Advanced guide for CS:GO (ENGLISH VERSION)

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Getting ready.. Startup Configuration

• Startup commands and appropriate settings At the beginning we set the startup commands that will be useful in achieving better game performance, and will help to set our game well in terms of equipment.
For this purpose: 1.
Go to your games library on Steam and find Counter-Strike: Global Offenisve 2.
Click PPM on CS: GO and then go to the properties - you will find this at the very bottom.
Go to the General tab and then click on SET LAUNCH OPTIONS.
You will be presented with a field where you can enter your startup parameters.
After doing this, the window above should appear.
Now I will write the recommended commands that should be entered there (All commands must be entered together with the type characters "+", "-"): -useallavailablecores - (This command will allow the game to use all available processor cores, which results in a more smoothness game) -freq x - (This command refers to refreshing our monitor, if you do not know how to find it look after the monitor model or in the graphics card settings, the value is expressed in "Hz.
" Instead of "x" you need to enter your refresh value.
Command is usefull when ur monitor supports 144hz or above, and the game works at 60, between these values ​​there is a HUGE difference in smoothness.
) -novid - (Disables every startup video, launches game faster) -tickrate 128 - (Sets the highest possible tickrate in local games, maps from the workshop and more.
Entering this command does not result in raising the tickrate on other matchmaking servers!) -pthreads x - (Sets the number of threads of our processor, we can find them by running the task manager and going to the Performance tab, then CPU.
The value is given in the lower right corner of this window under the name "Logical Processors.
" Enter your value instead of "x".
) +cl_forcepreload 1 - (Loads all textures etc.
before joining the game, helps to remove game stuttering or fps drops.
) I do not recommend using other commands because it may result in lowering the performance of the game, and even we can not run it! Another helping trick improving game performance is turning off full-screen optimization and replacing scaling.
To do this, go to the game folder.
(Only Windows 10 !!) 1.
Go to your Games Library on Steam and find Counter-Strike: Global Offenisve 2.
Click PPM on CS: GO and then go to the properties - you will find them at the very bottom.
Then select "Local files" from the bookmarks and "browse local files" next.
Once we're in the right folder, right-click on "csgo.
exe" and we click Properties.
We choose the tab "compatibility" and mark as on the screen below: Using the fact that we are in the folder with CS we can do one more thing that can raise the number of fps.
We will clean the 882ab71a.
dat file.
For this purpose, we move to the "downloads" folder and find the file called "882ab71a.
Open it with any text editor and clean its contents, and then save.
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Video settings in game

