Add Custom Funds to Steam Wallet

Published 30.01.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 626

What Epic Tools You Will Required

- Google Chrome or Mozilla.
- The access to a lot of money (legally) - Glasses and a top hat to feel spectacular

The Awesome Guide

Notes[This guide has been updated for the 2018 changes to the addfunds page] Here is the guide via imgur: Click here for the visual guide[imgur.
com] The Guide 1.
Get ready by logging into Steam via your chosen browser.
(In this case Chrome) 2.
Click the following link http://store.
com/steamaccount/addfunds 3.
Right click on any of the buttons that has a value on there and select "Inspect Element" and the Chrome developer tool will open.
In this guide we use $5 USD.
You will see in developers tools that "Add funds" is highlighted.
Look up one line and you'll notice something similar to this: <a class="bunch of classes" data-amount="500" data-currency="USD or whatever dollar you have" href="#" onclick="javascript:submitAddFunds(this);"> 5.
Where it says data-amount you want to change this to the amount you want to deposit.
So if 500 = $5 then 1000 = $10, if you wanted to deposit $11.
11 you would put 1111.
Once you changed the value, close the developer tool and click the button you just edited.
Depending on your payment method, the payment screen of choice will show the custom value you entered.
As you can see I increased my wallet by the custom amount $11.
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