originally posted by What goes into Steam Wallet.
stays in Steam Wallet:The scammers sends you trade offer that looks like begging (Your skin(s) for nothing) but attach a message like "User [SCAMMER] Added 999$ to the transaction.
The funds will be transferred to your Steam wallet when you accept the trade.
" THERE IS NO WAY TO SEND MONEY VIA STEAM TRADE WINDOW Thanks to _Caessar_ for providing screenshots Also other screenshot I took when some idiot sent me scamming offer Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Steam codes

Originally posted by GbtDG-s1SzG-XXXXX = Free GTA VI code!: Scammers want your skins for steam wallet code or game CD-Key but he will give you used/wrong code at the end


Originally posted by Why choose between money or skins when you can have both!:Scammer wants to trade your items for a game that he will gift you on Steam, after you get the game and send him items he will proceed to refund the money which will result in removing that game from your library (It will be removed even if you hit the 2hour mark) Rare version Usually comes when paying with PayPal.
the scammer pays first then recieves from victim skin(s) and chargeback.
so scammer have money back and skin(s) Other example: The scammer will offer to buy a cheap skin of yours off the market for much more than it's worth, then he wants you to spend that money on keys and give them to him, then it appears that scammers stole credit card he used to buy your skin or chargebacked.

PayPal scam

Originally posted by That PayPal email from aidsbaisdasb@tempmail.
org looks legit:The scammer wants to buy your items for PayPal and he is going first! Seems legit.
right? Well it's not, scammer ask you for your PayPal email "to send money" but instead he sends forged email that looks like it's from PayPal but in reality it's from scammer who tricks you into beliving that he sent you money and they will appear in several hours on your PayPal account.

TeamSpeak scam

Originally posted by Discord is 100% safe from this type of scam:Scammer adds you and ask you to talk via TeamSpeak with him.
When you join his channel you get notification about some "outdated plugin", when you click to update it, it will download some keylogger ( Wikipedia - Keylogger [en.
org] ) on your pc.

Glimmer drop

Originally posted by >Put 3cent item for 300$ on Steam Market >???? >Profit:That specific type of scam is used mostly for DotA 2 items but can be used for other game items.
Basically DotA 2 market is "weird" as you can say, because you can add autograph to that skin (like stickers or nametags in csgo skins) and market count this as totally different skin so things that can be bought in-game for 1 or 2 euro are often found on the market for 300-400euro (ofcourse nobody buys them buy they are used to fool you into thinking it's very valuable item).
Always check DotA 2 trading reddit or DotA 2 Steam forum and ask for real price.
DotA 2 Trading reddit page: https://www.
com/r/Dota2Trade/ Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Fake bot impersonation

Originally posted by Double check every bot:Scam using marketplaces such as OPSkins and gambling sites.
Scammer will impersonate a bot or work with somebody impersonating bots and will try to scam you The scammer want you put for a while (or to buy it from there) your item on OPSkins or other sites.
Scammer wants to "guide" you using Skype or any program where he can see your desktop, he will watch what you are doing and "guide" then he will tell you to check offers and then you get offer from the "bot impersonator".
This is mostly used on newer players who doesn't know about trading on big sites and let the scammer go guide you through the process.
Cinque Terre

Middleman scam

Originally posted by Only do 1:1 trades: Scammer tells you to trade your items to middleman that will hold your both items (or maybe even sell you some story about bugged items or smth like that) but the middleman is friend with scammer so they won't give you your items back.
Other version Scammers tells you to trade your items to your friend to see if they are tradeable, on that moment you get trade offer from scammer's friend that changed his profile to look like your friend's one

Withdraw scam

Originally posted by They are all scams!: Scammer will say that he has won much on some 3rd party site and that they cannot withdraw because they need to deposit X$.
He will ask you to "borrow" some of your skins and in return he will give you a knife or something.
He will photoshop the picture or use Inspect element in browser to "proof" that they really have that cash on that site Other version: Scammer is the owner/admin on that site and he gave himself a lot of "coins" on that site.
he says he wants to withdraw but he can't because of broken phone.
he gives you coins but when you try to withdraw it says you need to deposit X$ to withdraw.
Since it's scamming site you will never withdraw no matter how much you will deposit.

Item duplication scam

Originally posted by Why duper don't have 100 Dlores?!?:Scammer adds you and says he can duplicate your CS:GO skins.
but in reality it's impossible to do that.
Steam support duplicated skins long time ago for hijack victims but they stopped doing that when mobile authenticator came out.