• Graphics Settings.
At the very beginning we will go to the video settings for this purpose, click on "Options" and then "Video settings".
We will show you all graphic settings available from the menu, type of resolution, color mode, etc.
• Resolution - Here we choose the preferred resolution, preferably in 4: 3 aspect ratio, why? Because then our image becomes wider so that the character models seem wider and for some it is much easier to play at such a resolution.
I recommend 1280x1024, there is also a resolution of 1440x1080 which is clearer but also more demanding in terms of the computer so we will be at the first (However, if someone wants to try to use 1440x1080 it should be created by yourself because there is nowhere to choose it for this purpose just look on the internet because there are a lot of tutorials :) • Brightness - We choose 1.
6 or 1.
9, in my opinion the best two values.
• Color mode - Computer monitor or TV.
When we switch to the TV the picture will become much brighter, of course it is a plus but in my opinion, having 1.
6 brightness, setting the TV may disturb us in seeing the opponents.
I recommend Computer Monitor, but this settings is according to your preferences.
• Display mode - In the window / Full Screen / Full Screen Windowed.
We choose these options from how the game should be displayed.
Full screen, in the window will set the game almost the same as in full window but it will be in the window at the same time so we can quickly minimize the CS.
The only downside of this is that our resolution will be changed to the native monitor or to the one I have set up on the desktop.
• Energy saving options - Blocks the number of our frames to save energy.
Recommended is turned off.
Now we will go to advanced Video Settings.
• Overall shadow quality - This option allows us to adjust the overall quality of the shadow of the player's models, furniture, etc.
First of all, it allows you to adjust the distance of shadow visibility.
I recommend setting this to High because it works the situation.
For example, when someone rushes long on Dust 2 , and we are standing on the long , we can see his shadow when he runs on long, and on the lower settings it can not be completely seen.
Warning! This setting has a HUGE effect on FPS on weaker devices, so if you do not have a powerful computer, set it to very low !! • Model / texture details - Determines the display quality of textures and models in the game.
It affects the length of the game loading.
It does not significantly affect fps.
• Effect details - This option should be set to low for more visibility in the game, especially at Molotov.
It does not significantly affect fps.
• Shader details - Determines the accuracy of shading and lighting on objects.
Higher settings increase the quality of shadows, but they can lower the visibility in the game.
Low is recommended.
It significantly affects the fps! • Multicore rendering - When this option is enabled, the game uses more than one processor core.
Recommended turned on.
Can be turned off with one or two core processors for more fps.
• Anti-aliasing mode (Multisampling) - Smoothes geometric shapes in the game (eg when we set a lower resolution than the native monitor we see jagged edges) when this option is enabled edges will be smoothed but with a lot of cost in fps! • Texture filtering mode - Improves the appearance of textures in the game.
It does not affect fps at all.
You can set according to your preferences.
• FXAA Antialiasing - Similar operation to Multisampling but does not affect the number of fps at all.
The only disadvantage of this option is blurring the screen, which significantly reduces visibility in the game.
• Blur - This option introduces camera blur when rotating.
It does not affect fps but reduces visibility.
Recommended turned off.
Command that can boost our fps.
Enter without any characters: r_dynamic 0 - This command allows you to see a flash when someone shoots a gun.
Useful when someone throws a smoke one way and then we see a flash.
It lowers the number of fps.
According to your preferences.
r_drawtracers_firstperson 1 - Lets see gunshots of our weapons when we shoot.
You can see the "lines" of our bullets that fly out of the gun.
You can turn on or off according to your preferences.
Helpful when we have declines in fps when shooting.
mat_queue_mode -1 - Allows us to use more cores with our processor.
A value of -1 or 2 is recommended.
It can raise a significant number of fps !! r_eyegloss 0 - No makeup on eyes :D r_eyemove 0 - No movement on eyes r_eyeshift_x 0 r_eyeshift_y 0 r_eyeshift_z 0 r_eyesize 0 - Eyes are smaller clear_anim_cache - Clears the animation cache.
