All CSGO Items And Weapons With Commands 2019

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Quick select: Other Grenades Pistols Shotguns SMGs Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Machine Guns Support the author Leave a comment To easily find the item you're searching after you can press CTRL and F to search for an item.
How do I open console? Open CSGO then head on over to settings and then "Game Options".
At the very bottom under "Game" you can find the option to enable the developer console.
If you press "~" it should open the console.
You can also edit this key at the very bottom on the "Keyboard and Mouse" setting.
How do I spawn an item? If you're on a local server, or on a server with sv_cheats 1 enabled you can copy the command for the item you want to spawn and paste it into the console.
Cinque Terre


Item Command Snowball give weapon_snowball Zeus x27 give weapon_taser Ballistic Shield give weapon_shield Breach Charge give weapon_breachcharge Bump Mine give weapon_bumpmine Medi-Shot give weapon_healthshot Fists give weapon_fists Tablet give weapon_tablet C4 give weapon_c4 Tablet give weapon_tablet Gold Knife give weapon_knifegg Knife give weapon_knife


Grenade Command High-explosive Grenade give weapon_hegrenade Decoy Grenade give weapon_decoy Flashbang Grenade give weapon_flashbang Smoke Grenade give weapon_smokegrenade Molotov Grenade give weapon_molotov Incendiary Grenade give weapon_incgrenade Tag Grenade give weapon_tagrenade


Pistol Command Glock-18 give weapon_glock Dual Berettas give weapon_elite P250 give weapon_p250 Tec-9 give weapon_tec9 CZ75-Auto give weapon_cz75a Desert Eagle give weapon_deagle R8 Revolver give weapon_revolver USP-S give weapon_usp_silencer P2000 give weapon_hkp2000 Five-Seven give weapon_fiveseven


Shotgun Command Nova give weapon_nova XM1014 give weapon_xm1014 Sawed-Off give weapon_sawedoff MAG-7 give weapon_mag7 Molotov Grenade give weapon_molotov


SMG Command MAC-10 give weapon_mac10 MP7 give weapon_mp7 UMP-45 give weapon_ump45 P90 give weapon_p90 PP-Bizon give weapon_bizon MP9 give weapon_mp9 MP5-SD give weapon_mp5sd

Assault Rifles

Assult Rifle Command Galil AR give weapon_galilar AK-47 give weapon_ak47 SG 553 give weapon_sg556 FAMAS give weapon_famas M4A4 give weapon_m4a4 M4A1-S give weapon_m4a1_silencer AUG give weapon_aug

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifle Command SSG 08 give weapon_ssg08 AWP give weapon_awp G3SG1 give weapon_g3sg1 SCAR-20 give weapon_scar20

Machine Guns

Machine Gun Command M249 give weapon_m249 Negev give weapon_negev

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