Friend limit scam

Originally posted by How many friends can one person have?: The scammer adds you and says his friend wants to trade with you but he have full friendlist.
so the scammer will act as middleman or send you fake phishing link that is supposed to be the item screenshot Thanks to ❦IT'S HIGH NOON❦ for providing screenshot Cinque Terre

Hidden items scam

Originally posted by I think I will see my knife in between 300 cases: Scammer wants to buy a lot of your cheap skins but between your items he puts one your valuable skin hoping that you won't see that

Skin Quality

Originally posted by When you sell FN don't put FT in trade window:Usually happening when you use 3-rd party sites to check what other people want to trade.
User offers you specific item but put lower quality item instead.
It's usually done by counter-offering your offer Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Account trading scam

Originally posted by MC account for noodles?: The scammer wants to trade his account with you (Steam,Riot,Rockstar etc it doesn't matter).
After recieving payment scammer recovers account and you are left with nothing.
Most sites put in Terms of Service that account trading is forbidden and may lead to permanent blockade.
Cinque Terre

Steam Escrow

Originally posted by Pls sponsor me: It's a scam where you have virus on PC/Phone and you get information that apparently Steam saw some "suspicious activity" on your account and needs to hold your skins.
ofc Steam Support never does that and your items are gone forever if you give them.
I suggest full PC and phone scan for viruses and malware BitDefender 2017 to scan for viruses and Emsisoft Anti-Malware to scan for malware on PC (Non-sponsored)

Item Switch

Originally posted by All skins look the same if you are blind!:User wants to trade with you but they put similiar item into the trade window which have lower value.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Quickswitch scam

Originally posted by Ninjas!:The scammer will ask to trade in window made (That one where you could change items without counteroffering) and then they add their items and take your time by asking a lot of question to fool you to at the end switch their or your item for same or similiar of much different value.

Community market ban

Originally posted by Can't buy items off market but can trade.
:This scam involves scammer contacting you and saying that he can't use community market but he wants to trade his skins/keys for that item.
So he asks you to buy it from market and then trade it with him.
The scam is that this item on market is being sold by scammer 2nd account

Gambling script scam

Originally posted by I can predict that next time you will lose your skins if you gamble: The scammer offers you script to the gambling site that predicts next round and make you automatically bet, but in reality it sends all your skins to scammer's account

YouTube video scam

Originally posted by Plox help my Roblox channel grow!: The scammers adds you and wants to borrow your inventory for youtube video.
he never gives them back.

Friend Impersonation

Originally posted by Hey! It' me, your brother:The scammer tries to impersonate victims friend and convince him to lend him skin(s).
They sometimes work in pairs.
one person tries to trade with you and 2nd tries to impersonate your friend usually they say something like this: "I wanna be sure that your item is not bugged, trade it to à friend then get it back and we trade"

Famous person impersonation

Originally posted by It's my uknown 999x storage account for trades: The scammer impersonates some famous player or youtuber and asks for donation/borrowing your items.
or just wants to trade and claims it's his "storage account" and when you give your skins first then he will give you skins from his main account.
Cinque Terre

Favor scam

Originally posted by Do me a favor and donate to me!: The scammer usually is in your friends list for quite some time.
He then tells you that he got scammed and wants some of your skins but he will later repay you.
Well after getting skins he "disappears" with your skins.
Explanation of this scam by my friend: Cinque Terre

Trading only with you

Originally posted by First scam attempt I ever saw on Steam:That's a scam that is fairly new and not many users use it but it's good to know.
This scam have many stories and this is one of them: Unknown user (1) adds you and asks you for a favor.
He accidentally lowballed somebody (2) and got blocked.
now he wants to trade but it's unable to do so because of the blocked communications.
(2) Guy agrees to only trade with you because he hates lowballers and he will never forgive him for that >:(, so (1) asks you to trade your items with (2) and as a reward he (1) gives you his skins.
When you give your skins for worthless items they both unfriend you and block and you are left with some useless items that are worth nothing.
(Sadly I don't have screenshots of talk or anything.
just of the offer :/) Cinque Terre

Clan scam

Originally posted by Pay 20$ to join VaultHunters101 E-Sports clan:Basically somebody offers you entrering to his clan but you must pay for it.
even if you pay he still doesn't allow you into his group

Trade bugged scam

Originally posted by Get 0.
01€ case if your scam somebody! :O: The scammer wants to trade with you but asks you to send him one cheap item offer to make sure your trade window isn't "bugged"

Free skins scam

Originally posted by Take it and run!: You get a trade offer from a bot where he give you cheap free skin and puts some refferal code as message to it.
The scam is that you get the skin, gamble it on the site and win but when you try to withdraw it asks you for a deposit and even after that you can't withdraw.
Best way is to get the skin and ignore the bot completely :)