You can bind a button for example (bind w "+forward;clear_anim_cache") r_cleardecals 1 - Removes blood and bullet marks on the walls.
It helps in visibility.
You can bind a button for example (bind w "+forward;clear_anim_cache,r_cleardecals 1")

Mouse, crosshair and viewmodel settings.

• Mouse settings In this section I will present the best settings and commands to make the mouse respond better and let our aim improve At the very beginning we will go to the same sensitivity.
The sensitivity can not be too great but also too small because we can have a problem with aiming.
In order for us to play well, we should have a mouse with a good sensor, not a cheap one for 5$, but something from a slightly higher shelf, like SteelSeries Rival, LOGITECH G203 or Zowie FK3, but these are just examples, actually we can find a lot of mouses with good sensors :).
What are the differences between mouse with good sensors and those with worse ones? This is a long topic but I will explain it as soon as possible and the best possible.
The difference between a cheap mouse with a crappy sensor and a better mouse is that, for example, if you want to make a quick move on the pad, the worse mouse will start "freaking", that means that when we move quickly to the right the crosshair will run completely elsewhere or completely stop.
With better sensors, we do not experience anything like that, and our mouse will be more accurate.
You should always look for mouse only with optical sensors because they are much more accurate but also picky with regard to mouse pads.
What sensitivity to choose? When choosing our sensitivity, we should take into the fact with what sensitivity we like to play and with which we are comfortable.
Most players from higher leagues play at low sensitivities, after 400 DPI and 2.
00 etc.
Why? Because then our accuracy is much more accurate and although we "wave" with our hand we will be much more accurate.
The film that I gave below will help you find your perfect sensitivity: • Time for crosshair In this case, the matter is simple.
I do not recommend using the standard crosshair because he can disturb us more than help us.
There is a lot of maps from the personalization of our crosshairs with one of them below: Map for crosshair.
• Viewmodel What is viewmodel ? Viewmodel is the position of our weapon visible in front of our eyes.
It can be lengthened, pulled up or down, left right as you like.
But just the wrong setting can significantly disturb us during the game.
Commands I will show you command that can help us to create our own viewmodel.
Commands responsible for the movement of weapons: cl_bob_lower_amt 5.
000000 - Command responsible for the movement of weapons while running.
The minimum value is 5.
000000 and the maximum is 30.
The lowest is recommended.
cl_bobamt_lat 0.
1 -The command responsible for the movement of the weapon when moving to the left or right.
The minimum value is 0.
1 maximum 2.
The lowest is recommended.
cl_bobamt_vert 0.
1 - The command responsible for the movement of the weapon when we crouch or jump.
The minimum value is 0.
1 maximum 2.
The lowest is recommended.
cl_bobcycle 2 -The frequency of movement of the weapon model.
The minimum value is 0.
1 and the maximum is 2.
Recommended lowest.
cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt 0.
5 - Command responsible for how much the weapon moves during shooting.
The lowest value is 0.
5 and the maximum is 2.
Recommended lowest.
cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt 0.
5 - Analogous to the previous one but right.
The lowest recommended is 0.
Commands responsible for the appearance of viewmodel: viewmodel_fov "x" - Moves the position of the weapon forward or backward.
Maximum 68.
viewmodel_offset_x “x” - Horizontal position of the weapon (from left to right).
viewmodel_offset_y “x” - The vertical position of the weapon (From bottom to top).
viewmodel_offset_z “x” - Position of the weapon diagonally (From corner to corner) viewmodel_recoil 1/0 - The option is responsible for how high our weapons will go up while carrying a continuous fire (Full auto).
I recommend turning it off because it can disturb during shooting.
viewmodel_presetpos 1/2/3 - Automatically setting the weapon position instead of using commands, you can find them in the game settings (1 - Desktop, 2 - On the couch, 3 - Classic).
A map for creating your own viewmodel without using the commands below: Map for viewmodel.
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Network connection - rates, commands and configuration of the network card

