All give weapon_ Commands 2019

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All give weapon_ssg08 > SSG 08 give weapon_awp > AWP Terrorist give weapon_ak47 > AK-47 give weapon_sg556 > SG 553 give weapon_galilar > Galil AR give weapon_g3sg1 > G3SG1 Counter-Terrorist give weapon_m4a1 > M4A4 give weapon_m4a1_silencer > M4A1-S give weapon_aug > AUG give weapon_famas > FAMAS give weapon_scar20 > SCAR-20


ALL give weapon_mp5sd > MP5-SD give weapon_mp7 > MP7 give weapon_p90 > P90 give weapon_ump45 > UMP-45 give weapon_bizon > PP-Bizon Terrorist give weapon_mac10 > MAC-10 Counter-Terrorist give weapon_mp9 > MP9


ALL give weapon_nova > Nova give weapon_xm1014 > XM1014 give weapon_negev > Negev give weapon_m249 > M249 Terrorist give weapon_sawedoff > Sawed-Off Counter-Terrorist give weapon_mag7 > MAG-7


ALL give weapon_deagle > Desert Eagle give weapon_cz75a > CZ75-Auto give weapon_elite > Dual Berettas give weapon_p250 > P250 give weapon_revolver > R8 Revolver Terrorist give weapon_glock > Glock-18 give weapon_tec9 > Tec-9 Counter-Terrorist give weapon_usp_silencer > USP-S give weapon_hkp2000 > P2000 (only works if p2000 is equipt) give weapon_fiveseven > Five-SeveN


Mixed give weapon_hegrenade > High Explosive Grenade give weapon_smokegrenade > Smoke Grenade give weapon_flashbang > Flashbang give weapon_molotov > Molotov give weapon_incgrenade > Incendiary Grenade give weapon_decoy > Decoy Grenade give weapon_tagrenade > Tactical Awareness Grenade give weapon_breachcharge > Breach Charge give weapon_diversion > Diversion Device give weapon_snowball > Snowball


Mixed give item_kevlar > Kevlar give item_assaultsuit > Kevlar +Helmet give weapon_c4 > C4 Explosive give weapon_taser > Zeus x27 give item_defuser > Defuse Kit give item_cutters > Rescue Kit give weapon_healthshot > Health Shot give item_heavyassaultsuit > Heavy Assault Suit give item_cash > 50$


All give weapon_knife > Knife give weapon_axe > Axe give weapon_wrench > Wrench and give weapon_hammer > Hammer

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I have tested all commands but if for some reason they shouldn't work please tell me, I'll update the guide as soon as possible.
Also inform me if I forgot some weapons.
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com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=436728110&token=pHJBw8gW Thank you very much for reading, have fun with whatever you use the commands for.