Threat scam

Originally posted by Boo! I'm scary:Scammer threathens you to report/Doxx/DDoS/Ban you if you don't give him your skins Just block that idiot on Steam and if he continues to contact you then report him for Harassment

Scrapping rare stickers scam

Originally posted by Scammer is just a♥♥♥♥♥♥at this point: Scammer shows you decent offer that you will probably accept, when you are both talking and setting up trade offer scammer proceeds to scrape the stickers on his skin.
when you looked earlier the scammer had perfect non-scratched stickers but when you got the skin it have been nearly fully scrapped Example [s.
net] .
PS Special thanks to my friend Vova for showing me this scam <3

Giveaway/Raffle scam

Originally posted by Like this and have a chance to win 999999999Dlores!!!: Recently a lot fo scammers started to post some fake giveaways/raffles asking for rep or case donations in return.
it's all a scam, you won't win anything, the winner will never be annouced or it will be scammers second/friend account.
Other type of that scam involves phishing link where scammers sends you message like "Hello! You won 5000$ on my scam website! Click this link to get your reward [link]" after clicking on the link you get some malware/keylogger on your PC that steals your passwords,credentials and such

Free knives scam!

Originally posted by lul dis guye givez free karambits => /id/altopalto/:One of scammers bot accounts sends you message on profile like "This guy gave me free skins [link] lol" when you click on the link it takes you to another bot account with profile description like this "I give my whole inventory, just send me trade [link]" but this time the trade offer link is really a phishing scam link, even if it says steamcommunity.
com/tradeoffer/blahblahblah when you click it opens your browser and totally different website loads Other version is that you get a mesage from bot like "I got free knife,lol.
Check my profile" and on the bot's profile you see link to other profile but in reality when you click it it opens your browser and some phishing website loads Example: Looks like normal link to some guy with id altopalto but it redirects to totally different website.
Cinque Terre

Fake items scam

Originally posted by BETA TREASURE DLORE!!!: Some scummy game developers started to put fake items on market with picture of Dragon Lore or other Howl but they are worth nothing, please make sure that item you trade for is from CSGO and some some scam unreleased hidden game.
Here is screenshot of market description of one of those fake items.
Cinque Terre


Below you will find tips on trading and finding if people are trying to scam you


+reps mean nothing.
some people "farm" them and try to convince you that they are "legit" because of that.
+reps mean totally nothing on self moderated wall Cinque Terre


SteamRep is a site where you can check someones reputation and see if they were marked as scammer before.
Clean steamrep reputation doesn't mean you can trust that person ( My steamrep link Here [steamrep.
com] )

Previous names

If you see see somebody have a previous name like (Site) BOT #(Number) or Item verification bot that's the red flag showing this person tried to scam other people earlier.
Cinque Terre

I got scammed! What to do?!?

Usually there is nothing to do except reporting the scammer and hoping he will get a trade ban.
To report scammer on Steam: Go to his profile > Click more > Report violation > Trade scamming (and provide as much evidence as you can) More reports don't equal higher chance to ban somebody.
So please don't post on forum the profile link of scammer or ask anybody to report him To report trade offer (better way): 1.
Go to: http://steamcommunity.
com/my/tradeoffers/ 2.
Find the trade where you were scammed 3.
Click the flag icon and fill on the details and evidence there More reports don't equal higher chance to ban somebody.
So please don't post on forum the profile link of scammer or ask anybody to report him To report on SteamRep: 1.
Review SteamRep investigation policy Here [forums.
com] 2.
Use their report tool Here [forums.

Steam Item Restoration Policy

Steam will not return any items or gifts that you feel have been traded unfairly.
There are no exceptions to this policy.
Steam Support does not restore items that have left accounts for any reason, including trades, market transactions, deletions, or gifting.
It is your responsibility to secure your Steam account.
To quickly make trades or sales on the Market, your account must be protected by a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.
This ensures that only you are able to remove items from your account.
If you can’t enable an Authenticator, Steam will hold the trade or Market sell listing for a period of 15 days so that you’ll have enough time to discover and cancel pending transactions if your account was compromised.
Please carefully check the value of the items you want to trade.
All trades are confirmed twice in the trade window and a third time via email or the Mobile Authenticator.
Never agree to a trade that needs to be made outside of the Steam trade window.
Steam Support will no longer restore lost items.
Items often exchange hands multiple times before a restoration request and this means they cannot be restored without duplicating them or removing them from another innocent user’s inventory.
Duplicating items has a negative impact on everyone who trades or uses the Market by lowering the value of items.
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