Advanced bot commands

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Basic bot commands

Adding//-------------------------------------------------------------- bot_add [Botname(Optional)] bot_add_ct bot_add_t bot_quota (Determines amount of bots) //-------------------------------------------------------------- Bots weaponrybot_allow_rifles bot_allow_sub_machine_guns bot_allow_machine_guns bot_allow_shotguns bot_allow_snipers bot_allow_pistols bot_knifes_only If set to one, bots may use the specified class.
If zero, bots will not use the class.
//-------------------------------------------------------------- Other bot_dont_shoot bot_freeze bot_ignore_players bot_kick (botname/all) bot_kill (botname/all) bot_randombuy bot_stop (similar to freeze but immediately stops all bot processing) bot_crouch bot_zombie (same thing as freeze and stop but will idle like real players would)

Advanced bot commands

Difficultybot_difficulty (0/easy 1/normal 2/hard) [I don't recommend using this] bot_autodifficulty_threshold_high (bots will do better than AHCS) bot_autodifficulty_threshold_low (bot will do worse than AHCS) [AHCS means Average Human Contribution Score] //-------------------------------------------------------------- Coopsv_auto_adjust_bot_difficulty sv_bots_get_easier_each_win sv_bots_force_rebuy_every_round sv_bots_get_harder_after_each_wave //-------------------------------------------------------------- Grenade buy weight 0-100 0=bots never buy 100+=bots always buy sv_bot_buy_decoy_weight sv_bot_buy_flash_weight sv_bot_buy_grenade_chance sv_bot_buy_hegrenade_weight sv_bot_buy_molotov_weight sv_bot_buy_smoke_weight //-------------------------------------------------------------- Otherbot_defer_to_human_goals (If one and a real player on the team, bots will not do the objective) bot_defer_to_human_items (If one and a real player on the team, bots will not get objective item) [Bomb, hostages, etc] bot_chatter [values= off, radio, minimal, normal] (controls how bots talk to players) bot_allow_rogues (bots will not obey radio commands) bot_loadout (Determines what bots buy each round) [few gun names=m4a1, scout, awp, ump45, m249, etc] bot_max_vision_distance_override (maximizes how far bots see their targets) bot_place ({t or ct after the command to specify team} (places a random bot to where ever you are looking at) [must be bots in the game]

File botprofiles.db

Bot profiles.
db If you havent seen lots of bot videos and mods then this might be new.
The botprofiles.
db file is located in your cs:go folder under csgo it controls bot behavior, shooting compatabilities, and bot names and templates.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo (thats where mine is, not hard to find) Open up the file using NOTEPAD or other software you have.
The first thing you will see is this.
(I have added the one came with it and added my own to understand what they do) Default Skill = 50 // amount skill in battle Aggression = 50 // how much pressure bots gives ReactionTime = 0.
3 // how long a bot gets to react AttackDelay = 0 // how long a bot gets to attack Teamwork = 75 // how much a bot uses teamwork AimFocusInitial = 20 // initial focus spread in degrees (from desired center) AimFocusDecay = 0.
7 // how much focus shrinks per second (.
25 = 25% of size after 1 sec) AimFocusOffsetScale = 0.
30 // controls accuracy when tracking to target (0 == perfect, should always be < 1) AimfocusInterval = 0.
8 // how often focus is adjusted (smaller intervals means better movement tracking) WeaponPreference = none // bots Preference weapon (put in 'vest' for bots to buy armor during rounds) Cost = 0 // 4= expert 1=easy Difficulty = NORMAL // what difficulty it will be in VoicePitch = 100 // bots voice pitch Skin = 0 // a bots skin texture LookAngleMaxAccelNormal = 2000.
0 LookAngleStiffnessNormal = 100.
0 LookAngleDampingNormal = 25.
0 LookAngleMaxAccelAttacking = 3000.
0 LookAngleStiffnessAttacking = 150.
0 LookAngleDampingAttacking = 30.
0 End There is modified versions as this one.
This one will get overwritten by the other difficulty bracket presets.
The difficulty brackets look like this one but are smaller and override the default one.
They have the same settings as default one.
Templates are what bot uses to determine what the bots going to do or buy.
Such as Bot Minh (smg spammer/p90) will always use smgs and push with it.
This one is easy to find out how to manage.
(If not ask me) Finally, bot names and voice pitches.
You can change these names to what ever you want but does not remove the 'Bot' part ingame.
Expert*+Sniper** Vince*** *Difficulty Bracket **Weapon Templete (you can leave this out if you want him buying random guns) ***Bot Name Voice pitch is something you shouldent worry about.


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