All Types of Scams (UPDATED)

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Introduction and Scam Types

In the last Years I spend alot time on trading CS:GO,Tf2, PUBG items on steam and met alot of scammer.
One time i was scammed myself After This I decided to Learn Everything About it and Help people not To get scammed So I Am sure This Guid will Help people Who is New in Trading .
This guide is going about a big problem in our community, known as the cheeky, dirty scammers.
What is a scammer you might ask? Well I think if you have some more expensive skins or items you should know.
A scammer is a person who tries to get your items or skins for free.
"WUT? MY SWEET ASIIMOV FOR FREE?" You might ask now.
Well yeah and this is what I want to teach you about in this guide :) OK Let me Introduce all of Known Scam Types PayPal Scams.
Phishing Scam.
Quickswitching Steam wallet scam.
Software scams.
Impersonating scams.
Middleman scam CS:GO Tournament/Teamspeak Fake gambling site Quit CS:GO scam Missleading tradelinks Verifying items Item buying/selling scams.

Paypal Scam

There are two ways of paypal scamming.
These ways are *invoice* trick and *chargeback* trick.
Be aware and try to avoid them.
Let me introduce invoice tricks.
Here is screen.
it's like a paypal bill.
You will NEVER get money.
How to avoid paypal invoice tricks? Most of Them are Going first .
Trying to get seller`s e-mail and sending that bills.
Be careful! if someone is agree to be first so easy, it's maybe scam: paypal invoice scam! There is another PayPal scam try.
It's chargebacks.
Usually buyer won't send money as family/gifts and he will chargeback money easy.
I can give advice about it : Use skrill (moneybookers), or direct bank transfer to avoid chargebacks.
Cinque Terre

Phishing Scam

A very common method to spread a virus is via missleading links.
In most cases they look like links from popular websites (e.
imgur, steam, youtube etc.
) but differ in only 1 letter.
The victim would end up getting a virus and loosing his inventory or even his personal data.
Some screens about it: Maybe They Post Links on your profile Comment Section or In Chat.
Most of them are spam bots.
Try to don't add anyone who has private profile or 0-1 Level profile.
This will increase your security.
Do not click any links from someone who you do not know in person Cinque Terre


One of the oldest scamming methods is called "Quickswitching".
Back in the days where the mobile authenticator wasn´t a thing and many people disabled the email confirmation step, the scammer invited his victim to a trade and put in the desired item.
A few seconds before the victim agrees to the trade, he exchanges the desired skin for a similar looking, but worse one.
If done quickly, the victim only had a very slight time window to react.
Luckily this trade doesnt work any longer, since everyone has some sort of confirmation step enabled.
For example they could swap out a skin with a quality of factory new with a battle scared version with less value.
Always check the chat for item swaps and hover your mouse over the items to check if they are the ones agreed on.
Take your time when trading.
Also there is CSGOlounge trades about having FN item and in inventory it's BS,WW or FT Some screens: Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Steam Wallet Scam

This scam is most common.
that's because it's most scam attempt to create.
Scammer needs only to send trade offer.
For usually cases trade offer contains text about you will get XXX amount of money for this item.
only the way is to buy from steam market Example of message XXX offered you a trade: Steam Guard: Your account will be credited the amount of 75.
00€, it will be available after the trade.
If you refuse the trade, the money will be refunded to the buyer.
Pay: 75.
00€ Registration number: B10232U VAT ID: MO1564855 IBLT number: 6545856 CODE: FT19332Y866 _____________________________________ After trade your Steam wallet is active, add funds here http://store.
com/steamaccount/addfunds If a problem appears contact http://support.
com © Valve Corporation.
All rights reserved.
All trademarks are property of their respective owner.
This is just an example, the text varies from time to time: Cinque Terre

Software Scam

This is very easy to avoid.
Never install any software or browser add-ons in which you don’t trust or promise you hacks, Steam wallet funds, games, CS keys or anything like that.
Scammers will post download links on Facebook, Youtube, Steam etc.
to software that will install keyloggers and spyware on your machine.
This way they will get access to your Steam credentials, credit card information, email login etc.
– everything you type…

Impersonation scams

In this scam, a person will try to convince you that he is a Valve employee or another staff member.
He will then try to trick you into giving him items in one way or another.
This i fake, Valve employees and Steam Community Moderators will NEVER ask or threaten you for your Steam account credentials, credit card information etc.
They will also never threaten to punish users for refusing to make trades or to click on links.
The only way of getting support, is through Steam support website.
For Example: Cinque Terre

Middleman scam

A classic scam, that almost everyone knows nowadays.
The scammer and his victim both agree on a trade, usually including steam wallet codes or something similar.
To make sure everyone gets what he was promised, the scammer suggests taking a middleman, or asks his victim to choose a trusted friend as a middleman.
The following scenarios could accur: The scammer chooses a friend as a middleman.
He has a legit looking profile but is teaming up with the scammer The scammer suggests a popular, well known and legit middleman.
His friend or 2nd account will try impersonating this middleman After the victim chose a middleman, the friend or 2nd account of the scammer will impersonate the profile of the chosen middleman.
Cinque Terre