• What do we do in this section? Our main goal will be to reduce the "delays" caused by incorrectly set rates, correspond to the configuration of the network card to make delays even smaller, and also give a few commands which should improve our gameplay.
Warning! I can not guarantee that these settings will lower the ping tremendously, if at all, if you have problems with it, contact your internet provider! • Rate and commands At the very beginning we will explain a few concepts.
What is Rate? - Rate or the command which determines what maximum value of bytes we can download from the server in one second.
Theoretically, the more the better, because then we will receive from the server more accurate data about the position of the players, what they do, etc.
However, if we have weak, unstable internet and set this command too high, lost packets will appear.
Below you have described how you should set the value of the rate command relative to your internet connection.
You can check the speed of your internet on any speed-test.
Remember that the Megabit and Megabyte values ​​are below.
Megabite - this is the value that is displayed in the speed-test.
Megabyte - how fast you download data.
If you notice a loss of packets or you feel "lag" value you should reduce: .
5 Mbps - rate 62500 1.
0 Mbps - rate 125000 1.
5 Mbps - rate 187500 1.
57 Mbps - rate 196608 (Standard value) 2.
0 Mbps - rate 250000 2.
5 Mbps - rate 312500 3.
0 Mbps - rate 375000 3.
5 Mbps - rate 437500 4.
0 Mbps - rate 500000 4.
5 Mbps - rate 562500 5.
0 Mbps - rate 625000 5.
5 Mbps - rate 687500 6.
0 Mbps - rate 750000 6.
2 Mbps - rate 786432 (Maximum value) (Recommended) Command Example: rate 786432 Interpolation - Otherwise called "interp".
Fills the gap between packets sent.
Responsible mainly for character animation.
Thanks to the cl_interp_ratio command, we can render one or two tokens backwards - thanks to this the animations in CS: GO are smooth.
CL_INTERP_RATIO 1 (Recommended for better internet connection and no packet loss) 64 tick = 15.
625ms 128 tick = 7.
8ms CL_INTERP_RATIO 2 (Recommended for lower internet connection) 64 tick = 31.
25ms 128 tick = 15.
6ms cl_interp x - This command should in most cases be set to 0 so that the server can adjust the value itself.
VAR - Server and client.
The following screen shows VAR and SV dependent on the server, not from us: If we see that this VAR is "shining" on the red, we can not do anything about it because it is the server's fault.
This means that the server can not handle the data transfer.
The problem may be plugins that load the server too much, too many players or a malfunctioning map.
If we see that this value "jumps" above the norm will start us just in the world, we will feel lags and we will not do anything about it though sometimes it is also our fault .
The VAR visible next to the frame rate is the client VAR and we should pay more attention to it.
When this VAR starts jumping above the norm it's probably because our computer is overloaded, we have fps declines or we have enough of them, the game jams or we have high ping.
What is LOSS and CHOKE? Loss is a value that specifies packets that were not sent to the server.
When we have a high number of fps, eg above 100, it is not the fault of the computer, but our internet connection.
However, if you have a small number of FPS, it is probably because your computer is charged.
Choke - This value tells us that packets sent by our client were not received by the server.
In most cases it is our fault, or more accurately mis-configured rates or low fps.
Most often this happens on 128 tickrate servers, when our computer is too weak to recalculate all packets.
When we play on a 128-tick server, our commands should look like this, we can type them in the console when we are on the menu or paste into our config, and then use the command in the starting field as I showed in the first section of the guide "+exec config_name.
cfg": cl_cmdrate 128 (If we are playing MM or we are on 64 tick server we are setting 64, no 128.
) cl_updaterate 128 (If we are playing MM or we are on 64 tick server we are setting 64, no 128.
) cl_interp_ratio 2 cl_interp 0 • Network adapter configuration Now we will configure the network adapter, and more precisely we will turn off unnecessary options and functions.
To do this, we must go to the Network and Sharing Center.
We will find it in the Control Panel (I think everyone knows how to get there).
Once we're in the Network and Sharing Center, click "Change Network Adapter Settings" on the left, and then right-click on our network card (It can not be hamachi or tunngle card, and some virtual one, it must be ours network adapter connected to the internet!): Then press "Configure" in the upper right corner of the window, and then "Advanced" we will see such a window: We are turning off option mentioned below: IPv4 Checksum Offload TCP Checksum Offload IPv4 TCP Checksum Offload IPv6 UDP Checksum Offload IPv4 UDP Checksum Offload IPv6 ARP Offload NS Offload Receive Buffers (Set max value) Transmit Buffers (Set on 96 or 128) Remember to update drivers for your network adapter, maybe it will also help with some delays! Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Sound settings - Useful commands, settings, differences between stereo / 5.1 / 7.1