CS:GO Tournament/Teamspeak

A man might ask you to aid him in a competetive game/tournament.
That's fine and ive played in many tournaments with my friends, but the one thing thats wrong about this is the anti-cheat/server client you need to download.
The link to the anti-cheat/client will put a virus on your computer and you will lose your items to a hijacker.
If you are looking at this guide after you have been scammed by this, clear your registry using CCleaner (Trusted Anti-virus).
Teamspeak Method: An extended phishing link method.
The scammer adds his victim, telling he and his team will take part of a tournament but they need one more player / backoff.
As soon as the victim agrees to help out, the scammer sends him the teamspeak IP, to start "training" a little.
As soon as the victim tries to enter the teamspeak server, a SERVER notification pops up, asking to upgrade to the latest ts3 version.
These pop-ups are server notifications with phishing links, do not click on them.
If a new teamspeak version has been released, your teamspeak client will tell you as soon as it starts, not as soon as you join a server.
Be CAREFUL Stay Safe!

Fake gambling site

This scam is a fairly new one.
The scammer randomly adds his victim (usually through steam groups) and tells him he is the owner, moderator or co-owner of a new gambling site.
Since he is apparently not allowed to play on there himself, he´ll promise his victim to let him win on the site in exchange for a profit participation.
Since this site can mostly be manipulated by the scammer himself he´ll choose a winner for the next draw/round and tell his victim the name to proof that he can actually make anyone win.
Once the victim deposits his skins on the site, they are either gone, or new skins cant be withdrawn.
For Example Cinque Terre

Quit CS:GO scam

This method can usually be found on Csgo Lounge[csgolounge.
com] The scammer pretends to quit csgo (usually for dota2) and tells his victim that he´ll trade his item if he could buy / trade him a dota item or a rare background.
These items / backgrounds can rarely be found on the market because there is neither a supply nor a demand for them.
Anyway, the item / background is either on the market for a good amount less than the scammers knife is worth, or can be obtained from another trader, which the scammer will inform the victim about.
In either way it´s not worth the expected amount, and the victim would loose a bunch of money.

Missleading tradelinks

Missleading tradelinks One of the least used scam methods.
The actual scammer and one of his friends group up and set up a trade on (e.
) Csgo Lounge, pretending to trade a rare item, usually Black Pearls, Emeralds, Blue Gems etc.
but the trade link on the scammer´s profile is directed to his friends inventory who´s only trading a casual doppler/case hardened knife.
Make sure to check the items ingame AND check their inventory icons.
Cinque Terre

Verifying items

This method is an extended version of the impersonator scam.
Victim and scammer agree on a trade, which seems fairly profitable for the victim.
As a security measurement, the scammer wants the victim to trade his item to a close friend, which he trusts, to make sure the item isn´t "glitched".
In the meantime he prepares his 2nd account to impersonate the victim´s friend.

Item Buying/selling scams.

- And here is the most used scam attempt.
There is some advices to avoid getting scammed in-online.
- Never trust low-profile guys.
For example: 10Level guys whose one's just started scamming and have everything fake.
- Always check buyer's steamrep before dealing with him.
There should be unconfirmed report.
Be sure always dealing with legit guy.
- But it's always risky dealing in-internet.
Never trust middlemans.
They can be easily faked and impersonated.
And i'm going to explain how to find scammer.
Usually most scammers profile are about 10-25.
Most scammers own fake +reps.
be sure to check them.
Most scammers are offering 100%-120% in market price.
Most scammers will convince you to show REP thread.
Most scammers have taken info boxes from another well-known dealers.
Most scammers don't even have account 1years old or 2 years.
Most scammers invenotry are clean.
They are taking scammed items on smurf.
Ask them to show valid proofs.
try to get enough information about buyer before giving him item.

Security measures

These are additional security measures recommended to prevent hijacking of your Steam account.
Enable Steam Guard two-factor authentication Verify your contact email address with Steam Select a strong password Use a anti virus program on your computer Always keep anti virus, browsers etc.
updated Avoid logging in to Steam on insecure computers Always log out of your account on shared machines Recommended articles from Steam: Account security recommendations Recommended trading practice Steam trading policy

In Conclusion

thanks for reading this far.
I hope this guide helped you out, and maybe prevent someone from being scammed.
If this is - even only once - the case, all the effort I put into this guide was worth it.
When your finished reading this guide, I am 99.
99% sure you learned at LEAST one scam you didn't know about.
And even with all these scams listed, the guide is pretty recent.
I would LOVE if you people would help mention some other scams that are known in the Steam community.
If we can improve this guide, we can drastically remove the amount of victims and get rid of these dumb and annoying scammers! Every kind of feedback, critisism, addition or support is highly appreciated.
Make sure to check out my Anti Scamming Group In This Group we are Helping Other people To Know About Scammers And Prevent Scammers to Scam Someone.
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