Why is the sound so important in CS: GO? (If someone does not want to read this, the commands are at the bottom: D) Choosing the right sound equipment, sound cards and, above all, headphones is a very important thing in CS.
Playing on cheap "crap" headphones we can not hear many very important sounds and thus die when someone makes a back, do not hear someone bomb or even when someone reloads or drops a weapon, and believe .
It can all help us! Imagine a situation when we stay 1v1, the bomb is filtered, and we are approaching bs and we wonder where the opponent may be? At such moments, it may save us that He will reload the weapon or change it, and even accidentally "let go" Shift and take one small step .
And we, having good headphones and everything well-set up, should know exactly where He is finds and boom! The situation is much simpler for us! Unfortunately, these better headphones cost a lot but you can also find many used, in good condition, I will try to explain everything below.
The selection of headphones and the difference between stereo and 5.
1 / 7.
1 Headphones is one of the most important issues of this guide, so first we'll start with what's different from 5.
1 / 7.
1 stereo.
Let's start with the fact that stereo headphones are like two pickups / speakers one after the right hand the second in the left.
In turn, MOST 5.
1 / 7.
1 is a virtual sound because there are still two transducers, not 5 or 7.
For example, headphones equipped with 5.
1 / 7.
1 are usually equipped with USB sound cards that convert stereo sound into a virtual surround (ie 5.
1 / 7.
1 ) which instead of hearing only the left / right, we hear in every direction, at different distances but it is like an illusion.
Of course, stereo headphones give us a purer sound because they are PHYSICAL ie true two transducers, not virtual because most people recommend them, most people use them.
In turn (This is only my opinion) surround headphones have better "positioning" sound so we can hear exactly where the opponent is.
I have had a Logitech G430 headset with a USB sound card for a very long time, I tried to switch to stereo many times but I could not hear many sounds, which is why I think it is a matter of habit.
Once I used only stereo myself and it took me a few days to switch over to surround, not weeks to get used to it, but now I know I would not like to exchange them for some stereo headphones for the world because I hear perfectly.
It's all a matter of taste, how we play on them and I do not recommend here to choose the headphones, because that's all you have to do, whatever you choose :).
There are really many modes in the headphones surround from regular stereo to 5.
1 / 7.
1, as well as DTS 7.
1, but for me the usual surround is the best.
Recommended headphones: • HyperX Cloud 2 ($79.
99) - with included sound card for USB and surround sound, but if we want to use these headphones without a USB card, we need a solid sound card! They offer very good sound quality! • Logitech G430 ($53.
00) - with included sound card on USB and surround sound.
They offer very good sound quality! • Hyperx Cloud Alpha ($99.
99) - without a USB sound card, it's great for listening to music, especially for playing.
They offer very good sound quality! We can also look for cheaper variants like HyperX Cloud 1, but they will not have such a good sound as those from higher price levels, but they are certainly enough for everyday gaming.
Useful Commands: • dsp_enhance_stereo "0" - If set to 1 improves the stereo effect, the sound is richer and gives a better atmosphere with a slight reduction in performance.
Set to 0 if you use anything other than stereo.
(Eg 5.
1 / 7.
1) • dsp_slow_cpu "0" - Reduces the quality of DSP effects, improves performance on systems with weak processors.
Set it to 1 if you have a weak computer, and to 0 if you have stable fps and you want to have better sound quality.
• snd_mixahead "0.
05" - Audio delay - The lower the better the synchronization with the movements and the actions performed.
(Recommended at 0.
05) • snd_pitchquality "1" - The default value • snd_deathcamera_volume "0.
0" - You can boldly change this value, it is probably responsible for the sound during dying (Recommended at 0.
0 not to bother you).
• snd_menumusic_volume "0.
0" - The music in the game menu can be changed according to your preferences.
• snd_musicvolume "0.
0" - Music in the game, in my opinion this is unnecessary and only bothers but you can set according to your own prefent (Recommended for 0.
0) • voice_scale "0.
3" - Voice chat sound in the game.
With this command we change how we hear someone who talks to us, this setting is according to our preferences.
(When playing with players from Russia, I recommend "0.
0": D) • snd_mute_losefocus "0" - Mutes sounds when we decrease the game (ALT-TAB) • voice_enable "1" - Enables or disables voice chat in the game.
(0/1) Commands that we certainly can not find in the game settings themselves are very important! (I recommend all commands as described below): • snd_front_headphone_position "x" - Here, enter the value corresponding to the resolution ratio set in the game: "43.
2" (5:4 resolution), "45.
0" (4:3 resolution), "50.
2" (16:10 resolution) or "53.
2" (16:9 resolution) .
• snd_rear_headphone_position "135.
0" - Thanks to this command, we will set the clear positioning of the sounds at the back or front.
Small changes in the angle / inclination of the sound give us a better idea of ​​the origin of the sound.
(Recommended 90.
0 or 135.
0) • snd_headphone_pan_exponent "2.
0" - Distant sounds are louder without increasing difficulty in distinguishing distances in the range from short to medium distance.
In other words, sounds that are further away from us will be louder but this will not prevent us from distinguishing the distance between those next to us.
(Recommended 1.
2 or 2.
0) • snd_headphone_pan_radial_weight "2.
0" - Increases the accuracy of where the sound comes from.
Depending on the increase or decrease in the volume of the direction in which the sound is directed.
(Recommended 0.
5 or 2.
0) WARNING!!! All commands should be able to enter from the console game menu (Opening it with "~" this button on the keyboard, if it does not work, go to Game Settings and turn on the console) but if any of them does not work, we have to enter any map BOTH LOCATIONS, enter in the console "Sv_Cheats 1", enter all commands and after exiting the game they will be permanently saved.
Additionally! Advanced 3D sound processing (HRTF) and Audio settings in the game It should only be turned on when using stereo, this improves the positioning of the sound in the game, making it like a virtual surround.
This helps to better locate the position of the opponent by sound, but also we can feel the "artificial" sound effects or as if "occlusion" of the sound, a delicate echo or some envelope when we hear steps or arrows.
Just leave it for your preferences :).
Always choose "Audio Output Setup" for Stereo Headphones or 5.
1 Surround Sound depending on your headphones! ONLY when we play on the speakers we set the stereo speakers!

That's it! Edit

I will try to update the guide as much as possible, let me know what you would like to see again! I hope that someone will use it all, best regards!